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The Spa at Trump Chicago

by Debra C. Argen
Deep Soaking Tub - The Spa at Trump Chicago
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The Spa at Trump Chicago - Spa Deep Soaking TubThe Spa at Trump Chicago is an attractive 23,000 square foot space located on the 14th floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago that combines Spa services, a well-equipped state-of-the-art Health Club where guests exercise with a view of the Chicago skyline, and a 75-foot heated swimming pool where I felt like I was combining exercise with sightseeing as I swam laps on my side and enjoyed the view.

The Spa at Trump Chicago offers Spa guests a wide spectrum of treatments that include massage therapies, body therapies, facials, as well as special treatments for couples, specially designed treatments for men, treatments designed for especially for women, tinting, extensions, and wax services, healing care for hands and feet, and even TrumpKids Services, as it is never too young to start a regimen of a lifetime of Spa benefits.

Deep Soaking Tub

For Spa guests that enjoy fitness classes, The Spa at Trump Chicago offers a wide range of interesting classes that include Yamuna Body Rolling, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Spin, Pilates Mat, Fit Circuit, Strength and Conditioning, Essential Flexibility, Water Workout, and Swim Technique.

Ladies Relaxation Room - The Spa at Trump ChicagoDuring my stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago in June 2009, I indulged in a luxurious Spa treatment at The Spa at Trump Chicago. I arrived early for my Spa appointment to relax before my treatment, and after I completed my Spa consultation form, my therapist Christopher Torres guided to a comfortable relaxation room, brought me a warm, scented neck wrap to start the relaxation process, and a glass of infused water with strawberries, blueberries, and mint. Comfortably seated on a velvet chair with matching ottoman, I decided to forego reading the many magazines, and instead to close my eyes and let the soothing ambience of the room and the low background music prepare me for my Spa experience.

Relaxed and ready for my treatment, Christopher guided me to one of their 11 peaceful and attractive Spa treatment rooms where I was to have the Classic Trump Massage with Aromatherapy. The hotel, as well as The Spa at Trump Chicago, focuses on five intentions: Calm, Balance, Purify, Heal, and Revitalize that they use throughout the Spa, as well as in their pillow menu for the guestrooms. The Classic Trump Massage with Aromatherapy began with the selection of aromatherapy oil that Christopher would use for my treatment. He presented me with a selection of the five essential oil intentions to sample and decide which essential oil was right for me. After careful consideration, I selected the Balance intention essential oil that had a lovely light aroma that I knew I would enjoy.

Treatment Room - The Spa at Trump Chicago
Treatment Room

With low music playing in the background, and the pleasant Balance essential oil aroma gently wafting in the air, I surrendered to relaxation and let the massage work its magic for the next hour. Massage complete, Spa robe on, Christopher guided me back to the relaxation room and brought me a teapot stylishly dressed with a sleek and sexy formfitting black neoprene cover filled with Caribe tea that matched my Balance intention to restore deleted energy and stimulate creativity, and was a lovely blend of green and black tea mixed with hibiscus, guava, coconut, and strawberry.

What I especially liked about The Spa at Trump Chicago is that the facility is wonderfully elegant and beautifully designed, and they have paid extra attention to the small details that make a Spa special; there are three well appointed relaxation rooms comprised of a men’s relaxation room, a women’s relaxation room, and a group relaxation room, and the state-of-the-art locker rooms have a wide selection of amenities anticipating guests’ needs from hairbrushes to toothbrushes, razors and shave cream, to styling gels, mousses, and hairspray, to hairdryers and curling irons. They continue the Spa focus of the five intentions with the intentions essential oils that guests may use in the steam rooms, as well as have body scrubs, aloe, and creams for Spa guests. 

Relaxation Lounge - The Spa at Trump Chicago
Relaxation Room

After my massage, I decided to spend a session in the sauna. I emerged from the sauna, applied a chilled and scented washcloth that was soaking in ice water to my face, had a drink of water, and then applied aloe to my face before a session in the steam room, followed by their experience shower with its icy blast of shower spray, that left my skin glowing with health.

Delightfully awake and refreshed, I met Edward for a swim in the pool where we swam laps while looking out the long expanse of windows to enjoy the view of the Chicago skyline, as it is not often that we have the opportunity to "sightsee" while exercising. Invigorated from our swim, we were ready to experience Chicago.

Pool - The Spa at Trump Chicago
The Spa at Trump Chicago Pool

The Spa at Trump Chicago is open everyday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago opened in January 2008, is located 40 minutes from Chicago O’Hare Airport, and is perfect for business as well as leisure travelers.

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The Spa at Trump ChicagoThe Spa at Trump Chicago
Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago
401 N. Wabash Avenue
, Illinois 60611, United States
Toll Free:          +1-877-458-7867
Toll Free:          +1-877-45-TRUMP
Telephone:       +1-312-588-8000
Fax:                  +1-312-588-8001
Email:               TrumpChicago@TrumpHotels.com 

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