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Annie Haslam of Renaissance – Interview

by Debra C. Argen
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Wedding season is upon us and if you are looking for inspiration for a statement cake, you will love the book, Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes – Beautiful Designs for Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays, published by IMM Lifestyle Books. When it comes to sugar flower craftsmanship, Alan Dunn is not only a master craftsman, he is a true artist in confections.


Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes


As someone who loves exquisitely designed statement cakes, I fell in lovewith Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes – Beautiful Designs for Weddings, Anniversaries, andBirthdays book, which elevates sugar paste into confection artistry. Whetheryou want to learn how to create stunning designs yourself or are looking forideas and inspiration to give to your cake designer, Alan Dunn’s book is sureto enchant.

Alan Dunn is a highly regarded and renowned expert and sugarcraftartisan, who is an accredited demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft Guild andteaches classes and demonstrates techniques throughout the world. He has written 13 books on the art offlowermaking and cake decorating.

Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes – Beautiful Designs for Weddings,Anniversaries, and Birthdays not only provides sensational ideas andinspiration for special occasions that deserve a statement cake, it also providesyou with the all the knowledge to succeed short of having Alan Dunn in thekitchen standing by your side guiding you, with its detailed step-by-step instructions.

The book provides in-depth information and discusses what you need toget started in the chapter on "Equipment and Materials," and thoughtfullyprovides a listing of Suppliers on where to purchase specialty materials andequipment at the back of the book.

The chapter entitled, "Recipes," provides essential recipes includinghow to make "cold porcelain," "royal icing," and "flowerpaste," and I found thechapter on "Techniques" to be especially helpful as it not only provides experttips, it always explains "the how" and "the why."

Armed with my newfound knowledge, I read the chapter on how to create,"Flowers, Fruits, and Nuts," with wild abandon. Alan Dunn guides the reader onhow to make sensational, realistic-looking artistic flowers including Fringednigella, Sweet violet, Rose, Peony, and Lilac, how to create vegetablesincluding Asparagus and Radish, as well as Hazelnuts, and even a FantasyButterfly, to name but a few of the many creations that dazzled my eyes; thepossibilities are endless.

The last chapter is dedicated to "Celebration Cakes" and has wonderfuldesigns for christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings,Valentine’s Day, and many more, and includes patterns to help you create thedesigns. The photographs throughout the book are simply irresistible inmouth-watering color to inspire flights of fantasy.

From cover to cover, Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes – BeautifulDesigns for Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays, is simplyirresistible, so let your imagination soar as you read this gorgeous book.

Alan Dunn’s Celebration Cakes – Beautiful Designs for Weddings,Anniversaries, and Birthdays

is published by IMM Lifestyle Books and distributedby Fox Chapel Publishing in the UnitedStates.

ISBN: 978-1-5048-0075-4.

Fox Chapel Publishing

1970 Broad Street

East Petersburg, PA 17520

United States

The book is available in bookstores and online, including: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For information on Alan Dunn, please visit his website: www.AlanDunnSugarcraft.Co.Uk

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