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Bywater Call – Remain

by Edward F. Nesta
Bywater Call - Remain
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The second release from the band Bywater Call – Remain is like finding the elusive pearl when you’re out for an evening of fresh oysters. No way was I ready for a release like this with a powerful Southern soul blues/rock mix that had me mesmerized from the opening track and did not let up while leaving me wanting more (for their next release). This is a release that will have listeners searching the internet for additional music from this captivating band. You will run out of accolades when talking about Bywater Call – Remain.


Bywater Call – Remain

Remain: Falls Away, Lover Down Slow, Remain, Let Me Be Wrong, Left Behind, Sea We Swim, Ties That Bind, Fortune, Go Alone, Locked, Bring It Back

Personnel: Meghan Parnell: Lead Vocals; Dave Barnes: Guitars; Stephen Dyte: Trumpet and Valve Trombone; Bruce McCarthy: Drums; Mike Meusel: Bass Guitar; Julian Nalli: Saxophones; Alan Zemaitis: Keyboard; Tafari Anthony: Background Vocals; Stacie Tabb: Background Vocals; Marion Allende: Percussion; Renan Yildizdogan: Mellotron (Let Me Be Wrong); Ross Hayes Citrullo: Bowed Guitar (Go Alone)

Bywater Call – Remain was produced by Renan Yildizdogan and released on the Gypsy Soul Records. The release Remain marks the second release for this dynamic Southern soul, blues/rock band who hail from Canada.

The release opens with the track Falls Away and the musical ride is underway with Meghan’s powerful vocals and a tight band behind her. The lyrics are captivating blues, " I ain’t heaven bound, but I still hear the sound of angels….I am on my way home somehow, somehow…..Falls Away…," and coupled with the guitar work of Dave Barnes you will grab hold waiting for the next track.

The band segued to the track Lover Down Slow a slower and poignant track with excellent lyrics "…a helpless victim of your company and all the stars you will never show. Tell me baby is it hard to recognize the simple sound inside your heart. For the healing hand is so quick to criticize…" This is one of my favorite songs on a release with so many to pick from.

The title track Remain is soulful blues that will tug at your heart, "Lay me down in the ashes of all we left unsaid. All the many sweet distractions I left occupying my bed, …you know I never meant to hurt you, …I pray you will not just let me go….I Remain, I remain, I remain….".

The track Let Me Be Wrong Is a blend of rock, blues and that unique Bywater Call sound along with Meghan’s expressive vocals. The release follows up with the track Left Behind that leads with an exceptional horn section for a bold big start and transitions to a solid baseline laying the groundwork for the vocals. The track Sea We Swim kicks in with a pulsating bass line that along with the horns and keyboards moves this track along a down and dirty blues sound.

The track Go Alone is a rousing song that captures all of the elements of the ensemble, excellent musicianship, impressive lyrics, and solid complementing melodies, so rock out! The track Locked takes the tempo down and the band sits back and lets the beautiful voice of Meghan ring true as she digs into this "ballad" about love and loss; a rich and intense track.

The release closes out with the track Bring it Back, this is a close out with purpose as the drums ring in and set the tone for a lively slide guitar fade out, which will have you hitting repeat on the complete release.

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Websites where you can procure Bywater Call – Remain: Gypsy Soul Records, Apple

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