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Blue Moon Marquee – Scream, Holler & Howl

by Edward F. Nesta
Blue Moon Marquee - Scream, Holler & Howl
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Blue Moon Marquee – Scream, Holler & Howl marks the sixth release from the duo of A. W. Cardinal and Jasmine Colette. Their unique way of blending blues, jump, jazz, soul, rock-n-roll, and country creates a sound which is captivating, and with Blue Moon Marquee – Scream, Holler & Howl it may be their best release to date. The release contains 11 original tracks and 2 covers from the legendary Lonnie Johnson.


Blue Moon Marquee – Scream, Holler & Howl

Blood Brothers: Scream, Holler & Howl, Thunderbird, Hound Dog On A Chain, Thick As Thieves, Lowlands, Come On Down, Long Black Train, Country Man, My Wild Rose, Medicine Man, Old Alberta, Red Dust Rising, Another Night To Cry

Personnel: A. W. Cardinal: Guitar, Vocals; Jasmine Colette: Upright Bass, Vocals, Drums; Duke Robillard: Guitar; Darcy Phillips: Piano, Hammond Organ; Jerry Cook: Tenor and Bari Sax; Matt Pease: Drums; Paul Pigat: Guitar; Bonnie Northgraves: Trumpet; Señor Erik: Tambourine

Blue Moon Marquee – Scream, Holler & Howl was produced by the band, Duke Robillard and Erick Nielsen, and released on the band’s own Blue Moon Marquee Music label. The dynamic duo of A. W. Cardinal and Jasmine Colette (a.k.a. Badlands Jass) have been creating a unique groove since 2013 releasing six albums and touring across Europe and North America.

The title track, Scream, Holler & Howl, opens the release with a haunting upright bass beat that is countered with a snare drum beat, A. W. Cardinal’s guitar licks, and culminates with A. W.’s unique deep vocals and Jerry Cook on Sax that brings it all together. A great introduction to a masterful release that crosses genres of blues, jazz, rock-n-roll, country, soul, and more.

The track Thunderbird is A. W. Cardinal at his best as he belts out, "She’s My Thunderbird Baby, She’s My Thunderbird Baby, When She Shakes Her Hips, It Makes Me Go Crazy…" The guitar work is well crafted, and the baseline draws you in and will have you moving in time to this catchy track.

Next on the playlist is Hound Dog On a Chain featuring the sultry vocals and fast fingering of the upright bass by Jasmine Colette along with great finger work on the Hammond organ from Darcy Phillip. As much as Jasmine’s vocals are a contrast to A. W.’s, their vocals are also a complement to their music styles creating an enthralling sound.

The song Lowlands leads with a jazz / swing intro from Jerry Cook on sax opening the door to Jasmine’s vocals as she sings "Woke up in the afternoon, Found the same old race, I push back the curtain, …. And I’m stuck in some town, …They are waiting for me…" They understand the rigors of touring and the challenges of always giving better than their best each night.

Transitioning to a blues track is Come On Down with Jasmine’s engaging vocal style that embraces the bari sax work from Jerry Cook resulting in an alluring, sexy, and engaging tempo. The cover of Long Black Train, written by Lonnie Johnson, is taken up tempo from the original, and in the hands and fingers of A. W. and Jasmine they show how over time this song still holds its own.

The track My Wild Rose is pure swing tempo with guitar work that will have guitar aficionados taking notice and especially on the transitions throughout the track. Coupled with that unique vocal style of A. W. the result is a finger snapping song. The song Old Alberta opens with a contagious upright base series of chords and moves slowly along to a piano bridge and into Jasmine’s captivating blues vocals.

Keeping with the blues is the track Red Dust Rising, that features A. W.’s soulful vocals. The release closes with Another Night To Cry, a cover of a Lonnie Johnson song. For this cover they introduce the track to a slower time signature than the original, which shows the pure beauty of this song as every chord change is simple soulful blues. A fitting close to a momentous release from Blue Moon Marquee.

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