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SpaMed Guaruja at Casa Grande Hotel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

SpaMed New Spa Facial MasksSpaMed Guarujá at Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa is more than just a pretty face!



Spas, where one goes to rejuvenate the body and energize the soul, are popping up with an increased frequency, as hotels realize that their guests are looking to alleviate their stress, at least for a few hours or a few days.

For our inaugural SPA section, we are pleased to feature SpaMed Guarujâ at the Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa. Located just 45-minutes by car from São Paulo, even quicker by helicopter, SpaMed Guarujá goes beyond the usual esthetic Spa treatments by offering a full service Spa that also includes medical treatments. For guests looking to lose weight, SpaMed Guarujá has a medical staff to assess your medical condition before any treatment is provided. Brazil, long known as “the” place to go for plastic surgery, should also now be recognized as a place to go for those seeking esthetic or medical treatments without undergoing the knife.

What attracted Luxury Experience Magazine to feature SpaMed Guarujá is their staff’s dedication to making each Spa guest feel like an old friend, as well as their wide variety of state-of-the-art Spa treatments available. In addition to their treatments, SpaMed Guarujá also has its own restaurant, SpaDiet, where Spa guests meet with a nutritionist to determine the correct nutrition program for them. When the guest is ready to leave, SpaDiet offers pre-packaged meals that the Spa guest can purchase to continue their nutrition program once they return home. SpaMed Spa DietSpaMed Guarujá is available to Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa guests, as well as operates as a Day Spa. Having eaten at SpaDiet, Luxury Experience Magazine readers can be assured that the restaurant offers the same level of quality and ambience as that of the high standards of the hotel.

As for Spa offerings, there is a heated pool, sauna, jazzercise classes, as well as a wide variety of treatments including gommage, slimming, cellulite removal, black mud facials, criosculpture, criolifting, skin cleaning, relaxing massages including Ayurvéda, Do-In, and Shiatsu, which is only a partial listings of all their treatments. In addition to the therapy treatments offered, guests may also relax in pretty sitting rooms, or play ping pong or snooker in the recreation room, or play tennis, all conveniently located next to SpaDiet.

SpaMed Dibitron
SpaMed Dibitron

Luxury Experience Magazine personally experiences everything that we write about, and I have experienced their Dibitron Face, (known in Europe as the “Time Machine” facial, which is my favorite facial that I have only found at SpaMed Guarujá to date), as well as hydrating facials, gommage and several types of massages. I can honestly say that every treatment lived up to my expectations. Returning to SpaMed Guarujá in 2005, after previously visiting in 2004 with Edward F. Nesta, (Read our article “Best of São Paulo” in Destinations), I was delighted to see so many of the same staff, as well as my favorite therapist, Sonia, who works magic on my face every year. Muito obrigada, Sonia, for keeping my skin looking great with hydrating facials where her fingers dance over my face with the speed of Irish step dancers, and the Dibitron Face, which eliminates toxins, provides nutrition to the tissues and helps the blood circulation and lymphatic system, in other words, the skin looks younger and fresher. Rita and Demi are two of the massage therapists whose hands should be highly insured, as they also worked magic on our backs via relaxing as well as draining massages. Although time did not allow for us to have gommage this year during our stay, Edward enjoyed his past gommage treatments very much. Until next year!

SpaMed Massage Treatments

Please read our other articles on the Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa and Brazil in Destinations, Hotels & Resorts, RestaurantsGastronomy, Chefs’ Recipes and Music Scene. You may also enjoy our article the “Best of São Paulo” in Destinations.

SpaMed Guarujá
Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa
Avenida Miguel Stefano, 1001
Praia da Enseada
Guarujá 11440-530, SP, Brazil
Telephone:     5513-3389-4000

© April 2005. Luxury Experience All rights reserved.

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