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Amerispa Le Westin Spa & Resort, Tremblant - Bamboo Extract Massage
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Male Massage - Amerispa at Le Westin Spa & Resort, Tremblant After spending days skiing, snowshoeing, and dogsledding in Mont-Tremblant, Canada we were ready for some Spa pampering and the Amerispa at Le Westin Spa & Resort Tremblant was like an oasis in the desert, exactly what we needed.

Amerispa is a leader in the Canadian Spa industry, which we had "discovered" on a previous trip to Mont-Tremblant. Knowing the Amerispa quality and their level of dedicated service, products, and professionalism, we were delighted to learn that they had a Spa conveniently located on the lobby level of our hotel, Le Westin Resort & Spa Tremblant. Mont-Tremblant is a year-round playground for sports enthusiasts, and after days spent pushing our bodies to the limit doing winter sports, namely downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, and snowshoeing in late February 2011, our bodies were more than ready for some Spa therapy having used muscle groups where we did not even know we had muscles.   

Amerispa at Le Westin Spa & Resort Tremblant offers a wide variety of services including body treatments of exfoliations, scrubs, wraps, and back therapy treatment; aesthetics treatments utilizing Darphin and Sothys products, treatments for the hands and feet, specialized services for gentlemen, and packages for longer, more decadent pampering that go beyond a single treatment.  

Bamboo Extract Massage

Massages are one of our favorite Spa treatments not only for their relaxing effect, but also for the positive energy that they provide, as well as the opportunity to have our muscles stretched and to work out any muscle tension. Amerispa offers a diverse selection of massage treatments including the Elixir Ice Cider Massage, the Bamboo Extract Massage, the Remineralizing Clay Massage, the Warm Aromatic Oil Massage, the Warm and Cold Basalt Stone Massage, the Deep Tissue Massage, the Rain Massage, the Warm Pebble Massage, the Tandem Massage, the 4-Hand Massage, the Therapeutic Massage, the Sport Massage, the Mother-to-Be Massage, the Stretching Massage, the Relaxation Massage, the Foot Massage, Reflexology, and there is even a dedicated  Golfer’s/Skiers Massage.   

Amerispa Le Westin Spa & Resort, Tremblant - Remineralizing Clay Massage
Remineralizing Clay Massage

We arrived early, and after perusing their Spa menu and had a consultation with the personable and professional Amerispa Director Nathalie Fontaine, we decided on the treatments that we wanted to experience on this Spa visit.   

Edward: I decided to experience the Bamboo Extract Massage, which was new to me, and was a combination of a traditional massage with recognized massage techniques and the effectiveness of bamboo, lotus, and water-lily extracts that had the added benefit of aromatherapy. Keeping true to my past Spa experiences, when I feel comfortable with my therapist and the treatment, I usually fall asleep mid-way through the treatment. My massage at the Amerispa at Le Westin Resort & Spa Tremblant was no exception, and I fell asleep during my treatment, waking refreshed and content when my therapist gently told me that my treatment had ended.   

Debra: After a long, cold, winter spent outdoors having adventures, my skin needed some extra moisturizing and I had the Remineralizing Clay Massage with Lavender Essential Oil, used to stimulate the circulation, transmit the elements of the clay and the minerals to the skin, moisturize the skin, and with the addition of the lavender essential oil it provided a soothing level of calmness.   

Having experienced Amerispa on a past trip to Mont-Tremblant, I was delighted to have the same therapist this time for my massage. Lloyd’s of London should insure Denis’ hands, he is that good.  Half-way through my treatment, when I rolled over and turned onto my back from my stomach, I stretched my leg and promptly got a severe foot cramp, something that I am prone to getting after spending many years dancing ballet. Denis with his magic hands was able to deftly relax my foot, a trick that I wish I could learn to do myself, as often as it happens. I left my treatment with my muscles relaxed and ready for our next adventure.   

Outdoor Pool & Whirlpool at Le Westin Spa & Resort, Tremblant
Outdoor Whirlpool and Pool

After our massages, we relaxed with cups of herbal tea in the relaxation room, and then maximized the effect of our massages with a session in their Finnish Sauna, followed by a soak in the oversize outdoor whirlpool where we gazed up at the early evening sky and breathed in the fresh, clean, mountain air before heading to our suite to take a well-deserved nap before having a late dinner.   
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Amerispa Le Westin Spa & Resort, TremblantAmerispa at Le Westin Resort & Spa Tremblant, Canada
100, Chemin Kandahar
Mont Tremblant, Québec, J8E 1E2
Telephone:        +1-819-681-7080
Toll-Free:          1-866-AMERISPA (1-866-263-7477)
Fax:                   +1-819-681-0465
Email:                amerispawestintremblant@amerispa.ca
Website:            www.Amerispa.ca 

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