Milligan Vaughan Project
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Miiligan Vaughan Project The Milligan Vaughan Project is the latest musical journey of vocalist Malford Milligan and Blues Rock guitarist Tyrone Vaughan with the debut of their 11-track release by the same name, backed by a host of excellent musicians including Chris Maresh, Brannen Temple, Michael Ramos, David Grissom, Mike Cross, Jeff Hayes, Kenneth Furr, Jay D. Stiles, and Jorge Castillo.



Miiligan Vaughan Project


Milligan Vaughan Project

Milligan Vaughan Project: Soul Satisfaction, Dangerous Eyes, Little Bit Of Heaven, Driving You, Leave My Girl Alone, Compared To What, Here I Am, Devil's Breath, Two Wings, Live Bonus Tracks: What Passes For Love, Palace Of The King

Personnel: Malford Milligan: vocals, Tyrone Vaughan: guitars, Chris Maresh: bass, Brannen Temple: drums, Michael Ramos: keyboards, David Grissom: additional guitars, Mike Cross: background vocals, Jeff Hayes: bass, Kenneth Furr: drums, Jay D. Stiles: keyboards, and Jorge Castillo: guitar

The Milligan Vaughan Project was produced by David Grissom and Executive Producer Mark Proct and released on the Mark One Records label.

Austin, Texas guitarist Tyrone Vaughan has music running in his veins as he is the son of the acclaimed Grammy award-winner Blues Rock guitarist, Jimmie Vaughan, and the nephew of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990). It was Stevie Ray who bought Tyrone his first guitar as a gift for his 5th birthday, and years later bought him a Fender Musicaster with the help of Lou Ann Barton and WC Clark. I would like to note that Stevie Ray received his first guitar at the age of 7.

Tyrone first came to my attention when he joined the Royal Southern Brotherhood in 2015 playing with Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, Darrell Phillips, and Yonrico Scott, when Luxury Experience reviewed SRB's Don't Look Back in 2015 and The Royal Southern Gospel in 2016 in the Music Scene.

Fellow Texan Malford Milligan has a voice to be heard and a talent to match. His past credentials include the Texas super group, Storyville, with David Holt, David Grissom, and the rhythm section of Stevie Ray's Double Trouble. With their inter-woven history, it was a natural progression for Malford and Tyrone to team up and create another impressive notch in their musical belts deftly combining Blues, Rock, Funk, and Soul, and making it come out as something substantial.

The 11-track release opens hot out of the gate with the blazing David Grissom song, Soul Satisfaction, with Malford Milligan's vocals, Mike Cross adding background vocals, stellar ripping guitar riffs by Tyrone Vaughan and David Grissom, Michael Ramos on keyboards, Chris Maresh on bass, and Brannen Temple on drums. Next in the play list is the song, Dangerous Eyes written by Edwin Holt, Bob Gentry, and Sam Leatherwood, with Jeff Hayes playing bass, Kenneth Furr on drums, Jorge Castillo on drums, and Jay D. Stiles on keyboards.

Tyrone shows his songwriting talents on the next track, Little Bit Of Heaven, which cooks so well complemented by Chris Maresh on bass, Michael Ramos on keyboards, David Grissom layering in additional guitars, Mike Cross adding his background vocals to Malford's, and Brannen Temple on drums.

Malford Milligan takes over the songwriting duty on the track Driving You showing his mettle as a songwriter in addition to a vocalist, with nice long instrumental sections interspersed with Malford's deep vocals. Jeff Hayes plays bass, Kenneth Furr on drums, Jay D. Stiles on keyboards, and Jorge Castillo plays guitar in addition to Tyrone, and they have another track of which to be proud.

The band smoothly segues into a cover of the nice and slow 1967 Buddy Guy song, Leave My Girl Alone with guitarist Jorge Castillo playing along with Tyrone, Malford adding his vocals, and Brannen on drums. The release continues the 1960s groove with the 1969 song, Compared To What written by Gene McDaniels (1935 - 2011), with Michael Ramos on keyboards, David Grissom on guitars, Mike Cross providing background vocals, Malford, Tyrone, Brannen, and Chris Maresh on bass.

The song, Here I Am written by producer David Grissom and Davey Knowles follows with Malford, Tyrone, Chris, and Brannen, with Michael Ramos on keyboards, David Grissom on guitars, and Mike Cross adding background vocals, backed by with another Tyrone Vaughan song, Devil's Breath which he co-wrote with Dan Dyer with Jeff Hayes on bass, Kenneth Furr on drums, Jay D. Stiles on keyboards, and Jorge Castillo on guitar. Two Wings written by James Cleveland is the last studio track and has Jeff Hayes on bass, Jay D. Stiles on keyboards, and Jorge Castillo on guitar.

The release closes strongly with two live bonus tracks: What Passes For Love written by David Grissom, with Malford Milligan, Tyrone Vaughan, Jeff Hayes, Kenneth Furr, and Jay D. Stiles, and Palace Of The King written by Donald "Duck" Dunn, Leon Russell, and Don Nix and first release in 1971 by Freddie King, with the same line-up as on What Passes For Love.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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