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TrySwedish – North – Nordic Food Festival New York

Chef Fredrik Andersson, Chef Frida Ronge - photo by Luxury Experience
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Try Swedish – A Taste of West Sweden, part of the North – Nordic Food Festival New York ’14 in New York City inspired guests to visit Sweden with delicious menus created by visiting chefs, Frida Ronge and Fredrik Andersson from Gothenburg, Sweden, and a panel discussion to inspire travel to the region.


West Sweden is a "foodie paradise" and what better way to inspire tourism than by the palate? The Try Swedish – A Taste of West Sweden, one of the many North – Nordic Food Festival events, did just that with its creative tastings.

Chef Fredrik Andersson and Chef Frida Ronge

TrySwedish – A Taste of West Sweden Luncheon Menu
September 17, 2014

Presented by VisitSweden
Chef Frida Ronge
Chef Fredrik Andersson

Ostrea Edulis - Osyters - Photo by Luxury Experience

Ostrea Edulis
celery, cucumber, green apple

smoked cod, tamago, horseradish aioli

Pork Sausage - Photo by Luxury Experience

Pork Sausage
Gäsene Mini Munk cheese, pickled cucumber, lobster aioli

Gravlax - Photo by Luxury Experience

Crisp-bread, miso and mustard sauce, pickled red pearl onion,

Drink Menu

La Saget Perrière

Rekorderlig Cider

Brooklyn Brewery

Gevalia Kaffe

The region is renowned for its oysters, as the cold, nutrient, mineral-rich waters help to create slow growing tasty oysters, and to showcase Sweden’s treasure from the sea, Chef Fredrik Andersson tempted guests’ palates with Ostrea Edulis, plump and succulent raw oysters with minced celery, cucumber, and green apple.

Chef Fredrik Andersson - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Fredrik Andersson

The region also has excellent cheeses, meat, and produce and celebrates the farm to table movement. To show this rich diversity, he also made Pork Sausage with Gäsene Mini Munk cheese, pickled cucumber, and lobster aioli.

Chef Frida Ronge’s focus at the restaurant vRÅ in Gothenburg is sushi and raw food, and she created Maki made with smoked cod, tamago, and horseradish aioli, that deftly combined Swedish and Japanese flavors and ingredients.

Chef Frida Ronge - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Frida Ronge

She also gave a new look at traditional Swedish fare with her Gravlax presented on Swedish crisp-bread, with miso and mustard sauce, and pickled red pearl onion, once again adding in Japanese elements to meld cultures and flavors.

To further journalistic and tourist inspiration, there was a panel discussion after the luncheon moderated by Kalle Bergstrom, Editor-in-Chief, Honest Cooking, an award-winning international digital culinary magazine.

Kalle Bergstrom, Jill Axelsson Pabst, Debra Argen, Edward Nesta, Ami Hovstadius - photo by Luxury Experience

Try Swedish Panel Speakers

Ami Hovstadius
Visit Sweden

Edward F. Nesta and Debra C. Argen
Luxury Experience

Jill Axelsson Pabst
West Sweden Tourist Board and Gothenburg & Co.

The speakers shared their experiences and knowledge of the region to let visitors know what they could expect when visiting the area. Our experience driving through Gothenburg and West Sweden was that it was visually stunning; its scenery commanded us to make frequent stops to absorb and photograph its beauty as the light in Sweden is almost magical. The region is also renowned for its excellent restaurants and cafes, interesting shops, and diverse museums. You can also enjoy nature by partaking of soft adventures such as kayaking, cycling, and hiking, or go on a seafood safari to harvest mussels, oysters, and crayfish in the spring and summer, and lobster in the autumn and winter.

Chef Fredrick Andersson and Ami Hovstadius - Photo by Luxury Experience-
Chef Frida Ronge and Ami Hovstadius

Foodies will especially enjoy visiting the region with its A Taste of West Sweden program, a network of 45 restaurants and 40 food producers and farm shops in West Sweden, which are all certified for their first-class produce. In addition to the tasty food, many of the restaurants in the program are located in unique settings including historic manor houses and castles. West Sweden and Gothenburg truly offer something for everyone with their rich diversity of offerings making the region perfect for your next vacation.

In the evening, there was an exclusive dinner at their pop-up restaurant, #TrySwedish – Culinary Delights of #WestSweden and #Gothenburg at The Old Bowery Station.

The dinner featured selections from Chef Frederik Anderrsson, a member of the prestigious Swedish Culinary Team 2013 and who is the Executive Chef at West Coast restaurant in Gothenburg, and Chef Frida Ronge of the Gothenburg, Sweden restaurant, vRÅ. Chef Frida was awarded the "Rising Star" by the White Guide in 2013 and was a silver medalist at the world championships, Seven Sushi Samurai in London.

The #TrySwedish – Culinary Delights of West Sweden and Gothenburg Dinner Menu


 Oyster - Photo by Luxury Experience

Ostrea Edulis
celery, cucumber, and green apple

Salmon - Photo by Luxury Experience

mirin, salmon roe, dashi, daikon, and cucumber

Scallops - Photo by Luxury Experience

Blackened Scallop
Green tea noodles, Swedish kelp nori

Halibut - Photo by Luxury Experience

Halibut Sashimi Style
browned yuzu butter, pickled onion, bleak roe

Cod - Photo by Luxury Experience

Cauliflower, borage, yogurt, blue mussels

Dessert- Photo by Luxury Experience

Cream Cheese Mousse
Cloudberries, almonds

Read the Chefs’ Recipes section for an interview with Chef Frida Ronge and get the recipe for her Halibut with Browned Yuzu Butter.

Try Swedish
Try Swedish

"Honest Cooking, an award-winning international digital culinary magazine, for the second time teamed up with some of the world’s most influential restaurants for NORTH – the largest ever Nordic Food Festival in the US. New York City showcased amazing Nordic chefs, producers, and flavors to inspire guests to come taste, smell and see what Nordic gastronomy is all about:  www.NorthFoodFestival.com"

North Food Festival
North Food Festival

"West Sweden, with Gothenburg as its gateway, is rapidly gaining a reputation as the ‘foodie’ capital of northern Europe. This is mainly due to the region’s seafood, ranked amongst the best in the world thanks to the cold, mineral-rich waters."

Visti SwedenFor more information on Sweden and West Sweden, please visit the websites: www.TrySwedish.com, www.WestSweden.com, www.Goteborg.com/en, and www.VisitSweden.com.

For information on Honest Cooking, please visit the website: www.HonestCooking.com.

Robert Benjes, Annika Benjes, Edward F.Nesta - photo by Luxury Experience
Robert Benjes, Annika Benjes of Visit Sweden
and Edward F. Nesta

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