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Eric Demmer - So Fine PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Eric Demmer - So Fine
The debut release Eric Demmer - So Fine is truly "SO FINE." After over 30 years playing with a Who's Who of musicians and bands (i.e. Eric Clapton B. B. King, Carlos Santana, The Allman Brothers,...), Eric Demmer finally lets loose with this exceptional release featuring 12 original tracks that brings together an All-Star list of musicians. A long-awaited release that was well worth the wait; so, take some time and enjoy a special musical moment.  


Eric Demmer - So Fine 

Eric Demmer - So Fine 

So Fine:  Don't Talk To Me, She's So Fine, Will It Ever Be The Same, What It Ever Be The Same, What Was I Thinking, I'm Alright, Start It All Again, Get Out Of Town, Let Me Go, Just Can't Wait, Any Day Get Away, Have You Ever Loved A Woman 

Personnel: Eric Demmer: Saxophone, Vocals; Mike Zito: Vocals; Jonn Del Toro Richardson: Guitar; Mark May: Guitar; " The Funky" Rick Marcel: Guitar; Melanie Covington: Vocals; Darrell Lacy: Vocals; Danielle Demmer: Vocals; Grooveline Horns - Carlos Soa: Saxophone; Fernando Castillo: Trumpet; Raul Vallejo: Trombone; Jerre Jackson: Drums; Dennis Delfino: Bass; Hugo  Rodriguez: Guitar; Barry Seelen: Keys; Darrell Lavigne: Keys; Jordan Almes: Drums; Shawn Allen: B3 

Eric Demmer- So Fine was produced by Mike Zito and Eric Demmer, with mixing and mastering done by Ernie Wells of Eighth Note Prod. and released on the Gulf Coast Records label. 

After over 30 years of playing with the likes of Eric Clapton, Johnny Clyde Copeland, B. B. King, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Dr. John, Buddy Guy, The Allman Brothers, and the Mike Zito Big Band to name a few, Eric Demmer released his debut album, So Fine. This 12-track release features a Who's Who of musicians lending their energy and musicianship to Eric's songs in the same manner that Eric's outstanding saxophone playing has done for others over the years. 

The release opens with the track Don't Talk To Me featuring Melanie Covington on backing vocals. Having fun with lyrics, which shows Eric's lighter side, Eric belts out "I am getting so frustrated that I'm losing my hair....her words are sharper than a bullet..., I have to cut her off before she's my wife." 

Swinging over to a Latin beat is the track She's So Fine, featuring Jonn Del Toro Richardson on guitar. Eric's saxophone rings true to the Latin vibe created by the bassline play of Jerre Jackson on drums and Dennis Delfino on bass. Showing his country rock side is the track Will It Ever Be The Same featuring the vocal prowess of Mike Zito. A powerful track capturing the saucy side of country rock with captivating saxophone complementing Mike Zito's vocals. 

The track I'm A Guitar Player plays off Eric's sentiment, "After all these years of playing sax with famous guitar players, I realize that 'I'm a Guitar Player'... I just don't play guitar." A rousing track featuring his axe the sax. "Some say life's a bitch, but I disagree..." starts off the track I'm Alright and Eric's vocals and sax tell the story of his being alright no matter what crosses his path. 

The poignant track Start It All Again is full on with Barry Seelen on keyboards and Eric's compelling vocals and saxophone; a moving and touching track. The release takes it up a few beats with the track Get Out Of Town, a great blues song featuring Mark May on guitar. Opening his soul through touching lyrics, keyboards, and vocals is the track Let Me Go, ".... the time has come to let me go, please let me go. You make it so hard. You want to pretend, don't love me, but you don't want to do it, let me go, please let me go." 

Rounding out an impressive debut release are the tracks Just Can't Wait with special guest Darrell Lacy on backing vocals, Any Day Get Away with special guests the Grooveline Horns and the smokey vocals of Danielle Demmer, and last but not least is the track Have You Ever Loved A Woman as Eric sings, "Have you ever loved a woman she just won't love you back,....It will drive you crazy, lord it'll drive you mad." A great track to close this release, which features sensational solos by Dennis Delfino on guitar, Eric's sax, and Barry Seelen on keys, as they each let loose and leave it all in the music. 

Websites where you can procure Eric Demmer - So Fine: Rough Trade, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Apple 

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