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Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume II

by Edward F. Nesta
Rob Silverman - Drumology Volume II
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Following the success of Drumology in 2020, Rob Silverman and his brother Michael Silverman were inundated by world renowned drummers wanting to participate on future Drumology releases, and thus Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume II was born kicking, screaming and begging to be listened to. This release is a tour-de-force in music that melds various genres centered around the baseline formed from creative and powerful drummers.


Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume II

Drumology Volume II: Victory, Sea Spray, Journey to a Crystal Planet, U Want Appice of Me, Avalanche, Moving Mountains, Timber falls, Drum Dreams

Personnel: Rob Silverman: Drums on "Victory," "Timber Falls," "Drum Dreams" and "Avalanche" ; Billy Cobham: Drums on "Sea Spray"; Mike Mangini: Drums on "Victory"; Todd Sucherman: Drums; Casey Grillo: Drums on "Avalanche"; Glen Sobel: Drums on "Moving Mountains"; John Spinelli: Drums on "Avalanche"; David Frangioni: Drums on "Drum Dreams"; Kenny Aronoff: Drums on "Timber Falls"; Carmine Appice: Drums; Vinny Appice: Drums; Jay Oliver: Keyboardist/Producer; Michael Silverman: Pianist , Keyboardist; Larry Kornfeld: Bassist; Dweezil Zappa: Guitarist; Michael Angelo Batio: Guitarist; Eric Marienthal: Saxophonist; John Patitucci: Bassist; John Myung: Bassist; Jerry Goodman: Violinist

Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume II was produced by Rob Silverman, Michael Silverman, and Jay Oliver and released on the Autumn Hills Records label. Drumology II follows the successful release of Drumology in 2020 and procedes the release of Drumology III later in 2022. All proceeds will benefit the Neil Peart Fund for brain cancer research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The tracks on Drumology Volume II were composed and tailored to the "personalities" of the drummers. As Rob and Michael Silverman noted, "We wrote these songs to give the guest artists plenty of latitude to interject their own personalities by crafting the kinds of tempos, grooves and feels that the different drummers prefer." They wrote songs across genres thus changing the tempo and beat between rock, metal, jazz, fusion, and blues, while letting the musicians take hold of the moment.

The opening track, Victory, features Rob Silverman and Mike Mangini on the drum kits, along with John Myung (Dream Theatre) on bass, and Michael Silverman on keyboards. With two of the foundational bassline of the band Dream Theatre, the track Victory takes on the drive and push of a progressive rock/metal track with a melodic beat for a solid intro to open the doors for Drumology Volume II.

The track Sea Spray features Billy Cobham and John Patitucci behind the skins, violinist Jerry Goodman, bassist John Patitucci, and Michael Silverman on keyboards on this jazz fusion track. This is a well-rounded track that "sings" to the listener.

The track Journey to a Crystal Planet has Rob Silverman and Todd Sucherman on drums, Michael Silverman on organ, Larry Kornfeld on bass and a blazing sassy saxophone from Eric Marienthal. The dueling drums sandwich the organ work and layer the bassline for the sassy saxophone.

The track U Want Appice of Me features Rob Silverman, Carmine Appice and Vinny Appice on drums, Michael Silverman on keyboards, and bassist Matt Bollinger. The three-headed drum "machine" along with a compelling bass pounds out a powerful sound that is accentuated by the keyboards and guitar work, and ends is a roaring crescendo.

The release transitions to the track Avalanche featuring Rob Silverman, Casey Grillo and John Spinelli on drums, Michael Angelo Batio on guitar, Michael Silverman on keys and Larry Kornfeld on bass. The drums explode out and the bass pulsates while the keyboards spread the news that this track is going to be "crazy," and the "mad" laughing heard in the background early in the track says it all, let it roll.

The team moves mountains on the track Moving Mountains featuring Rob Silverman and Glen Sobel on drums, Michael Silverman on keys and Larry Kornfeld on bass. There is a haunting chant at the beginning against the soft drumming which is accompanied by background guitar and bass. The music then unwinds, and the band lets loose unleashing a rollicking track with a soft closure.

Timber Falls is the next track on the release to show "some skins in the game" featuring Rob Silverman and Kenny Aronoff on the drums, Dweezil Zappa on guitar, Eric Marienthal on saxophone, Larry Kornfeld on bass and Michael Silverman on keyboards. This track takes a different direction leading off with keyboards and sets the table for the rest of the band. The band trades off on leads between the keys, guitar, drums and saxophone which makes for a refreshing and signature track on the release.

The release closes with Drum Dreams featuring Rob Silverman and David Frangioni on drums, Jay Oliver and Michael Silverman on the keys, and Larry Kornfeld on bass. Dream Drums takes us home with a punctuation mark as the drums provide a slice of the Neil Peart rolling drum sound paying tribute to the legend.

If you are a percussion afficionado, a lover of the baseline, or you appreciate musical virtuosos joining together for a purpose (Neil Peart Fund) and producing a stellar release, then Drumology Volume II is a must release to own.

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