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Poema Pura Cava
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It is Summer and if you want to lighten up on your alcohol choices without sacrificing taste, Poema Pura Cava, a Brut-style Cava, made from certified organic grapes from the Penedès region of Spain is perfect. With only 11.5% alcohol, lively bubbles, and lovely mineral, citrus, and floral notes, this Cava may become your new favorite beverage to pair with tapas, seafood, charcuterie, or serve as an aperitif. Imported from Spain by Kobrand Corporation. Cheers!


Poema Pura Cava Information:

Poema Pura Cava
35% Xarel-lo, 35% Macabeu, 30% Parellada
Brut-style Cava
12 months on the lees
Total Acidity:
Residual Sugar:
5 g/l

Bottle and Technical Notes: "From Penedès, immediately to the west of Barcelona, the finest growing region for the grapes of Cava. Top-quality, small production Cava. Poema follows the Cava DO’s strict regulations for making Champenoise (traditional) method to craft its Cava. The vines are grown following organic wine-growing guidelines established by the Catalan Council of the Organic Production (CCPAE). They use organic fertilizers, pest control and plant nutrition to ward off disease, controlling plant yield to ensure quality grapes; and green roofs."

Tasting Notes: Poema Pura Cava is made from a blend of 35% Xarel-lo, 35% Macabeu, and 30% Parellada grapes. Xarel-lo is an indigenous to Spain grape that provides the cava with its body, structure, and distinctive aromas, Macabeu adds floral and fruit aromas, and Parellada, gives the cava its citrus and floral notes. This delectable Brut-style Cava has lively bubbles with floral and citrus notes on the nose. On the palate, there are crisp mineral and citrus notes, with a nice, clean finish. The color is a light golden straw.

Luxury Experience - Poema Pura Cava with Tapas - photo by Luxury Experience

Pairing Notes: Poema Pura Cava pairs exceptionally well with fish, seafood, grilled vegetables, tapas, and charcuterie.

We paired the Poema Pura Cava with a selection of tapas that evoked the spirit of summer with Ricotta and Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini Flowers in light tempura batter, Sauteed Mushrooms with Herbs on Chevre Toast, and cubes of Picante Provolone. The Poema Pura Cava was a perfect companion for the delicate zucchini flowers and provided a nice yin yang complement to the earthy mushrooms and tangy chevre toast, the Picante Provolone also paired well with this delectable sparkling wine. Whether you opt to drink Poema Pura Cava as an aperitif or to pair with food, it is easy to drink, and easy to love.

Until next time, cheers!

Poema Cava

For more information on Poema Pura Cava, please visit the websites: www.poemacava.com andwww.kobrandwineandspirits.com

Poema Pura Cava is imported by: Kobrand Corporation.

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