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by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Sothys Spa New York
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Sothys Spa Facial, New YorkSothys Spa (L’institute Sothys, New York) is a luxurious sanctuary in New York where pampering is second nature to the professional staff who offer a wide selection of soothing treatments.

With the colder temperatures now in full swing, it is more important than ever to keep the skin well hydrated, and with that in mind, we scheduled Spa treatments at Sothys Spa (The L’institute Sothys, New York) to keep our skin looking it’s best.

Sothys Spa

We entered the door to the attractive 5,000-square foot Sothys Spa, (The L’institute Sothys, New York) which opened in 2005, and the first thing that we noticed was the light, pleasant scent in the air, soothing colors, and the professional welcome by the staff.

Sothys Spa Reception
Sothys Spa Reception

Sothys Spa FacialDebra: When the cold weather arrives, my skin requires a lot of extra care as the wind robs every bit of its moisture, and at this time of year, I especially enjoy having facials to help replenish the lost moisture. After looking at the Sothys Spa menu, I decided to have the facial Hydroptimale THI3: 3-Dimension Auto Hydrating Treatment, which is one of their Institute Treatments, described as using the digi-esthetique massage method, utilizing a holistic approach dedicated to the harmony of the person as well as the beauty of the skin. The 1 hour and 15 minute treatment is designed to teach the skin to auto regulate its water balance and maintain its water reservoir, restoring skin softness, and a more youthful appearance, which sounded perfect to me.

After changing into my Sothys Spa attire, a terry wrap, terry robe, and disposable Spa slippers, my therapist Xina lead to me to one of the 10 comfortable treatment rooms. Positioned on a heated Spa bed with a warm duvet covering me, I was nice and snug as Xina began my treatment with a gentle cleaning before moving on to the next steps, which involved a scrubbing, a thirst quenching mask, and alternating serums, lotions, and potions. Although we often feel the need for body massages, we sometimes forget our faces and their overworked muscles and the soothing benefits as well as the healthful aspects of a facial massage.

Xina worked her magic on my face, as well as on neck and shoulder muscles, with soothing lighting and low background music playing. In addition to the facial massage, as an extra bonus, she also applied lotions to my hands before slipping them inside plastic bags inside large warm mittens to soften and smooth my skin. Warm in my cocoon, I drifted in and out of dreamland as my skin soaked up the necessary moisture, and at the end of the treatment, required Xina to gently wake me. Looking in a mirror, my skin not only looked more hydrated, it also felt fantastic from the facial massage.

Sothys Spa Facial MassageEdward: Sothys Spa offers specially designed treatments for men that take into account the differences in our skin, as well as preferable scents when it comes to products. After reading over their extensive Spa menu, I selected the Detoxifying De-stressing Treatment for Men, which was one of their Signature Facial Treatments. The 1 hour and 15 minute treatment was described as "an aromatic blend of essential oils and malt extract of Scottish Whisky combined with a series of relaxing massages to ensure a deep sense of well being and relaxation. The skin is immediately bright, clean, soft, and refreshed." They had me the minute that I read the part about the malt extract of Scottish Whisky, because as a whisky aficionado, I was definitely curious about having a facial with malt.

I have not had a lot of facials, but with winter approaching I knew, as Debra noted, that my face would need some extra care and hydrating. While sipping a wee dram or two I had read that the malt in the whisky hydrates and rejuvenates cells and gives the face a radiant glow. So, knowing the excellent properties of Scottish Whisky when drunk, I was ready to try some for my face. My therapist Anna started me off with a scrub and cleansing of the pores before she applied the facial mask with the malt extract of Scottish Whisky. Along with a massage of my neck and upper back I was thoroughly relaxed. Having to wait for my mask to dry on a heated bed under a soft duvet with music waffling in the air is a very hard task, but I closed my eyes and through shear determination and a brief nap I managed. Anna returned and peeled the mask off and she held the mask up which clearly showed my facial outline from the peel, scary. My face felt very soft and smooth and it had a glow about it that I do not get with my home products; I was hooked on this treatment. Properly hydrated and aglow, and with newfound admiration for the wonders of Scottish Whisky, I was ready to approach another winter.

After changing back to our street clothes, we had cups of cappuccino in the attractive café where small round tables set with white and gold rimmed china and low square glass bowls filled with white roses were flanked with bent cane chairs.

Sothys Spa (The L’institute Sothys) is based in Paris and New York to provide guests with a French Spa experience, and offers a wide selection of treatments including facials, body treatments, waxing, nail treatments, and signature makeup services, along with their diverse line of products for purchase to continue the Sothys Spa experience at home.

Sothys Spa Products
Sothys Spa Products

Sothys Spa (The L’institute Sothys, New York) is open Monday from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Tuesday – Friday from 9:00 am – 8:30 pm, and on Saturday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, and on select Sundays from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Sothys Spa
Sothys Spa (The L’institute Sothys, New York)
37 West 57th Street (between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue)
New York, New York 10019
Telephone:      +1-212-688-9400

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