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Alastair Greene – The New World Blues

by Edward F. Nesta
Alastair Greene - The New World Blues
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Alastair Greene – The New World Blues is a fresh and exciting release from Alastair Greene and has his trademark creative lyrics and blazing electric and slide guitar. The release features a Power Trio of Alastair Greene, Tab Benoit on drums and harmonies, and Corey Duplechin on bass. The New World Blues was recorded with limited remixing and only a few overdubs resulting in a "raw" energy filled release that is cut from the souls of the Power Trio.

Alastair Greene – New World Blues

New World Blues: Living Today, Lies and Fear, Bayou Mile, When You Don’t Know What To Do, No Longer Amused, Back At The Poor House, Find Your Way Back Home, Heroes, Wontcha Tell Me, Alone And Confused, The New World Blues

Personnel: Alastair Green: vocals, guitars; Corey Duplechin: bass; Tab Benoit: drums, harmonies

Alastair Greene – The New World Blues was recorded at the Whiskey Bayou Studios and released on the Whiskey Bayou Records label. The New World Blues features eleven original tracks written by Alastair Greene except Bayou Mile: lyrics by Alastair Greene and Tab Benoit, music by Alastair Greene; Heroes: lyrics and music by Alastair Greene and Tab Benoit; and When You Don’t Know What To Do and The New World Blues: lyrics by Alastair Greene, music by Alastair Greene and Tab Benoit.

The release opens with Living Today that carries a "bayou" rhythm and striking lyrics "Remember to let your love shine through, it ain’t easy living today." The track Lies and Fear has a blues funk sound and Alastair’s guitar work is expressive and captures his vocal tone seamlessly. The release transitions to Bayou Mile, which is a poignant song about being on the road and missing your roots "…if you want to see me smile, walk with me a Bayou mile,….I can’t wait to dance to the swing of a Cajun song."

The track When You Don’t Know What You Want To Do is a nod to rockabilly with a spirited baseline and riveting guitar work. No Long Amused is a saucy finger licking good track that is seasoned to taste with Alastair’s guitar and the snappy drums work of Tab Benoit. Back At The Poor House is a rousing instrumental track tracing back to Alastair’s blues roots and one of my favorites on the release. The track Find Your Way Back Home is another back to basic blues for the Power Trio.

The release slows down with the track Heroes and showcases Alastair’s passionate guitar transitions coupled with his captivating lyrics, "what you inspire never fades away, you are with me each and every day, we may never know things by their name, without a hero a life wouldn’t be the same."

The New World Blues closes out with the tracks Wontcha Tell Me and Alone and Confused, two more distinct and catchy tracks that showcase stellar guitar work. The last song and title track The New World Blues puts a wrapper on this outstanding release as it features that catchy "bayou" rhythm and bookends the release complementing the opening swamp blues track Living Today.

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