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Statue City Cruises – Experiencing Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, NYC

Statue of Liberty - photo by Luxury Experience
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Statue of Liberty - Photo by Luxury Experience

The Adventure KidsTM aka Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta have another exciting adventure, this time in New York City with Statue City Cruises exploring Ellis Island and Liberty Island home of the iconic symbol of the United States, the Statue of Liberty affectionately known as "Lady Liberty."



After a summer of blistering hot weather, we were delighted that the weather was a bit cooler with bright blue skies on the day of our visit on Friday, August 19, 2022, as it was our intention to not only experience the Statue of Liberty from the ground, but also to climb to its pedestal, walking up 195 steps to reach the top.

Statue of Liberty - photo by Luxury Experience

To allow ourselves enough time to visit both Liberty Island and Ellis Island, as well as spend time discovering their museums, we boarded the ship, Miss New York, at 11:05 am from Battery Park. Wanting the best view and to enjoy the beautiful day and the spectacular New York City and New Jersey skylines, we headed to the top deck where we stood at the railing with the gentle breeze blowing in our hair. While you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance from Battery Park, there is nothing quite like the thrilling experience of seeing her up close from the ship. As we approached Liberty Island, the positive energy and excitement of the passengers was intoxicating, and although many different languages were spoken, the universal language of joy was easily understood as the Statue of Liberty came into view.

Statue of Liberty - photo by Luxury Experience

Designed by French sculptor and painter Frederick Bartholdi (1834 – 1904), the Statue of Liberty, officially known as Liberty Enlightening the World, was gifted to the United States on October 28, 1886. Made with an iron structure and a copper overlay, which has developed a rich green patina due to age, Lady Liberty stands at an impressive height of 151-feet, 1-inch (46 meters, 2.5 centimeters) tall, and has a waist measuring 35-feet (10.67 meters). From the ground up to the top of her torch the statue measures 305-feet tall (92.96 meters). She holds a torch in her right hand, and a tablet in her left hand bearing the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. Also interesting is that her crown has seven points which represent the seven seas and the seven continents. She is magnificent to behold both symbolically as the icon and beacon of the United States as well as an exceptional work of art.

Statue of Liberty and Edward F. Nesta - photo by Luxury Experience

We began our adventure at Liberty Island where we were awestruck by the beauty and by the magnitude of the majestic statue. After photographing her from all sides from the ground, we opted to climb to the Top of the Pedestal (the Crown was still closed for renovations). Although you can take an elevator, we decided to get the full experience by climbing the 195 steps. Passing our first milestone, the plaque on the wall noted we had 176 steps to go. Along the way, we learned many interesting facts about the statue by taking time to read the plaques at milestone 128 steps and milestone 108 steps and take a short rest on a hot day. When we reached the 67 steps remaining milestone, we learned that the statue could sway 3-inches, and the torch can sway almost 6-inches in very strong winds. Thankfully, it was a calm day, and the only swaying being done was by the visitors who swayed to get the best views. With 26 steps to go before we reached the top of the pedestal. we learned that the statue functioned as a lighthouse for 16 years and her light could be seen an estimated 24 miles away! We climbed the last of the steps and went outside to appreciate the 360-degree views and the enormity of the statue. We took photographs from all sides of the pedestal, then made our way back down, which of course, was much easier than our walk up.

View from Statue of Liberty - photo by Luxury Experience
View from the pedestal

Our last stop on Liberty Island was a visit to the Museum which provided additional history, facts, and artifacts on the statue, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the many exhibits. With so much more yet to experience, we boarded the ferry for Ellis Island.

Statue of Liberty Museum and Edward F. Nesta - photo by Luxury Experience
Museum Tour – Life Size mold of Statue of Liberty Face

Interesting to note about Ellis Island, also known as the "Island of Hope and Tears," is that it functioned as a point of entry for immigrants arriving from 1892 until 1954. It is estimated that over 12-million immigrants were processed there, and it is estimated that "close to 40% of all current US citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island."

Ellis Island - photo by Luxury Experience
Ellis Island

For genealogy and history fans, a visit to Ellis Island will provide a treasure trove of valuable information. The Museum has wonderful photographs and exhibits that bring the immigrant experience at Ellis Island to life. We especially loved seeing the clothes and treasures from many different countries along with their stories, which brought the people and their history to life. There were also many photographs of the ships that the passengers arrived on, that provided an emotional connection for many visitors who were able to trace their ancestors to the ship they boarded for their journey to America.

Ellis Island - photo by Luxury Experience
Photos of the people passing through Ellis Island

After thoroughly exploring the wealth of information available at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, we boarded the ferry that would take us to Battery Park, and back to the present, after a wonderful day exploring and appreciating the past.

Ellis Island - photo by Luxury Experience
Objects of Remembrance

Until our next adventure…

Good to Know Before You Go

Statue City Cruises depart from The Battery in Manhattan, and from Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The first cruises depart from Battery Park and from Liberty State Park at 9:00 am with the last cruise of the day departing at 4:30 pm with lots of scheduled trips throughout the day.

Ellis Island - photo by Luxury Experience
Ellis Island Hall

To fully experience both Liberty Island and Ellis Island and their interesting and informative museums allow a minimum of 3-4 hours for your visit. There are concession stands and a café where you can purchase refreshments as well as gift shops to bring home a special remembrance of your visit. You can also purchase refreshments on the ferry.

There is airport-style security and all-minors (17 years old and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult 25 years old or older. There is a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes.

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Statue of Liberty - Photo by Luxury Experience

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Edward F. Nesta & Debra C. Argen - Statue of Liberty - photo by Luxury Experience
See you at the Statue of Liberty

Admission: Adults: $24, Seniors: $18, Children: $12, Children (under 3 years): free. Tickets include self-guided audio tours on Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Note: Minors (17 years and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult 25-years or older. Although you can purchase tickets onsite inside Castle Clinton, it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance, to ensure availability and save time.

For more information about Statue City Cruises and City Experiences, as well as purchasing tickets, please visit https://www.cityexperiences.com/new-york/city-cruises/statue/

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