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Wild Horse Adventure with Sonny Boys Tours, Reno, Nevada, USA

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
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Wild Horse - Sierra Nevada - Sonny Boys Tours - Reno, Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience Seeing the wild mustangs, the iconic symbol of the West, roaming the Sierra Nevada with Sonny Boy Tours in Reno, Nevada,was a life-changing experience! Growing up riding horses, we had heard stories of the wild horses that still roam the West and this was always something that we wanted to witness for ourselves. Finally seeing these amazing creatures running wild in their natural element was almost surreal, their beauty and spirit is one that we will long remember.


Welcome to Sonny Boys Tours, let’s get going!

When we were planning our trip to Reno and Tahoe for late July 2019, we started researching the many summertime options available, as the area is rich with possibilities from hiking the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to experiencing water activities on Lake Tahoe.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

After seeing the 2019 movie, The Mustang, directed by Laure Clermont-Tonnere, about the wild mustangs and the rehabilitation therapy program in Carson City, Nevada, we became fascinated that there were still wild horses roaming Nevada. When we discovered that there were tours that take small groups out to see the wild horses, we knew that this was something that we did not want to miss.

Tina Brodrick of Sonny Boys Tours and Edward F. Nesta

On Saturday, July 27, 2019, we realized a longtime dream when we took a 3-hour wild horse tour with Sonny Boy Tours. Owners Patrick and Tina Brodrick started their wild horse tour company in 2011 with a focus on education and protection of the remaining wild horses. Tina picked us up at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in her bright yellow Jeep and we were off on an early morning adventure in search of wild horses. A former professor, Tina has a wealth of knowledge about the area and the wild mustangs and as she drove through the breathtakingly beautiful scenery with the Sierra Nevada and the Virginia ranges as a visual backdrop, she filled us in on mustang fact and legend.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Roaming the hills

While the horses can oftentimes be elusive as to their whereabouts, we soon became expert at scanning the hills looking for dark moving spots. Not long into our drive we had our first sighting, a stallion with his mare and young foal. Judging by the size of the foal and its thin legs, it was probably only a week or two old. Our hearts were pounding with adrenaline as we watched this beautiful family grazing alongside a roadway. With a loud "scat" called from Tina out the window of the Jeep, the horses made their way back up the hill where they could safely graze out of harm and traffic.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

VIDEOBand of wild horses stopping at a watering hole https://youtu.be/FVJwr5izR-k


Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Painted Pony

As we continued driving, we began to see more sightings, sometimes families consisting of a stallion, his mares and their foals (young horses of either sex up to 1-year old), colts (young male horses), and fillies (young female horses). Interesting to note is that when colts reach the age of 2-3 years their father, the stallion, pushes them out of the family unit to go out on their own and start their own family. Horses are social animals and will often group together with other stallion "bachelors" of all ages who have not yet found a mare of their own for both protection as well as companionship. However, not all "bachelor" horses will join a group, some will live alone, and we spotted a few of these solitary horses off on their own.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Follow me, I’m going to the watering hole

Interesting to note is that stallions often times have a longer lifespan than mares, as the mares are almost always pregnant or nursing. The gestation period for horses is 11-12 months, and mares usually breed from around age 6 until around 15 years.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

There were many highlights on the tour especially when we were watching the various groups of horses making their way to a watering hole to drink, when a herd of Big Horn Sheep came into view and positioned themselves in the middle of the horses. Seeing the Big Horn Sheep was a rare and remarkable sighting, as we learned from Tina, as well as from many other locals we spoke to, that they had never seen Big Horn Sheep in the area before.

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

We returned to the hotel with an astounding number of photographs in our two cameras and on our phones, and enough memories to last a lifetime. Long live the wild mustangs of Nevada!

Big Horn Sheep and Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

Big Horn Sheep and Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Big Horn Sheep and Wild Horses

About Sonny Boy Tours

"Sonny Boys Tours is dedicated to providing quality Eco-tours, scenic tours and information on the subject of Wild Horses and, inparticular, to educate the public on the need for protection and preservation of the American Mustang!

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience

There are few remaining wild horses out on open ranges. Each year in the West, thousands of horses are gathered or rounded-up in the attempt to thin the size of herds for a variety of reasons. Sonny Boys Tours goal is to give guided eco-tours of wild horses for small groups, to view, encounter mustangs, and gain an understanding about the mustano equis (wild horses and burros)."

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Time to go "home"

Sonny Boy Tours is open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Sonny Boys Tours - Reno, Nevada

Sonny Boys Tours
Telephone: +1-775-200-5205
Email: sonny@renowildhorsetours.com

Website: www.renowildhorsetours.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sonny-Boys-Tours-203838879656094/

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Are we there yet Mom?

Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
Refreshing – Best Watering Hole in the area

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Important Travel Information:

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Wild Horses of Nevada - photo by Luxury Experience
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