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CT Craft Beer Fest 2022, Wallingford, CT, USA

CT Craft Beer Fest 2022
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It was a perfect Saturday afternoon in Wallingford, Connecticut at the 2022 CT Craft Beer Fest held by the CT Brewers Guild at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre, learning about (and tasting) the diverse line of Connecticut Craft Beers. More than 60 craft breweries came from around the state and brought delectable samples of their artisanal products. Who knew the Connecticut Craft Beer Movement had so many tasty products?

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, we drove to Wallingford, Connecticut to the Toyota Oakdale Theatre for the fourth annual CT Craft Beer Fest. The festival consisted of two sessions, with VIP entrance, 1-hour before opening to the general public for each session. We attended the first VIP session that began at noon. Ale, Cream Ale, Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Hazy IPA, Lager, Porter, Sours, Stout, Imperial Stout, and oh my, so many amazing products to sample during the 4-hour session. The breweries were busy chatting, educating, and pouring fresh “on tap” draft selections, as well as canned and bottled products.

Welcome to CT Craft Beer Fest 2022

CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury Experience

The Craft Beer movement is not only alive and well in Connecticut it is thriving. The number of breweries has grown exponentially with 125 breweries now located across the state of Connecticut, and the diversity and the high-quality of their products has aficionados sitting up and taking notice. For every palate there is a craft brewing style, and with levels of alcohol ranging from low (5% + alcohol by volume) to high (15% + alcohol by volume), there is a vast selection from which to choose.

The 2022 CT Craft Beer Fest had 60 breweries in attendance offering attendees the opportunity to taste and learn about their products, including many special beers made especially for the festival.

2022 CT Craft Beer Fest – The Connecticut Brewers

Alvarium Beer Company
Armada Brewing
Aspetuck Brew Lab
Back East Brewing Company


Badsons - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceBadsons

Bank & Bridge Brew Pub


Black Hot - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceBlack Hog

Black Pond Brews, LLC

Brewport - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceBrewport

Broken Symmetry - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceBroken Symmetry


Cambridge House Brew Pub


Center Street Brewing - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceCenter Street Brewing

Charter Oak Brewing
Cheshire Craft Brewing


City Stream - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceCity Steam Brewery

Cliffside Brewing
Clocktown Brewing Company
Color Bling Artisanal Ales
Concentric Brewing Company
East Hartford Brewing Company
East Rock Brewing Company
Elicit Brewing Company


Epicure Brewing - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceEpicure Brewing

Five Churches Brewing
Fox Farm Brewery
Front Porch Brewing
Great Falls Brewing Company
High Nine Brewing
Hog River Brewing Co.
Hop Culture Brewing Company
Lock City Brewing
New England Brewing Co.


New England Cider - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceNew England Cider Co.

Nod Hill Brewery - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceNod Hill Brewery

No Worries Brewing
Outer Light Brewing Company


Pink Booties - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperiencePink Booties

Reverie Brewing Company
Rhythm Brewing Co.
Still Hill Brewery
Stony Creek Brewery
Stubborn Beauty Brewing
Taylor Brooke Brewery
The Beer’d Brewing Co.
These Guys Brewing Company
Tox Brewing Company
Twelve Percent Beer Project


Two Roads - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceTwo Roads

Thimble Island - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceThimble Island Brewing Company

Tribus Beer Co.
Urban Lodge Brewing Co.
Velvet Libations


Willimantic Brewing Company - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceWillimantic Brewing Company

Witchdoctor - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceWitchdoctor Brewing Company

Tasting Time

Top Notch Band - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceTop Notch Band

As our palates tend to lean towards dark spirits and dark beers, we gravitated towards sampling the various stout offerings. From Armada Brewing we tried their Night’s Executioner 2022, a Russian Stout with Tahitian Vanilla Beans and Willoughby’s Coffee with 15% alcohol by volume. We also sampled Abomination & ET/CT Collaboration’s Imperial Midnight Snack Biscotti Break, which was an Imperial Stout featuring Coffee, Almonds & Vanilla Beans, 12.5% alcohol by volume., Another interesting stout was the Calentador, an Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and chipotle peppers, 11% alcohol by volume from Nod Hill Brewery. What we liked most about the Imperial Stouts we sampled was the depth of flavors and subtle nuances that made each of them unique and very tasty.

Rum Runners - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceRum Runners

From Black Hog Brewing we tried their Hogenator, a German Style Doppelbock, 8.8% alcohol by volume. From New England Cider Co., we sampled their Pommeau, a traditional oak barrel aged apple wine, 20% alcohol by volume, and their Ice Cider Apple Wine, 11.9% alcohol by volume.

Hot Taco Street Kitchen - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceHot Taco Street Kitchen

Throughout the day we roamed through the two smaller tasting rooms, as well “the Dome” sampling the many offerings, listening to the bands (Top Notch Band, Rum Runners), watching the ongoing Jenga game, visiting the food trucks, (Little Italy Pizza Truck, Crispy Melt by Caseus, Hot Taco Street Kitchen, Jonz N’ BBQ, Lobster Craft), browsing the 20 vendors’ merchandise stands, and enjoying the ambience and the camaraderie of other craft brewing fans. Sacred Heart University was also at the show as they have a Brewing Science Program, perfect for craft beer fans interested in learning the art and science of crafting artisanal beer.

Little Italy Pizza Truck - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceLittle Italy Pizza Truck

VIDEO – Phil Pappas, Executive Director of the CT Brewers Guild talks about the CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 –


Until next time, Cheers!

Jenga - CT Craft Beer Fest 2022 - photo by Luxury ExperienceTo Jenga, Or not to Jenga?

About the CT Brewers Guild

“The Connecticut Brewers Guild was founded in June 2012 to promote the interests of the fledgling craft beer scene in Connecticut. As of November 2021, the Connecticut beer scene boasts more than 123 operational breweries, with many more in planning. The goal of this Guild is to further promote our local breweries, move forward on Guild Member initiatives that foster profitability, and increase public awareness of all in-state breweries and legislative actions.”

For more information about the CT Brewers Guild or their upcoming festivals and events, please visit their website: https://www.connecticut.beer/

CT Craft Beer Fest

CT Brewers Guild
470 James Street
Suite 7
New Haven, CT 06513
United States
Telephone: +1-203-293-8622
Email: ctbrewersguild@connecticut.beer
Phil Pappas, Executive Director: phil@connecticut.beer
Website: https://www.connecticut.beer/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTBrewersGuild/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ctbrewersguild/

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