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Don Juan by Moliere, Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT, USA

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Bhavesh Patel, Nick Westrate - photo by Carol Rosegg
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The play Don Juan by Molière, A World Premiere and Translation and Adaptation by Brendan Pelsue and Directed by David Kennedy at the Westport Country Playhouse located in Westport, Connecticut is a modern-day look at the legendary Don Juan. Causing chaos and destruction throughout his life without a care to the future, the play is a riveting portrayal of morality. Throw in outrageous costumes and razor-sharp dialogue, this version of Don Juan will have you talking about it long after you leave the theatre. The play runs until November 23, 2019.


Bhavesh Patel (Sganarelle), Nick Westrate (Don Juan)
Don Juan

Having seen prior Westport Country Playhouse performances throughout the years directed by the talented Director David Kennedy (The Understudy,Appropriate, The Invisible Hand, And a Nightingale Sang, Nora) we knew his performance of Don Juan by Molière, A World Premiere and Translation and Adaptation by Brendan Pelsue, would push the dramatic envelope and it did. We saw the play on opening night, Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Suzy Jane Hunt, Nick Westrate - photo by Carol Rosegg
Suzy Jane Hunt (Done Elvira), Nick Westrate (Don Juan)
Don Juan

This version of the play takes French playwright Moliere’s (1622-1673) "classic comic satire" about the ultimate playboy, the legendary Don Juan, and sets it in modern-day. Director David Kennedy notes, "When I originally proposed that we produce "Don Juan," I thought 2019 was the perfect time to revive this acerbically comic tale of an undisciplined, thin-skinned narcissist who blazes a path of destruction through the world, upending institutions and social norms, destabilizing everything, offending all decency and morality, and leaving a trail of wreckage in his wake. I can’t ever imagine why." With an intro like that, we could not wait for the play to begin!

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Carson Elrod, Ariana Venturi - photo by Carol Rosegg
Carson Elrod (Pierrot), Ariana Venturi (Charlotte)
Don Juan

Don Juan as legend has it, was a "love ’em and leave ’em type" of guy, whose self-designated mission in life was to seduce as many women as possible. With an eye on his latest romantic conquest of the hour, minute, or perhaps even a few seconds, this blatant narcissist’s focus in life is on his continual pursuit of, and loving the chase, of the instant enthrallment and excitement of being with someone new, before he is off again in search of other lovelies to ravish, leaving a bevy of beauties behind without a second’s preponderance of the destruction and ruin he has made of their lives. He is equalitarian in his pursuit; it makes no difference to him if his conquest is of noble birth or is a peasant, young or old, he loves them all equally, if albeit only fleetingly. Don Juan is engaging, charming, and completely destructive, caring nothing about the people he destroys, the messes that he leaves behind or about his total lack of respect and disregard for the people in his life, including his verbally abused long-suffering servant Sganarelleand his wealthy father Don Louis.

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Claudia Logan, Nick Westrate, Ariana Venturi - photo by Carol Rosegg
Claudia Logan (Mathurine, Nick Westrate (Don Juan),
Ariana Venturi (Charlotte)
Don Juan

To Don Juan’s way of thinking, he is young and handsome so he is entitled to act accordingly, he should be careless, it is his right to be reckless to the point of bordering on constant destruction without a care to his future or to the state of his soul. He believes that he can live a life of debauchery and can repent in his old age when the hour of death is near. Thus, is the premise of his erroneous plan that leads Don Juan and the audience on an unlikely journey that defies the bounds of decency with his actions until its thunderous conclusion.

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Philip Goodwin, Nick Westrate - photo by Carol Rosegg
Philip Goodwin (Beggar), Nick Westrate (Don Juan)
Don Juan

The play runtime: Act 1: 109 minutes, Act 2:42 minutes.

Until next time, keep enjoying and supporting the arts!

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Jordan Bellow, Bobby Roman - photo by Carol Rosegg
Jordan Bellow (Don Carlos), Bobby Roman (Don Alonzo)
Don Juan


Nick Westrate
Don Juan
Jordan Bellow
Don Carlos
Paul DeBoy
Mr. Gusman/Statue/Ensemble
Carson Elrod
Philip Goodwin
Beggar/Don Louis
Suzy Jane Hunt
Done Elvira
Claudia Logan
Mathurine/The Ghost/Ensemble
Bhavesh Patel
Bobby Roman
Don Alonzo/Ensemble
Ariana Venturi

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Bhavesh Patel, Carson Elrod - photo by Carol Rosegg
Bhavesh Patel (Sganarelle), Carson Elrod (Dimanche)
Don Juan

The Creative Team:


Brendan Pelsue

Translator and Adaptor

David Kennedy


Marsha Ginsberg

Scenic Design

Katherine Roth

Costume Design

Matthew Richards

Lighting Design

Fitz Patton

Original Music and Sound Design

Michael Rossmy

Fight Director/Intimacy Coach

Karen White

Props Supervisor

Dana Tanner-Kennedy

Production Dramaturg

Samuel Vawter

Associate Scenic Design

Tara Rubin Casting


Shane Schnetzler

Production Stage Manager

Michelle Lauren Tuite

Assistant Stage Manager

Mark Lamos

Artistic Director

Michael Barker

Managing Director

Westport Country Playhouse - Don Juan - Philip Goodwin,  Bhavesh Patel, Nick Westrate - photo by Carol Rosegg
Philip Goodwin (Don Louis), Bhavesh Patel (Sganarelle),
Nick Westrate (Don Juan)
Don Juan

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Don Juan performance schedule is Tuesday at 7:00 pm, Wednesday at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8:00 pm, Saturday at 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and Sunday at 3:00 pm. Special series feature Taste of Tuesday, LGBT Night OUT, Opening Night, Sunday Symposium, Open Captions, Thursday TalkBack, Together at the Table Family Dinner, Playhouse Happy Hour, and Backstage Pass.

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Upcoming Performances – 2019 and 2020

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Next To Normal
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