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Savino Wine Saving Carafes

by Debra C. Argen
Savino Wine Carafe
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Savino  Wine Carafe Looking for a great gift for your favorite wine lover or wine enthusiast? As wine lovers know air is the nemesis of wine. Once a bottle of wine is opened and is exposed to air, it must be drunk immediately. Air will spoil the wine, so in the past people tried to recork the bottle or used systems to pump the air out. Now, along comes Savino Wine Saving Carafes and a new and stylish way of preserving wine is born. Made in the USA, Savino Wine Saving Carafes elevate style with function. The best part is that they actually work and keep wine stored in the carafe fresh for up to a week.


Savino Wine Carafe

Do you have times when you open a bottle of lovely wine and cannot finish it in one sitting? Or have open bottles of wine left after a party? It seems like such a waste, as you know the wine will definitely not taste the same the next day if not properly preserved. When I heard about the Savino wine preservation system in the form of an attractive glass carafe, I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first as the concept seemed too simple to actually work. All that was required of me was to pour the remains of the bottle of the wine into the carafe and insert the float which would create a barrier and prevent air from coming in contact with the wine. Simple. But would it work?

As a true skeptic, I did my homework and opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed a glass or two then poured some of the remaining wine in the Savino carafe and inserted the float to preserve the wine, and poured a small amount of wine into a small glass jar. The next night I poured a glass of the Savino preserved wine and I also poured a glass of the wine stored in the small glass jar. I am happy to report that the Savino preserved wine was still as delicious as it was when I opened it. The wine stored unpreserved in a glass jar, decidedly not. The way the carafe works is that it has a floating device inside that automatically adjusts to the level of the wine, keeping air from coming in contact with the wine. The carafes are designed to hold up to a 750 ml bottle of wine and are attractive enough to use for entertaining, elevating the art of the entertaining while deftly preserving your wine.

Savino Wine Carafe
Savino Wine Carafe

Savino Wine Savers are available in 2 models: the Savino Connoisseur – Wine Saving Carafe made of glass ($49.95) and the Savino Enthusiast: Wine Saving Carafe for outdoor use and made of plastic ($29.95).

The Savino Connoisseur – Wine Saving Carafe is made of flint glass, so it is durable, dishwasher safe, and is an attractive way to preserve as well as serve your wine, making it perfect for indoor entertaining. The Savino Enthusiast – Wine Saving Carafe is made of plastic and is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Cheers!

For information on Savino or to purchase the product, please visit their website at www.savinowine.com

Savino Wine Carafe

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