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Plain-T handcrafted teas in Southampton, NY, USA

Alessandro and Tathiana Teixeira - Plain-T - Southampton, NY, USA
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Plain-T  - Tea Kettle, Tea Canister

During a visit to Southampton, New York, we discovered Plain-T and The T Loft, a company dedicated to the art of exceptional tea, founded by TathianaTeixeira and her husband Alessandro Teixeira. As avid tea drinkers, we always appreciate learning about nature’s special bounty and meeting with Tathiana Teixeira was like getting a PhD in tea! Passionate about her exceptional line of high-quality whole leaf tea products, she shared her vast tea knowledge with us and told us about their diverse product line of 85 teas. There is a tea for every palate and Tathiana is a perfect tea sommelier to find the right tea for you as we discovered during our tea experience.

Alessandro and Tathiana Teixeira

During our by-appointment visit to The T Loft where patrons, "Come for the product and stay for the experience," we learned many interesting facts about tea from owner Tathiana Teixeira. Family-founded in 2010, Tathiana grew up in Brazil and was a professional ballerina. Surprisingly, dancers are often not very healthy, they drink, they smoke, and she started to have problems with her veins at an early age. Wanting a healthier lifestyle, she became a self-taught connoisseur of tea when she tore her ACL. Alessandro also grew up in Brazil and was a tennis player ranked at number 1 and 2 in Junior Tennis, so both he and Tathiana know the importance of maintaining healthy bodies. Both have business degrees and they started importing their special teas 10 years ago. Working with a Tea Master and obtaining hand-selected teas from prized gardens throughout the world, they bring the best of the tea world to Plain-T.

Plain-T - Handcrafted Tea - Southampton, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
Selection of Teas

Interesting Tea Facts

Types of Tea: Did you know that Black, Oolong, Green, White, and Pu-erh Tea all come from the same plant species, the Camellia Sinensis? What makes them different is the oxidation process. For Plain-T’s high-quality teas they only use the uppermost leaves and buds, the youngest and tenderest parts of the plant. For White Tea, only 2 leaves are picked from each plant and only at a special time of the year. Interesting to note is that mass produced, and low-quality teas use all parts of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

Caffeine in Coffee versus Tea: A 6-8-ounce cup of coffee has 200 mg of caffeine whereas Black Tea has100 mg, Oolong has 50 mg, Green has 30 mg, and White has 10 mg. White Tea has such a low level of caffeine, it is a great tea for children. Sampling and learning about diverse teas and about their healthful benefits was a delectably eye-opening experience.

Plain-T - Handcrafted Tea - Southampton, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
Colorful Teas

Also, with Oolong, Green, and White Tea you can steep 2-3 times and still receive health benefits with lower levels of caffeine. Reduced caffeine with each subsequent "steeping" of Green Tea makes it a perfect beverage to consume all day.

Tea Caffeine: Caffeine in tea is healthy, it keeps your mind alert, without making you jittery as often happens with other caffeinated beverages. Also, 3 cups of real tea per day (Green or White) may help reduce certain forms of cancer, heart attacks, and strokes by 50%. Tea can also help the digestive system, prevent cavities, and has excellent antioxidant properties.

Stagg EKG Limited Edition Tea Kettle
Stagg EKG Limited Edition Tea Kettle

Obtaining the Best Tea Results: The best results begin with the water. Tathiana recommends using bottled spring or filtered water. Another interesting fact that we learned is that each type of tea has a proper water temperature and that not all teas should have boiling water (190 – 210 degrees Fahrenheit/88 – 99 degrees Celsius) poured over them. To maximize the flavor and essence of individual teas, it is important to know proper temperatures to heat the water.

