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ESPA Spa Entrance
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Palace Luzern ESPA Spa team - Meliane, Kirsten, MuckimellaConsider yourself forewarned; prepare to be pampered at the Palace Spa at the Palace Luzern in Lucerne, Switzerland.


The gorgeous 800-square meter Palace Spa at the Palace Luzern opened in 2005 and has been spoiling its Spa guests ever since. The Palace Spa features ESPA Body and Face Treatments and an exciting menu of treatments including wraps, scrubs, hot stone therapies, Ayurvedic-inspired therapies, separate saunas and steam rooms for men and women, lifestyle showers, an ice fountain, and a 40-square meter Fitness Center. The 72-meter Private Spa for two is pure decadence and features a private sauna and steam room, treatment tables, and a starry sky over the round spa tub that overlooks Lake Lucerne and the Alps.  

Melanie, Spa Manager Kirsten Gau, MuckimellaWe stayed at the Palace Luzern in October 2006, and indulged in spa treatments at the Palace Spa. We met with Spa Manager, Kristen Gau, and selected "Time – the ultimate treatment," a 2-hour (or longer) ritual that is the ultimate luxury experience since there never seems to be enough time in the day for pampering. Imagine allowing yourself 2-hours to be pampered to help rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit!  

The Palace Spa features a tranquil setting with Japanese gardens with small white stones and large rocks, and a soothing low-light ambience. There are separate Spa zones for men and women, and Edward's therapist, Muckimella, invited him to begin by relaxing in the Relaxation Room with a cup of tea. I followed my therapist, Melanie, up the stairs to the second floor where candles in large votive holders illuminated the way. I began my "Time" experience in the Relaxation Room reclining on a beige and gold striped cushioned wicker lounge, sipping a cup of a Kapka, a stimulating Ayurvedic herb and spice tea, and enjoying the view of Lake Lucerne. Low music played in the background, a row of zebra aloe plants in small pots lined a shelf along the wall, and a selection of magazines and newspapers were attractively set out on a table.  

Treatment Room One of the special features of the Palace Spa saunas is that there are different temperatures for the men and women's saunas. I went in the women's sauna set at a comfortable 66° C (151° F) to prepare my skin for treatments, followed by a session in the steam room, which left me completely relaxed. After taking a sauna or steam, it is necessary to cool the body down, and I experienced the lifestyle shower, which began with a tropical rain shower, followed by a chilly ice fog blasting at my knees and thighs. To cool my face, I applied shaved ice from a beautiful cobalt blue ice fountain, which left my skin deliciously chilled, rosy, and taut, and ready for my Time treatments.  

Our therapists began our sessions with a Padabhanga foot ritual. This Indian ritual, traditionally performed by the youngest member of the family, was given to visitors after a long journey. Today, this ritual in used in wellness programs. The foot ritual relieves pressures and problems, and uses the Marma points on the feet and the ankles. We sipped cups of tea while our feet soaked in bowls of warm water fragrant with rose petals, while our therapists gently massaged and scrubbed our feet and ankles to enhance the energy flow.  

When using scents, it is important to determine what the body needs. Does the client want to feel relaxed or energized? Muckimella and Melanie gave us a series of scents to smell to determine which was the best scent for each of us, based on how we wanted to feel after the treatment, and then blended the products to suit our needs. Edward had a full body massage with energizing oils.  

Debra had a full salt and oil scrub with sun-dried sea salt and essential oils to stimulate the circulation, and cleanse and exfoliate my skin, followed by a hot shower to remove the salts and oils. An Ayurvedic-inspired wrap followed, where warm oils and Ayurvedic herbs were poured on my body, once again using the Marmar points (smaller energy points at the knee, etc). The next treatment step was applying warm marine algae to cover my body, and then wrapping me in warmed natural linens. The algae wrap helps to detoxify the body and is very good for traveling as it provides moisture, and the energizing body oil is good for the circulation, health, the brain, and helps the client think better. While I was warm and cozy in my wrap, Melanie applied ice-cold stones to my forehead, which helps to clear the mind, and stimulated facial Marmar points to help relax my muscles. She also applied a face cleanser to give my travel weary skin extra moisture. All I knew is that I had found a fabulous inner comfort level. Another shower followed to remove the algae and the oils, and I emerged energized with delightfully smooth skin.

We ended our Time experience by savoring another cup of tea in the Relaxation Rooms, which was the perfect ending to a perfect beginning at the Palace Spa at the Palace Luzern.  

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SPA Palace  
Palace Spa
Palace Luzern
Haldenstrasse 10
CH-6002 Lucerne
Telephone:      +41 (0) 41 416 16 16
Fax:                 +41 (0) 41 416 10 00

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