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Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Miami Rum Renaissance Festival - April 15 -21, 2013
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Miami Rum Renaissance Festival - April 15 - 21, 2013Exciting news, rum lovers! The "Miami Rum Renaissance Festival – a celebration of cane spirits in the new world" takes place from April 15 – 21, 2013. Whether you are in the business (distiller, retailer, distributor, restaurateur, or bartender), or a passionate consumer enthusiast, the festival will provide the opportunity to learn about, and experience, rare, artisanal, and small batch international rums, as well as larger brands, via tastings, celebrity seminars, VIP parties, and cocktail competitions.

Created by Robert Burr, his wife Robin, and son, Rob, the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary this April 2013. We met the Burrs  years ago when we were judges at rum competitions, and have spent many enjoyable hours together tasting rums and comparing  notes.

Experts in the field of all things Rum and Rhum, the Burr’s felt that rum was due for a renaissance as the spirit of choice due to its broad scope of use from white rums in cocktails to aged sipping rums, the field was growing exponentially. The Burr’s saw that there were better family reserve rums each year, that there were better and more expensive rums than 10 years ago, hence a renaissance of sorts.

Rum has earned the respect of aficionados, with expensive, well-crafted sipping rums taking pride of placement among their other coveted spirits. Rum now holds the number one market segment in the USA as spirit of choice, with the State of Florida, the number one state.

Today, the average person knows their brand, and the style of the rum they like. Awareness, a sophistication, and forward movement show the efforts of progress. From this presence, and the foresight of the Burr’s, the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival began, and five years later, it continues to double in attendance. Not only are the attendees excited about the festival, but also individual countries are pushing the bar higher every year as they bring new products to the event.

What makes the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival interesting for trade, as well as consumers, is that the Burrs are passionate, knowledgeable, and they are well traveled in the rum world; they are excited to introduce some of these rare, artisanal brands they experienced, at the festival.

Miami Rum Renaissance Festival - April 15 -21, 2013

Visit the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival (www.RumRenaissance.com) website to purchase tickets and to learn about all of the different options from the nightly VIP Parties throughout the week, to the Grand Rum Tasting, Celebrity Seminars, RumXP Competition, Tiki Competitions, Tropical Libations, and Island Culture.

If rum is your passion, or you are a novice to the world of exceptional rums, but would like to increase your spirits knowledge, the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival will intrigue your palate.

Luxury Experience hopes to see you at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival (www.RumRenaissance.com).

Send Luxury Experience an email  and let us know when you will be at the Festival so we can taste some exceptional rum together.  Publisher@LuxuryExperience.com

See You at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival!!

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