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Six Senses Spa Couples Room
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Six Senses Spa Couples Treatment RoomThe Six Senses Spa at the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay in Bodrum, Turkey offers a sensational Spa menu that is sure to appeal to Spa lovers.


We just returned from the Six Senses Spa at the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, and although the grand opening is on May 19, 2006, we visited the hotel and spa in late March 2006, in order to share a new ‘discovery’ with our readers.

The luxurious 5,500 square-meter Six Senses Spa at the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is a dream spa with 18 private treatment rooms including special couples rooms, and offers the ultimate in privacy for its guests. Located in Bodrum, referred to as the "St. Tropez" of Turkey, and nestled in Barbaros Bay, the spa is a paradise that offers a unique spa menu, including having the only Watsu chamber in Turkey offering Watsu-based water treatments. Emlyn Brown, Six Senses Spa Director, said that Watsu treatments are done in a high salt content flotation pool, where the therapist works with the guest with massage and stretches, and explained that it is "like a massage in 3-D." In addition to more traditional treatments, the spa also offers crystal healing and has an energy chamber, because the holistic side is very important combining mind, body and soul through treatments like yoga, tai chi, fitness and nutrition; it is a 360-degree experience in wellness. The spa offers separate traditional Turkish hamam for male and female guests, as well as Russian saunas and steam rooms, a round indoor pool and whirlpool, Fitness Center with Life Fitness equipment, boxing equipment, weights, a personal trainer and breathtaking views of the sea. Even their showers offer something special with three types of showers: normal, waterfall and rain shower. The Six Senses Spa’s focus is to involve all of the senses, and urges its guests to go on a ‘spa journey’, which only requires guests to ‘travel’ in Spa robes and slippers.

Six Senses Spa Turkish Hamman

Once we stepped inside the Six Senses Spa, we began our ‘journey’ to relaxation. Our therapists offered us ginger tea, and lavender scented warm towels to wash our hands, as we had our consultations to determine what ‘journeys’ we would experience. The spa’s focus is all about taking time out for oneself; to pamper the body, nourish the soul, and to reduce stress; it is not about rushing in for a quick spa treatment and then rushing out again.

It was decided that our journeys would begin with Hot Stone Therapies, followed by Hopi Ear Candling, and end with classical Sodashi facials using 100% natural products. Now if someone had said to you that they were going to place hot stones on your body and then stick a lit candle in your ears, most probably you have said have said, "Thank you, but I don’t think so," which was our initial reaction, but in the capable hands of the Six Senses Spa professionals, we agreed to try the treatments, even if we were somewhat hesitant at first.

Debra: I went with my therapist, Senem, to a beautiful blue treatment room with low lights and low soothing music to begin the relaxation process. My spa journey began with a footbath, followed by the Hot Stone Therapy. Laying face down on the massage table, I looked down and saw a water lily floating in a bowl, noticing that the spa pays attention to even the smallest details to appeal to all of the senses. The Hot Stone Therapy consisted of an application of oils and a combination of hand and stone massage, to relieve stress and tension, and to improve circulation and lymphatic flow. It was an astonishing experience, which left me in a very relaxed state.

Continuing with Native American treatments, Senem proceeded with the Hopi Ear Candling. I was on my side, with a towel covering part of my face, as she gently inserted the candle into my ear and then lit the candle. Imaging it to be a wax candle that she was using, I hoped that it was the dripless variety. I could hear the candle making a ‘hissing’ sound, as Senem gently held the candle with one hand, while massaging my head with her other hand. When the treatment was complete, she removed the remains of the candle, and I opened one eye and peeked to see that the candle was actually a paper cone. I turned on my other side, to have my other ear cleansed, feeling a bit safer now, after my first experience. Hopi Ear Candling is said to clear the senses and balance your total being. I only knew that after my initial hesitancy, that it was an enjoyable experience.

The final treatment of my journey was a facial, to improve the skin’s tone and elasticity, improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. My skin began to ‘come alive’ under the pressure of Senem’s touch, sometimes gently tapping on my face, or applying pressure while working a bit of magic with Sodashi oils. Afterwards my face glowed with new energy.

                   Six Senses Spa water lilies 

Edward: The Six Sense Journey starts with a cup of warm ginger tea as the therapist ‘walks’ you through the series of treatments. Molly, my therapist who hails from Sweden, led me off to the treatment room to start the Six Sense Journey with a footbath, which begins the total relaxation tone of the journey. Though the journey has many different twists and turns along the way such as the Hot Stone Therapy and the Hopi Ear Candling, they start the journey with the feet, and they end it with a scalp massage, thus completing the total relaxation from toe to head. So, let’s look at what happens in between the footbath and the scalp massage. This was my first Hot Stone Therapy, it will definitely not be my last; I found the combination of the hot stone massage to the muscles and areas of my back, combined with the application of oils, to be invigorating yet relaxing.

Continuing the journey, I also had the Hopi Ear Candling, which when I was initially introduced to the treatment I was a bit skeptical, but hey who would not be when they explain that a lit candle will be inserted into your ear as you lie on your side, it sounded more like I was a center piece on a dinner table, but I digress. The Hopi Ear Candling is not a long treatment, but the results and the experience is one that will linger in your mind for a long time after. The ‘candle’ is inserted into your ear and once lit the hissing sound is very relaxing and seems to heighten every sense in your body, and coupled with Molly administering a gentle scalp massage, I could have easily fallen asleep. With both ears cleansed, Molly unrolled the paper cone candles to reveal the results of the Hopi Ear Candling treatment; there on the paper was a small bit of ‘ear wax’. It is amazing that the lit paper cone candle cleans and draws as it does, while heightening your other senses; I would definitely have this treatment and experience again.

The treatment journey culminated with a facial and the application of the Sodashi oils; I felt every pore was cleansed and invigorated by the treatment. My face was toned and shiny and refreshed like I have not felt before; now how do I schedule this treatment on a weekly basis?

Six Senses Spa HedgehogAfterwards, we met in the lounge area where our therapists brought us another cup of ginger tea and warm towels, and we compared our treatments. Sighing with pleasure, we went to the Chill Out room to relax for a few minutes, where guests can enjoy their fruit bar with fruit, vegetables, and cocktails, play backgammon (tavla), take a nap on the one of the spacious lounges with colorful pillows, curl up and read a book or watch the water lilies gently floating in the fountain. The spa has a whimsical playful side as well, evidenced by the many wooden hedgehog ‘mascots" located throughout the spa. Perhaps it is to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and always remember to take time out to recharge our batteries.

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay
Kizilagac Koyu Gerenkuyu mevkii
48400 Bodrum, Turkey
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