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Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland - Steam and Aroma Bath
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Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, SwitzerlandThe Panorama Spa & Health Club at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland is an oasis of pampering.


The attractive Panorama Spa & Health Club offers a wide selection of Spa treatments including Thalasso treatments by Algotherm including the Marine Body Scrub, Algae Body Wrap, and Sea Mud Wrap; massages including Cellulite Massage, LaStone Therapy, Foot Reflexology Massage, and Manual Lymphatic drainage; facial care including Eye Micro Mask and Lip Micro Mask; waxing, beauty and make-up, scrubs and special wraps with interesting names like the Cleopatra Wrap, Herbal Wrap, Rose Petal Wrap, Evening Primrose Oil Wrap, and the Coconut Scrub and Massage.

Debra: When I heard about the Coconut Scrub and Massage I decided that this was definitely a treatment that I wanted to experience. I love coconut; I love the taste, the texture, and the aroma; then again, what is not to love about sipping a Piña Colada or eating a dish of coconut ice cream? However, I would not be eating the coconut for the treatment, but rather would be having a peeling done which would be made from freshly grated natural coconut applied to my skin. The treatment would not only deep-cleanse my skin, but also remove dead skin cells, leaving my skin refreshed, smooth, and silky. Edward and I were at the Panorama Spa & Health Club at the end of January 2008 and my skin was reflecting the ravages of winter, mainly dry and lackluster skin, so I thought, why not have my skin scrubbed with coconut? Okay, I admit that it seemed a little strange to be scrubbed with a fruit, yet I must also admit that I was curious about the end result. Daniel, my therapist, assured me that coconut is very beneficial to the skin, so I relaxed on the massage table while my body was scrubbed with the coconut gratings, which indeed felt very different, all the while dreaming of eating a luscious coconut dessert.

After the scrub, I took a shower to remove the coconut gratings, and already I could feel that my skin felt smoother. The final step of the treatment was a full body massage with oil to relax my muscles and hydrate my skin. I emerged with radiant skin that was smooth and silky, and now that I have been scrubbed with coconut, I will never look at this fruit in quite the same way again.

Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland - Hot Stone TherapyEdward: When I go to Spas, I like to experience different types of massages, and when my therapist, Lydia, suggested that I experience the Kulm Massage, a full body massage that combines aroma oil therapy, foot reflexology, a relaxing head massage, and LaStone Therapy, I readily agreed. The idea of the combination treatment would be perfect for the muscles that required special attention after a few days of skiing. The first thing I had to do was select a type of aroma oil and in that I was in sunny, beautiful St. Moritz, I requested energizing aroma oil. The treatment started with a brisk massage with the aroma oil as I lay on my stomach. This was followed by the hot stone treatment where Lydia placed a single hot stone at the base of my back while she used other hot stones to massage my back muscles as we well as my tired legs. The sensation of the warmth of the stones with the energizing oil had my mind wandering back on the slopes with anticipation of a few more runs. My back was ready, but there were still other areas that required attention.

Turning over to lay on my back, Lydia commenced with reflexology on my feet, which included additional massaging of my calf and leg muscles. My shoulders and arms were next and I was feeling very loose, relaxed, and energized. The final treatment was the relaxing head massage. I love to have my head massaged; it really mesmerized me and I drifted off and started to visualize cutting, turning, shushing, and of course being in St. Moritz, posing on the slopes, before I came back to the reality that I was still a novice skier, but a novice skier with desire and a massaged body ready to attack the slopes. 

Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland - Salt Water GrottoAfter spending a day out on the ski slopes or exploring St. Moritz, we really appreciated returning to the hotel and sitting in the marble Steam bath hammam kept at 45° C (113° F), or in the Salt-water grotto kept between 40° C to 45° C  (104° F – 113° F) with salt spring vapor in the air and warming up. The Salt-water grotto is especially beneficial for respiratory problems or as a preventative measure and we loved sitting and breathing in the soothing salt water vapor, and watching the room change color as the fairy lights embedded in the ceilings of both the Steam bath and the Salt-water grotto changed colors which added another dimension to the sensory experience.

In the swimming pool area there is a wall of windows overlooking the mountains, and we also took the opportunity to sit in the whirlpool while gazing at the view, followed by taking a lovely nap on the lounge chairs while wrapped in our fluffy robes. Other amenities include a Solarium, Caldarium, Saunas, and private sauna, as well as a fitness area.

Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland - Panorama Indoor Pool
Indoor Swimming Pool

Please note that the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz is open from December until mid-April and from late June until mid-September.

Panorama Spa & Health Club, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, SwitzerlandPanorama Spa & Health Club
Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
Via Veglia 18
CH-7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland
Telephone:      +41 81-836-8000
Fax:                 +41 81 836-8001

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