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Therapist from Spa at Torekov Hotell, Torekov, Sweden
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Spa at Torekov Hotell, Torekov, Sweden - Facial The attractive 400-square meter Spa at Torekov Hotell in Torekov, Sweden knows how to pamper their guests for a memorable experience.



For a small hotel, the Spa at Torekov Hotell has some impressive features including a steam sauna, dry sauna overlooking the sea, Japanese warm pool kept at a comfortable 38° C (100° F), cold plunge pool, relaxation room, sun terrace overlooking the sea, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, round wood fired hot tub located next to the swimming pool, and a Spa shop. In addition to the 7 treatment rooms, Spa guests may also have treatments outdoors in a Philippe Starck cabana.

After sitting in a car for several days driving throughout the Skåne region, we were more than ready to indulge in a little Spa pampering by the time that we reached Torekov Hotell. Dressed in our robes and Torekov Hotell leather clogs, we met with the Spa professionals for a consultation and to peruse the Spa menu to determine which treatment was right for us. The Spa offers a varied menu of soothing treatments including facials, peels, and masks; special facials for men; beauty treatments including eyebrow and eyelash tinting; body treatments including waxing, mud packs, aromatherapy, and body peels; treatments designed to pamper the hands and feet; massages including hot stone, Swedish classic, and Hawaiian; and Naprapathy, which takes a holistic approach to treatment.

Relaxation Room - Spa at Torekov Hotell, Torekov, Sweden
Relaxation Room

Edward: In the mood for a massage, I decided that since we were in Sweden, I should experience the Swedish classic massage. For the next 25 minutes, my therapist worked on relieving the tightness in my muscles using traditional Swedish massage techniques with special care given to loosening the kinks in my back, shoulder and neck. With the heavenly aroma of the Comfort Zone from Italy products gently perfuming the air, I relaxed under the capable hands of my therapist, emerging with increased mobility in movement.

Faciail - Spa at Torekov Hotell, Torekov, SwedenDebra: Traveling can take its toll on the skin, namely from dehydration and fatigue, so whenever I can, I take time to indulge in a facial during trips to restore moisture, improve circulation, and return the "peaches" to my peaches and cream complexion. I had their "Mini-Luxury for Her" facial, where for the next 25 minutes, my therapist did a cleansing, facial peel, applied a facial mask, and massaged by face. Her fingers gently working a magic spell as she massaged my face reducing stress and tension lines. I emerged with shining, radiant skin, and felt very peaceful.

After our treatments, we decided to forego sitting in the relaxation room and instead experience the dry sauna where we not only enjoyed the warmth, but also had a view of the sea from the window of the sauna, which was a rare treat as this was the first time that we ever had a spectacular view from inside a sauna.

We followed the dry sauna experience with a session in the steam sauna, and left feeling completely relaxed and with skin glowing with health and vitality. After our two sauna experiences we took cool showers to refresh, and then finally made our way to the comfortable relaxation room to spend a few moments reclining on the rattan chaise lounges. By the time that we left the Spa, our bodies felt energized, and were ready to enjoy a lovely dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

The hotel’s motto is "Where care and consideration are quite natural," and the Spa at Torekov Hotell clearly lives up to that motto.

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Torekov Hotell, Torekov, Sweden
Spa at Torekov Hotell
Själaviksvägen 2
SE-260 93 Torekov, Sweden
Telephone:      +46 (0) 431-47-1600
Restaurant:     +46 (0) 431-47-1636

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