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Touring Continuum Distilling – A Perfect Happy Hour

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Continuum Distilling - Edward F. Nesta - photo by Luxury Experience
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Continuum Distilling Products - Drops, Charred, ContinuRrum

We had a perfect "Happy Hour" by touring Continuum Distilling in Waterbury, Connecticut and meeting with Master Distiller and Founder Brandon Collins who is creating very tasty and innovative spirits from reclaimed locally made craft "beer trimmings." While that may seem a bit strange, the taste of his products is amazingly good. Cheers!


Edward F. Nesta at Continuum Distilling

On Friday, September 4, 2020, we drove to Waterbury, Connecticut to the Continuum Distillery to meet with Master Distiller and Founder Brandon Collins. Luxury Experience has traveled the world visiting distilleries and as usual, we had a fabulous time and learned a lot from our tour with Brandon followed by tasting his exceptional products.

Continuum Distilling - Stills - photo by Luxury Experience
Stills at Continuum Distilling

Taking the tour with Brandon was not only interesting and educational, it was also great fun learning about his passion and how he makes his products. Using his master’s degree in Chemistry and industry experience, Brandon has found an ingenious way of partnering with local craft breweries to use their "beer trimmings," product that is discarded from the beer process, and creating excellent new spirit products.

In a day and age where so much is discarded, Brandon keeps a keen eye to reusing and reclaiming as much as he can. Even the wood staves he chars to add flavor to his products, is reclaimed wood rather than newly cut timber. When trees fall during windstorms in Connecticut, he will gather the wood to use. In essence he is helping to keep Connecticut green, which is something close to his heart. To really appreciate Brandon’s story though, one needs to know his backstory.

Continuum Distilling - Alcohol Extractor - photo by Luxury Experience
Alcohol Extractor

Brandon Collins grew up outside of Nashville, Tennessee and his parents liked to visit distilleries including George Dickel and Jack Daniels, because it was interesting and educational. By the time he was five years old, the seed for learning about the industry, and the delightful aromas of the fermentation process were firmly planted. During college, he worked in whiskey bars where he increased his spirits knowledge and appreciation. He earned a master’s degree in Chemistry and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years, before making a major career move to work in Connecticut at Black Hog Brewing Co., a local craft brewery.

Continuum Distilling - Stills and holding tanks - photo by Luxury Experience

In 2019, Brandon Collins founded Continuum Distilling where he produces exceptional spirits from beer trimmings from local craft breweries to create Charred, his flagship "beer whiskey" made from brown ales, stouts & porters. Aged on local wood staves for a rich toasted flavor, it has 48% alcohol by volume (96 proof), and Drops, which is distilled from Connecticut crafted IPA beer trimmings. is double-distilled and unaged, which gives it its characteristic "floral, bright and hoppy flavor" with hop forward nose, herbaceous, citrus, and floral notes, and has 46% alcohol by volume (92 proof).

Continuum Distilling - wood stave - photo by Luxury Experience
Wood Stave

As Connecticut has excellent blueberries, Brandon decided to expand his product line and created 2 rum products aptly called ContinuRum. His Blueberry ContinuRum is a unique craft rum made with 100% blackstrap molasses and local fresh Connecticut blueberries, and has 45% alcohol (90 proof), and his Ginger ContinuRum is a unique craft rum, made with 100% blackstrap molasses and ginger syrup, and has 45% alcohol (90 proof).

Continuum Distilling -Brandon Collins - photo by Luxury Experience
Master Distiller Brandon Collins

Always with an eye to the future, he recently created ready-made pre-mixed cocktails, Lemon Drops (32-ounces) made with lemonade and Drops, and Tea Drops (32-ounces) made with sweet tea and Drops that are delicious and easy to drink. Perfect for parties, they are becoming a favorite among Continuum Distilling fans.

Continuum Distilling -Continuum Distilling Products - photo by Luxury Experience
Continuum Distilling Products

After our tour with Brendan, it was time to get serious and taste his exceptional line of Continuum Distilling products, including Charred, Drops, Blueberry ContinuRum and Ginger ContinuRum, Lemon Drops, and Tea Drops, which was a very delicious way to spend "Happy Hour."

Continuum Distilling - Blueberry ContinuRum - photo by Luxury Experience
Blueberry ContinuRum

When not working in his distillery creating his delectable line of products, Brendan enjoys family time with wife and daughter, spending time in nature, fishing, doing lots of DIY projects, and protecting Connecticut waterways.


VIDEOMaster Distiller Brandon Collins and Debra C. Argen of Luxury Experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zbInSDgSqM&feature=youtu.be

Continuum Distilling Exceptional Craft Spirits Product Line:

Continuum Distilling Products
ContinuRum, Continum Drops, and Continuum Charred

Charred, their flagship "beer whiskey" made from beer trimmings from brown ales, stouts & porters. Aged on local wood staves for a rich toasted flavor. 48% alcohol by volume (96 proof), available in 375 ml ($30 bottle) and 750 ml ($55) bottles.

Drops, distilled from CT crafted IPA beer trimmings, is double-distilled and unaged, which gives it its characteristic "floral, bright and hoppy flavor" with hop forward nose, herbaceous, citrus, and floral notes. 46% alcohol by volume (92 proof). Drops retails for $35 for a 750 ml bottle.

Blueberry ContinuRum, a unique craft rum, made with 100% blackstrap molasses. 45% alcohol (90 proof), available in a 750 ml bottle at $45 bottle.

Ginger ContinuRum, a unique craft rum, made with 100% blackstrap molasses. 45% alcohol (90 proof), available in a 750 ml bottle at $33 bottle.

Especially tempting if you live in Connecticut, Continuum Distilling has free delivery for orders over $50.

Want to take a tour? Tours and Tastings are conducted on Fridays at 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm, and on Saturdays at 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:00 pm. Please call ahead to reserve your entrance time.

Cheers! Its cocktail time!

Read about Continuum Distilling Charred and Continuum Distilling Drops with Luxury Experience’s Culinary and Cocktail Recipes in the Liquor Cabinet section.

Background Information on Continuum Distilling

"Usually distiller’s beer is comprised of only the most basic grains with the purpose of extracting the most sugar possible to obtain an optimal efficient conversion into alcohol. We discovered that there are multiple steps in the brewing process where ingredients, such as sugars, fermented out beer with yeast in suspension, and flavorful solids can all be recouped and repurposed for distilling. It would be extremely expensive to attempt to recreate these flavors as beers and distill them for a spirit, but when these delicious compounds can be utilized using disposed waste or "trimmings" from the brew process…that is when sustainability and innovation marry to make something exceptional! Continuum strives to be resourceful in our process by minimizing our usage of raw materials, repurposing items/equipment for the distilling and aging process and limiting our water consumption to produce truly unique and exceptional spirits with as little footprint as possible."

For more information on Continuum Distilling, purchasing their products, or visiting them in Waterbury, Connecticut, please call them at +1-203-725-3291 or visit their website: www.ContinuumDistilling.com.

Continuum Distilling

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