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The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa

Sabine and Stephanie of The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa
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The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort and SpaThe Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa in Le François, Martinique features Guerlain treatments and products in an intimately luxurious ambience.



Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa offers guests a complete luxury experience, and if swimming in the sprawling infinity pool with its direct view of the lagoon, or relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach while beach attendants bring you lusciously cool drinks and inviting tropical fruit kebabs isn’t enough pampering for you, The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa will certainly pamper you with its Guerlain treatments and products. Guerlain has been pampering its clients since Pierre- François-Pascal Guerlain first started creating his luxury elixirs in 1828. In 1939, Dr. d’Aubiac developed special techniques and treatments for the Guerlain salon on the Champs Elysées in Paris, which are still being used today.

We visited the Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa in April 2006, and after many days of driving over 373 miles exploring this beautiful 425-square mile island, where we had some very adventurous days of flying through the trees suspended from a wire, trekking, horseback riding in a tropical forest, and visiting many of the rhum distilleries, we were definitely ready for some relaxation and spa pampering, and the hotel and spa were definitely up to the challenge.

Treatment room at The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort and SpaAlthough The Spa at Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa offers a varied menu of specialized facials, Guerlain make-up, body wraps, scrubs, body contour treatments, hand and foot beauty-care, hamman and massages, we felt what we really needed were massages to help soothe and revitalize our travel-weary bodies. After a consultation with Ms. Sabine Amury, Spa Manager, we selected "The Cap Est" massage (for Edward), and the Hydromassage Bath (for Debra).

We changed into Spa robes and slippers in the locker room and were then led into our individual treatments room. "The Cap Est" massage was a 45-minute relaxing massage, where Sabine used tropical essential oils to massage and relax the muscles. This is not an intense massage allowing for the tropical oils, and Sabine’s fingers, to sooth their way into my achy muscles, and the massage was as it was billed – relaxing. 

The Hydromassage bath was a tub outfitted with so many jets that it seemed like each of my muscles were hit by a jet spray. The combination of the powerful water jets and essential oils had me thoroughly relaxed. Although the hydromassage bath treatment usually lasts for 20 minutes, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to have a second treatment and emerged from the hydromassage bath 40 minutes later with wrinkled prune-like fingers, but I loved every minute of it.

Japanese plunge pool

After our massage treatments, we met in the relaxation room, where we drank glasses of cool water, and then decided to experience their steam bath. We love taking steam baths where the pores are cleansed. We followed the steam bath with a dip in their Japanese plunge pool, which was a deliciously refreshing cold plunge pool, for a total yin and yang experience. We went back to the locker rooms, changed into our resort wear, and we were ready for our next adventures!

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Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa
Quartier la Prairie
97240 Le François
Martinique, FWI
Telephone:       +596 596 54 80 80
Fax:                  +596 596 54 96 00

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