For Black and Oolong Teas, bring the water to a boil about 200 degrees Fahrenheit/93.3 degrees Fahrenheit. For Green and White Teas, you should never pour boiling water over them as it burns their leaves and destroys their delicate flavor. The proper temperature of the water for Green and White Tea is around 180 degrees Fahrenheit/82.2 Celsius. For Pu-erh Teas, bring the water to a full boil at 210 degrees Fahrenheit/98.9 degrees Celsius. To make the temperature process easy for tea drinkers, Plain-T carries a special electric tea kettle with a temperature gauge on it, which we think is rather clever.

Plain-T - Detox Hibiscus Tea - Southampton, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
Detox Hibiscus Tea

Tea to Water Ratio: The amount of loose tea used to create the perfect cup also varies. For example, for compact teas, the best ratio is 1-teaspoon of tea to 6-ounces of water, whereas for voluminous teas, the ratio changes to 2-teaspoons of tea to 6-ounces of water. Steeping time also varies by tea variety, and to ensure their clientele receive maximum enjoyment from the tea, boiling and steeping time is clearly listed on each product.

Plain-T prides itself on their extensive collection of luxurious hand-selected teas including Black, Oolong, Green, White, Pu-erh, Flavored & Scented Teas, Rooibos, Exclusive Blends, Herbal Infusion, Wellness Tea, Grand-Cru Tea, Matcha Tea, and Detox Tea, which was "conceived with mental and physical health benefits in mind."

Plain-T - Southampton, NY, USA

Enjoying Plain-T at Home

We love the taste of lemon, ginger and mint, and the Plain-T Wellness Tea – Detox Lemon Ginger Mint Tea, which is a loose-leaf tea blend, is absolutely delicious. Caffeine-free, this tasty blend of Cistus Incanus, lemon, ginger, and mint, also has excellent health attributes. The packaging states that, "Cistus is found to have strong antiviral properties. It is believed that the multiple antiviral components of Cistus Incanus prevent infections by targeting viral envelope proteins and inhibiting its actions on a number of different types of viruses. Cistus is also an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxifier, immune system booster, cardiovascular supporter, a natural tick repellent, and aid to those with chronic Lyme disease. Studies show it helps eliminate candida and H. pylori. Patting concentrated tea on your skin can help to improve dermatitis, or simply improve your complexion."

Plain-T - Handcrafted Tea - Southampton, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
White Hibiscus Tea

We drink lots of cold Hibiscus water throughout the summer months and were delighted to try Plain-T’s Wellness Detox White Hibiscus Tea. White tea is considered to be the healthiest of all teas and hibiscus is blessed with rich antioxidants, and together the taste of this blend is as amazing as its health benefits. Delicious served hot or cold based on the season and personal preference. This tea has a bright and gorgeous ruby color and is rich in flavors that we enjoy drinking hot, as well as iced and served in a large pitcher with lemon and orange slices. This tea blend will also be the inspiration for our delicious cocktail creations.

About Plain-T

"PLAIN-T’s commitment to the well-being of its customers begins with the founder’s passion and belief in the mental and physical health benefits that can be gained through the consumption of whole leaf teas. PLAIN-T’s functional line of Detox teas and herbal infusions is designed to address the needs of supporting the immune system, digestion functions, hydration & restoration. This line uses two of the most powerful and highly consumed beverages in the world; Water & Tea/Herbals Infusions."

Tathiana Teixeira, Debra C. Argen - photo by Luxury Experience
Debra C. Argen and Tathiana Teixeira

While you may not be able to travel to Southampton to experience Plain-T and The T Loft, you can purchase their products online as their teas make a lovely gift for yourself or for your favorite tea lover. Plain-T ships their products nestled in white boxes tied with their signature bright orange ribbon.

You can also participate in their "Virtual Pop Up’s at the T LOFT" where the focus is on Health – Wellness – Nutrition – Inspiration, provided by invited special guests who cover a range of subjects to foster learning and inspiration.

To learn more about Plain-T, purchase their products, or arrange for a tea experience at The T Loft, please visit their website: www.plain-t.com or telephone them at: +1-631-251-6316.

Plain-T - Handcrafted Teas - Southampton, NY, USA Plain-T and The T Loft
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