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Spa L’Occitane Bahia, Brazil

by Debra C. Argen
Spa L'Occitane Bahia, Brazil
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Spa L'Occitane foot massage poolSpa L’Occitane Creates an Idyllic Setting in Bahia



Spa L’Occitane at the Hotel Transamérica Ilha da Comandatuba, Hotel Transamérica Ilha da Comandatuba, is located on a private island in the northeast of Brazil in the state of Bahia, and has created the perfect ambience for sybaritic pleasures.

The Spa opened two years ago, and once you enter their door you feel as if you have traveled to Provence, in the South of France. I was at the Spa L’Occitane in January 2005 with Edward F. Nesta and our friends, Gilberto and Regina Sacilotti, and we all participated in the Spa benefits, beginning with their bar, where guests can enjoy an afternoon snack or partake of a mineral water or another delicious type of bubbly – champagne, of course! Since we were there in the morning though, we felt that it was just a tad too early for indulging in champagne, and had a mineral water instead. The genial barman also provided us with cold lavender scented towels to cool our faces, and as we basked in the relaxing lavender aroma we felt the stresses of everyday life leaving, while we waited for our massage treatments.

We prepared for our treatments by slipping into white waffle-weave Spa robes and slipping on black havaianas, (the famous Brazilian rubber sandals), and then relaxed on wooden chaises with white leather cushions under the shade of a wooden loggia. Each of the chaises had their own private space divided by bamboo screens, which could be raised or lowered according to each guest’s preference, Spa L'Occitane Foot Massage Pooland had views of the pool. The Spa has captured the spirit of Provence with their beautiful outdoor pool, whirlpools, fragrances, flora and a pebble massage pool, were you can walk over the smooth pebbles to massage your feet. While Regina and Gilberto had a “Tour de Promenade – Renovação” which was a combination massage for the back, reflexology for the feet and Reiki for the head to promote relaxation and invigoration, Edward and I sampled the lavender whirlpool bath. The scented warm water left us feeling deliciously relaxed as we gazed up at the bright azure sky. To refresh ourselves, we swam in the delightfully refreshing waters of the pool to cool down a bit, before we were called for our own “Tour de Promenade – Renovação” massages.

The massage rooms are state-of-the-art chic and comfortable, with soft music to soothe the spirit. Relaxed from the aromatherapy and the massage, in which the therapist worked out the kinks brought on by travel, I walked out slightly dazed into the dazzling bright sunlight, and had to relax on the chaise for a moment. Regina, refreshed from her massage, told me that I had to try the pebble massage, which I tried and loved, as the smooth stones energized the soles of my feet. Edward and Gilberto also enjoyed their morning at Spa L’Occitane. Although there were Spa L'Occitane Shopoutdoor tables sheltered with sun umbrellas where we could stay and relax, we decided that it was time to return to our rooms at the hotel. We returned to our private changing rooms, and slipped off the Spa robes and back into our own clothes. We made a stop at the Spa L’Occitane’s shop which offers a wide assortment of their products, where guests can recreate a little bit of the Spa L’Occitane magic at home, before we walked back to our rooms quite satisfied. Muito obrigada, (thank you), to our excellent massage therapists, Adriana and Renata!

Spa L’Occitane offers a full-service program of treatments including bath and massage rituals, beautifying rituals for the face, hair, body, hands and feet, baths, energizing touches, and tropical mud treatments.

For additional information on Bahia, please contact the Bahia Tourism Office at: Bahia Tourism.

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Spa L’Occitane

Hotel Transamérica Ilha da Comandatuba
45690/000 Una, Bahia, Brazil
Telephone: +55 11 5693 4050
Toll-Free: 0800 12 6060

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