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Philippe Saisse Trio – the BODY AND SOUL sessions Remastered

by Debra C. Argen
Philippe Saisse Trio - the Body And Soul sessions Remastered
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Philippe Saisse Trio – the BODY AND SOUL sessions Remastered takes the listener down an instrumental memory lane of memorable songs by Steely Dan, Lennon and McCartney, James Taylor, Jorge Ben, Boz Scaggs, and Johnny Green to name but a few. The Philippe Saisse Trio – the BODY AND SOUL sessions, remastered, is 12-tracks of exceptional music by Philippe Saisse on piano, Fender Rhodes, and keyboards, David Finck on bass, and Scooter Warner on drums and percussion.



Philippe Saisse Trio -the BODY AND SOUL sessions

Philippe Saisse Trio – the BODY AND SOUL sessions Remastered: Do It Again, September, Lady Madonna, Harley Davidson, Lovely Day, Fire And Rain, Constant Rain (chove chuva), The Dolphin, Comment Te Dire Adieu, Body And Soul, We’re All Alone, If I Ever Lose This Heaven

Personnel: Philippe Saisse: piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, David Finck: bass, Scooter Warner: drums and percussion

Philippe Saisse Trio – the BODY AND SOUL sessions, remastered was produced by Goh Hotoda and Philippe Saisse on the Rendezvous Entertainment label.

Philippe Saisse is a GrammyTM nominated composer, keyboardist, record producer, and arranger, and his 12-track release opens by taking the listener on a musical journey back to the 1970s with the 1972 Steely Dan song, Do It Again, off the Steely Dan, Can’t Buy A Thrill album. As a longtime Steely Dan fan, listening to the instrumental version of this song, was like looking at a black and white photograph and seeing all the nuances without color to distract, much like without the lyrics to distract, the musical composition, arrangement, and musicianship of the talented trio of Philippe Saisse, David Finck, and Scooter Warner, shines brightly through.

Another memorable song on the release from the 1970s, is September, written by M. White, A. McKay, and A. Ellis, which the band, Earth, Wind & Fire recorded to great acclaim in 1978. This song sparkles with Philippe’s crystalline piano rhythms and David Finck’s bass.

Heading to the 1960s, the release features the 1968 song, Lady Madonna, written by Beetles members John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The 1960s vibe continues with the song, Harley Davidson, written by French singer, songwriter, Serge Gainsbourg. While I was familiar with most of the other songs on the release, this was the first time that I heard Harley Davidson, and it immediately captured by interest with its funky introduction.

Next up is the1977 song, Lovely Day, written by Bill Withers and released on his Menagerie album, followed by the 1970 James Taylor song, Fire And Rain, off his Sweet Baby James album. Without James Taylor’s signature guitar and vocals, the song is completely different, but lovely.

Heading down to Brazil, put your dancing shoes on as Philippe and the band segue into the fabulous 1963 Brazilian Jazz Samba song, Constant Rain (chove chuva) written by Jorge Bem, followed by another memorable song and a Jazz standard, The Dolphin, written by Brazilian songwriter Luiz Eça.

Moving back to the 1960s, the release continues with another great Serge Gainsbourg song, Comment Te Dire Adieu (How To Say Goodbye). Next up is the title track, Body And Soul, written by Johnny Green back in 1930.

Coming into the home stretch of the release, the band deftly slides into the 1978 Boz Scaggs song, and takes it nice and slow and easy on We’re All Alone. The release closes with the Leon Ware and Pam Sawyer song, IF Ever I Lose This Heaven that was covered by the Average White Band, Quincy Jones, and many others. The Philippe Saisse Trio not only does justice to the music selected for this release, they excel at creating a vibrant listening experience that inspires the listener to hit the play button again and again.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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