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Tommaso Starace with Michele Di Toro – From a distant past

by Edward F. Nesta
Tommaso Starace and Michele Di Toro -From a distant past
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The latest release from Saxophonist Tommaso Starace is the melding of two instruments, a horn and piano, to create Tommaso Starace with Michel Di Toro – From a distant past. The resultant release is a masterpiece of melodies, transitions, and complementing musicianship.


Tommaso Starace with Michele Di Toro – From a distant past  

Tommaso Starace with Michele Di Toro – From a distant past: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon; Perseus and Andromeda; A Trust Betrayed; Children’s Song No. 6; Jump for Joy; Soundtrack; Dexter’s Tune; The Court Jester; La favola continua

Personnel: Tommaso Starace: Soprano and Alto Saxophones; Michele Di Toro: Piano

Tommaso Starace with Michele Di Toro was produced by Tommaso Starace and Michele Di Toro and was released on the Universal Music Italia label. This is the seventh release from Tommaso Starace and the sixth reviewed by Luxury Experience.  Other releases from Tommaso Starace that were reviewed by Luxury  Experience in the Music Scene  section include: Tommaso  Starace –  Plays  the Photos of Elliott Erwitt (www.LuxuryExperience.com/Music_Scene/music_Artists/Tommaso_Starace_-_Plays_The_Photos_of_Elliott_Erwitt.html), Tommaso Starace Quartet – Don’t Forget (https://luxuryexperience.com/music_scene/music_artists/tommaso_starace_quartet_-_don%27t_forget.html), Tommaso Starace Quartet – Blood and Champagne (https://luxuryexperience.com/music_scene/music_artists/tommaso_starace_quartet_-_blood_and_champagne.html), Tommaso Starace – Simply Marvellous (https://luxuryexperience.com/music_scene/music_artists/tommaso_starace_-_simply_marvellous.html), and Tommaso Starace Quartet – Italian Short Stories (https://luxuryexperience.com/music_scene/music_artists/tommaso_starace_quartet_-_italian_short_stories__.html).  

From a distant past is a 9 track release comprised of 2 covers and 7 original tracks with 5 written by Tommaso Starace and 2 by Michele Di Toro. Having reviewed 5 prior releases from Tommaso I know that he takes his inspiration from what he has seen (photographs or paintings), books he has read, and music legends who shaped his career, but with this release his inspiration is his "Compagno", Michele Di Toro. This is the consummate duet feeding of two people’s love and feeling for Jazz and its nuances which forms the melodies and the flow of the music throughout the release into a singular statement.

The release opens with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Tommaso Starace), a track centered around the fingers of Michele Di Toro and his sultry work on the keyboard and he is backed by the refrained horn work of Tommaso.

Perseus and Andromeda (Tommaso Starace) opens with the driving "baseline" from Michele’s fingers and draws in Tommaso’s horns in a haunting melody that changes over to a soft duet as both musicians lean on each other and project a feeling of despair and love lost. They transition to the song Children’s Song No. 6 (Chick Corea) with Michele’s keyboard work creating an enchanting melody for Tommaso’s horn to travel on, a beautiful interpretation of this magical song.   

The track Jump for Jay (Michele Di Toro) opens with a moving piano solo that unlocks the door for the horn to jump in and capture the moment while the piano becomes the baseline before taking back the melody and then subsequently joining forces as they close out the track. This is a track that has to be played over-and-over again to truly appreciate the subtle complexity and simplicity.

Tommaso’s track Soundtrack begins with pounding base notes from the keyboards and lures the horn into a serenade melody. Other tracks include Randy Newman’s Dexter’s Tune, The Court Jester (Tommaso Starace), and the release closes with Michele Di Toro’s La favola continua a poignant stunning track that sums up the musicians singular statement of work that is From a distant past.   

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