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by Debra C. Argen
Victoria Jungfrau Collection - Jungfrau-Braserie - Debra C. Argen, Ozur Ayan, Ozlem Ayan, Edward F. Nesta
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Victoria Jungfrau Collection - Jungfrau Brasserie - zurich style sliced veal with roestiThe Jungfrau-Brasserie at the VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU Grand Hotel & Spa features the best of Switzerland in their all-Swiss restaurant.


Having dinner at the Jungfrau-Brasserie provides guests with the ultimate Swiss experience.  The restaurant features a Swiss menu and high-quality Swiss products, including cheese, meat, fish, wines, and spirits. 

The VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU Grand Hotel & Spa is over 140 years, and the Jungfrau-Brasserie (15 GaultMillau points) is an elegant reminder of the age of this historic property, with its opulent Belle Époque room with parquet floors, ornate wrought iron and wood staircase, elaborate painted ceilings, and marble columns. Lipstick red upholstered chairs with black legs accompany tables dressed with white linen tablecloths, which are accessorized with large ribbed glass votives. Beautiful white orchids, palm trees, and hanging floral balls add style and interest to the attractive restaurant. 

Edward F. Nesta and I stayed at the hotel in October 2006, and took advantage of the Sunday Tour through the Wine Cellar since we always enjoy visiting the cellars. We registered with the Concierge for the Tour, which begins at 6:00 pm every Sunday, and met two charming guests, Özlem and Ozgur Ayan, who also were interested in touring the 16,000-bottle cellar. Since we had such an enjoyable cellar visit chatting with the brother and sister, the four of us decided to have dinner together at the Jungfrau-Brasserie.

Our server Patrick began our evening at the Jungfrau-Brasserie with an aperitif of Charme, Spumante Brut, Angelo Delea, Losone with 12% alcohol, made with a blend of Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir grapes, to accompany the Amuse Bouche of eggplant caviar on toast, topped with cheese, and garnished with parsley.

Victoria Jungfrau Collection - Jungfrau Brasserie - consuomme with venison ravioliFor his first course, Edward began with the Consommé with venison ravioli, presented in a deep bowl with two ravioli filled with venison. Özlem, Ozgur, and I had the Chürissuppe mit chüstigem Kiesentaler (Pumpkin soup with diced potatoes and Kiesental cheese), which captured the spirit of autumn.

Edward selected the Klassische Schweizer Gerichte (Classic Swiss Dish) Zürcher Kalbsgeschnetzeltes mit Rösti (Zurich-style sliced veal with roesti) as his second course. The veal was presented in a rich gravy that was plentiful with mushrooms, and was topped with two roesti potatoes.

Özlem selected the Gebratenes Neuenburger Zanderfilet auf Maggia Risotto mit geschmortem Chabis und Fläscher Rieslingschau (beautifully presented Sautéed pike-perch from Lake Neuchâtel served with Maggia risotto, braised cabbage and a Swiss Riesling cream sauce) for her second course.

Victoria Jungfrau Collection - Jungfrau Brasserie - fresh cheese ravioli with peperonchini butterOzgur selected the Frischkäse Ravioli mit Peperoncini Butter und Rucola (Fresh cheese ravioli with peperoncini butter and arugula), which was presented in a large, deep bowl, with large ravioli in a minced peperoncini butter sauce and garnished with arugula and freshly grated cheese.

I selected the Maggia Risotto mit hausgemachter schwarzer Nuss (Maggia risotto with homemade black walnuts), that was risotto interspersed with diced black walnuts, topped with a layer of thinly sliced black walnuts, garnished with arugula, and presented in a deep bowl. We paired a 2002 Pinot Noir, Thomas Studach, Malans, from the Graubünden region with our second courses.

As a finale to the dinner, for dessert we selected the Schokoladen-Haselnuss Knuspertorte mit VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU Praline (Crisp chocolate and hazelnut tart served with Victoria-Jungfrau pralines), and Getränker Baumnuss-kuchen mit seinem eis (Soaked walnut cake with ice cream). The crisp chocolate and hazelnut tart was a decadent slice of rich chocolate with a mousse consistency enhanced with a dollop of whipped cream, and served with a VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU Praline. The soaked walnut cake was served warm and accompanied with ice cream was a delicious creation.

Victoria Jungfrau Collection - Jungfrau Brasserie - Simone Bee-Seyfarth adn Debra C. Argen Afterwards, Ms. Simone Bee-Seyfarth, Chef de Service, gave us an interesting education in Swiss wines and spirits at the restaurant, which features an extensive collection of over 100 Swiss wines, as well as an interesting selection of Swiss single malt whiskies, beers, grappas, and other spirits, including Xellent Swiss Vodka. At present, there are three producers in Switzerland making whisky. We had the opportunity to sample a flight of whiskies produced by the Familie Bader, Lauwil. The flight included: 3.25-year Holle Single Malt Swiss Whisky, 42% alcohol, aged in a red wine cask; 14-year Holle Single Malt Swiss Whisky, 42% alcohol, aged in a white wine cask; and Holle Single Malt Double Wood Whisky, Rauchmalz, 42% alcohol, aged for 2-years in a red wine cask and 1.25-years in a white wine cask. Having dinner at the Jungfrau-Brasserie was an interesting and very appealing evening with our new friends in a beautiful setting!

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Victoria Jungfrau Collection
Höheweg 41
CH-3800 Interlaken
Telephone:      +4133.828.2828
Fax:                +4133.828.2880

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