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by Debra C. Argen
Executive Chef yann Giacomoni
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Aiol Magret DuckExecutive Chef Yann Giacomoni of Le Meriden Cancun Resort & Spa is in the Chefs' Recipes Spotlight.


Executive Chef Yann Giacomoni of Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa has had a fascinating career having had the opportunity to work at many of the Le Meridien hotels around the world including Bali Indonesia, Noumea New Caledonia, Cairo Egypt, and in the United States in San Diego and Newport Beach, as well having worked for Sofitel Minneapolis before joining Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa in 2004.

In May 2005, I stayed at the beautiful beachside Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa, where I not only enjoyed Chef Yann’s creations at the Aïoli Restaurant and at a cocktail reception for the grand opening of Luxury Avenue, but I had the opportunity to meet with Chef Yann and learn more about this interesting chef. Chef Yann grew up in the South of France in Nice and obtained his culinary training from the Lycée de Nice, France. Since then, his culinary adventures have taken him around the world. Read about Luxury Avenue in our Evemts section.

At the Aïoli Restaurant, I enjoyed his recipes for Roast Magret Duck (Magret De Pato Rostizado, Pure De Camote Con Pasitas y Ron y Salsa De Mango Agridulce) and a Cream of Lobster with Cornmeal Ravioli , (Crema de Langosta y Ravioles de Maiz Tostado), which he generously shares with Luxury Experience Magazine and provides the recipes in both English and Spanish. Read about dinner at Aïoli Restaurant in our Restaurants section.

Aioli Magret DuckRoast Magret Duck, Sweet Potato Puree with Raisins and Rum and Bittersweet Mango Sauce
2 Persons



2          pieces             Magret duck, 220 grams each
5          grams              Fines herbes
1          ounce              Extra virgin olive oil 
                                   Salt and pepper, to taste

Preparation: Marinate the duck with oil and fines herbes, salt and pepper, saute in a pan and finish cooking in the oven it is until done.

Sweet Potato Puree:
180      grams              Yellow sweet potato, diced
35        grams              Raisins
2          ounces             White rum
5          ounces             Cream
40        grams              Butter
Salt and white pepper, to taste

Preparation: Boil water with salt, pepper and butter. Add the cubed sweet potato and cook until tender. Drain and puree.  Add the cream, the raisins and the rum and season to taste.

40        grams              Pumpkin
40        grams              Carrots
80        grams              Asparagus
120      grams              Mango
40        grams              Shallots
30        grams              Butter 
                                   Salt and white pepper, to taste

Preparation: Saute the vegetables with shallots, butter, salt and pepper.  Slice the mango ½ cm thick and cut in the shape of a triangle.  Form a napoleon interspersing the mango and the vegetables. 

40        grams              Puree of mango, (scrape mango from the peel and puree)
12        ounces             Duck juice
6          ounces             Port
5          grams              Thyme
1                                  Bay leaf
20        grams              Sugar
2          ounces             Mango Liqueur
20        grams              Butter
35        grams              Shallots

Preparation:  Saute the shallot, laurel and thyme with butter, then add the sugar and cook until it forms a clear caramel. Flambe with the mango liqueur, add the mango puree and the Port, and reduce with duck juice, boiling until it reaches the desired consistency, and finish with butter.

Cream of LobsterCream of Lobster and Cornmeal Ravioli
6 Persons





500      grams              Lobster meat
1          kg                    Lobster shells and heads
60        grams              Leeks
60        grams              Celery
200      grams              Carrots
60        grams              White onion
40        grams              Garlic
2                                  Bay leaves
5          grams              Thyme
70        grams              Plum tomatoes
50        grams              Tomato paste
8          ounces             White wine
4          ounces             Brandy
80        grams              Unsalted Butter
12        ounces             Whipping cream
50        grams              Turnips
                                    Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation: First bake the lobsters until they are still a little green and when you can begin to smell the odor.  Next cut the vegetables and saute with butter, bay leaves and thyme, add the lobster shells and continue cooking. Add the tomato paste and the plum tomatoes, and then flambe it with the Brandy, pour in the white wine and let it reduce, then add the baked lobster meat and let it come to a boil. Add the cream and seasonings, blend and strain. 

160      grams              Cornmeal (maiz for making tortillas)
60        grams              Red pepper roasted, diced
40        grams              Lobster meat, shredded
5          grams              Parsley, chopped
2          ounces             Extra virgin olive oil
35        grams              Shallots, minced
25        grams              Garlic, minced
                                    Salt and pepper, to taste

Preparation: Saute the lobster meat with olive oil, shallots and garlic, add the cornmeal and the peppers and cook, and then add the parsley, salt and pepper. 

200      grams              flour
2                                  eggs
1                                  pinch of salt

Preparation: Place the flour on a worktable, make a hole in the center of the flour, and add the eggs and salt to the center and mix the ingredients together. Knead the ingredients for approximately for 10 minutes.  Roll the pasta out and cut with a 5 cm diameter cutter. Place the filling in the center of the ravioli, brush the outside rim of the ravioli with egg yolk and cover with another piece of ravioli, and seal the edges of the ravioli together.

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