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Mad Mac – Tempting Parisian Madeleines and Macarons

by Debra C. Argen
Mad Mac classic box of 12
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Mad Mac New York - MacaronFrench Chefs Florian Bellanger and Ludovic Augendre, owners of Mad Mac, whose Madeleines (the Mad part of the name) and Macarons (the Mac part) have captured connoisseurs’ hearts, have the perfect little something to give your Valentine as you whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

If a trip to Paris is not something in your immediate future, do not despair; Mad Mac is here to the rescue. While you may not be able to whisk your Valentine off to the City of Lights this year, you can surprise them with an imaginative taste of Paris, made in the United States, by former Fauchon Paris pastry chefs.

Mad Mac Classic Box of 12

French pastry has always been my weakness, so when I discovered that Chefs Florian Bellanger and Ludovic Augendre had opened Mad Mac specializing in two of my favorite French sweets, Madeleines, delicate little shell-shaped cake style cookies; and Macarons, those lighter than air cookie confections of almond flour, confectioner’s sugar, and egg whites that are sandwiched together with heavenly fillings, (I like to imagine that they have no calories), I cried out, "Ooh la-la," especially since their products contain no preservatives and no trans fat. Their products are also now available for purchase online, which is absolutely ingenious! 

I first met Chef Florian Bellanger several years ago when he was the Executive Pastry Chef at Fauchon New York, where his creations tempted my palate on numerous occasions, and Ludovic Augendre was his Sous Chef. After several years working together at Fauchon New York, they decided to strike out on their own and create Macarons and Madeleines, where their focus would be to create the "best in the world." Mad Mac was born in July 2007, and the rest as they say, is history. 

Chef Ludovic Augendre and Chef Florian Bellanger - Mad Mac
Chef Ludovic Augendre and Chef Florian Bellanger

Imagine an intimate dinner for two, romantic music plays in the background setting the mood, the champagne flows throughout the evening, and as a sweet finale to dinner you feed your special someone exotically flavored Macarons and perfect Madeleines.

Impress your guests by serving Mad Mac Macarons, Madeleines, and their newest addition to the Mad Mac line, Cakes by Mad Mac, for an elegant Afternoon Tea, Bridal Shower, Wedding, at dinner parties where you want to wow your guests without working your fingers to the bone, for special occasions, or to bring as a thoughtful hostess gift when you want to be remembered.

Mad Mac Macaron
Mad Mac Macarons

The possibilities are endless at both the restaurant and consumer level, especially when Chef Florian and Chef Ludovic keep coming up with tempting new flavors. The Macarons come in 15 delectable flavors, with special Seasonal Collections throughout the year, as they are clearly the designer boys of Macarons.

The Winter Collection of Macarons, available until the end of April 2009 when they will introduce the newest Collection, features intriguing flavors of Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Orange/Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Chestnut/Whiskey. Sampling my way through the Winter Collection, what I liked about the Macarons were their subtle yet decadent flavors, and if I had to pick my favorite, I would be hard pressed, however, I must admit that I was especially partial to the Chestnut/Whiskey Macaron, as well as the Earl Grey, and then again, I did love the Pumpkin, and the Cinnamon, and the two Chocolate versions, meaning that they all were really delicious, and required repeated sampling, which is my philosophy when it comes to sweets. The Macarons are sold in attractive trays of 12 and 48.

Mad Mac Classic 2 Box of 12
Mad Mac Classic 2 Box of 12

The Madeleines are available in Chocolate, Pistachio, Hazelnut, and Plain, and each flavor is a clear winner. I love the Chocolate Madeleine with its tiny crunchy chocolate pieces, the Pistachio and Hazelnut Madeleines with their generous amounts of chopped nuts, and the Plain Madeleine, which is the Madeleine for purists.

The Madeleines are sold as 6 bags of 2 Madeleines per bag (Chocolate, Pistachio, Hazelnut, or Plain); 12 bags of 2 Madeleines per bag; and in metal tins of 18 and 32; and bulk of 48 assorted Madeleines.

Mad Mac Madeleines
Mad Mac Madeleines

Mad Mac Madeleines, Macarons, and Cakes by Mad Mac, are distributed wholesale nationwide to the Hospitality and Food Service industry, and are also available retail on the website: www.MadMacNYC.com.

Read Chefs’ Recipes where Chef Florian Bellanger and Chef Ludovic Augendre share a delicious Macaron recipe as well as a recipe for Madeleines to tempt your taste buds until your order arrives from Mad Mac.

Mad Mac
Mad Mac 
265 Vreeland Avenue 
Paterson, New Jersey, 07504, United States 
Telephone:   +1-973-225-0930 
Contacts:     Chef Florian Bellanger and Chef Ludovic Augendre 

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