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Cailler Chocolates – Bringing the Taste of Switzerland Home

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Cailler Chocolate - La Gruyere region of Switzerland
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Cailler Chocolates - Signature Collection While you may not be able to jet off to Switzerland on a whim, you can easily indulge your taste buds with Cailler chocolates, home of Swiss chocolate since 1819. We had the opportunity to experience the brand during Cailler’s United States tour at a pop-up event in New York City and were happy to learn that these exquisite chocolates are now available for purchase online via Amazon.

Cailler Chocolates
Home of Swiss Chocolate since 1819

On November 17, 2016, we had the good fortune of attending a special event in New York City to promote the launch of Cailler chocolates in the United States. Meeting with master chocolatier Geraldine Müller Maras we learned about Cailler and sampled our way through their delicious signature collection of chocolates. Melt in your mouth wonderful, these attractive chocolates should come with the warning, "may become habit forming."

Located in the La Gruyère region of Switzerland, Cailler is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand, and their chocolates are decadently luxurious. Having spent substantial time in Switzerland, we can wholeheartedly proclaim that the Swiss are very serious about their cows, their dairy, and their chocolate. As a noteworthy point, Swiss law requires that cows go outside at least 20 days of each month where they must seek their own food, and not fed silage. In the summer time, farmers bring their cows up to the Alps where the cows can graze on a gourmet selection of 120 different herbs as opposed to the 12 varieties of herbs that grow in the valleys, and bring the cows back down the mountains in the autumn around October.


Cocoa Nibs - Cailler Chocolate - photo by Luxury Experience
Cocoa Nibs

Of course, chocolates are only as good as their ingredients, and to create Cailler’s premium chocolates from "bean to bar" they use cocoa beans carefully selected through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and they "are UTZ Certified, an organization which campaigns for cocoa plantations that are socially and ecologically responsible. Recipes and techniques have been perfected over generations, and they use milk from local Swiss farms located within 20 miles of Maison Cailler, the only place in the world Cailler chocolate is made." How’s that for serious?


Geraldine Muller Maras - Cailler Chocolate - photo by Luxury Experience
Geraldine Müller Maras

Not only are the chocolates delectable culinary works of art, even the attractive packaging is a work of art. Master artisan Marianne Dubuis uses a traditional Swiss decoupage technique of sketching and then cutting the silhouettes to create "stories" for her designs.


Cailler Chocolate - Signature Collection
Cailler Chocolates – Signature Collection

The luxurious Signature Collection comes in a distinctive brown and red stripe box featuring a scene of Switzerland on the front, and when you slide the interior box out of the exterior shell, the inner box is wrapped in red paper. Building upon the excitement, when you remove the red paper, there is a brown cushion to protect the exquisite chocolate creations nestled in custom recessed shapes to cradle the chocolates. Although the character "Forrest Gump" stated in the 1994 film by the same name, ""Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get;" Cailler includes a little booklet on the exterior of the box that shows a photo and includes a description of each of the chocolates to ensure that you get exactly what you want.


Geraldine Muller Maras and Edward F. Nesta - Cailler Chocolate - photo by Luxury Experience
Geraldine Müller Maras and Edward F. Nesta

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your favorite chocoholic or for a special treat for yourself, we highly recommend that you try Cailler, the chocolate brand for discerning tastes since 1819. Available in boxes as well as assorted chocolate bars.

"Cailler chocolate is available on the online retail platform Amazon in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and China. This means once you’ve ordered your chocolate, it’s delivered directly to your doorstep." They are also located in several locations worldwide; please visit their website for more information: www.Cailler.com/us/content/where-buy

For information on Cailler, please visit their website: www.Cailler.com

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