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Gozo and Malta

by Debra C. Argen
Corinna Born and Edward F. Nesta at the Munich Airport's Airbrau
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Gozo, Malta, Azure WindowIsland hopping between Gozo and Malta is like night and day, yet both islands offer visitors with the opportunity to experience 7,000 years of history.


The Republic of Malta consists of three islands: Malta, the largest of the islands with Valletta the capital city (246 sq. km), Gozo, (67 sq. km), and Comino, (2.7 sq. km) the smallest of the three islands. Located 93 km south from Sicily, and 288 km north of Africa, with a total population of approximately, 400,000, the islands although small in stature, are large in spirit, and rich in history and culture.

Looking to discover more of the Mediterranean, Edward F. Nesta and I decided on destination Gozo. Since Malta is not directly accessible from the United States, we flew to Munich, where we enjoyed a few hours layover with our friend Corinna of Munich Airport, browsing in the 200+ airport stores, and enjoyed German pretzels and a beer at the Munich Airport’s Airbrau open-air beer garden that features an on-site microbrewery, before flying on to Malta.

We landed at the airport on Malta where our driver met us and drove us to the GOZO Channel Line ferry for a 30-minute ride to Gozo, followed by a 30-minute drive to the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, a five-star luxury hotel with 122 rooms and suites and every bell and whistle imaginable.

Gozo Channel Line Ferry What immediately struck us about Gozo is the Mediterranean landscape where brightly hued bougainvillea in startling pinks and purples, and oleander is pristine white to blushing pinks are intermixed with prickly pear cactus blooming with intense yellow blossoms, yuccas, century plants, olive, citrus, palm trees and grape vines, against a starling contrast of a rocky limestone backdrop. We arrived at the hotel around 5:00 pm when the light was almost magical as it played on the limestone façade and the Mediterranean gardens.

The hotel has two exceptional restaurants, Trattoria San Lawrenz, with an Italian menu, and ĽOrtolan with Mediterranean and Maltese cuisine, which we not only experienced during our stay, (Restaurants section), but have recipes from the talented Executive Chefs, Francesco Colore and Jonathan Spiteri in English, Italian, and Maltese in the Chefs’ Recipes section.

In addition to Trattoria San Lawrenz and and ĽOrtolan, the hotel also has Il-Baldakkina, their Café and Lounge, two Pool Bars for cocktails and snacks, and the Gazebo for light lunches and barbecues.

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta - pool When it comes to the bells and whistles, the hotel has two outdoor swimming pools for adults, an outdoor family pool, a heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness Center, Squash and Tennis Courts, and even their own Dive Center managed by Blue Waters Dive Cove (Adventures section). The hotel also offers two distinct Spa experiences, the Marine Care Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa and the Softouch Ayurveda Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa, where we truly had a luxury experience at each of the Spas, see the Spas section.

The hotel even provides a complimentary shuttle service to nearby attractions, making it very convenient for visitors not wanting to drive on the left hand side of the road. Service as you would expect, is professional and attentive.

Read other articles on the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz in the Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Chefs’ Recipes, Spas, and Adventures sections.

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta
Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
Triq ir-Rokon, San Lawrenz
SLZ1040 Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2211-0000
Fax:                 +356-2211-6373

Although we had rented a car, since the hotel offers a complimentary twice-daily shuttle service to Dwerja, Ramla, and the city of Victoria, we decided to put off Edward’s debut of driving on the left side of the road until the afternoon, and take the shuttle to Victoria to do some exploring.

Victoria, (named for Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1897) also known as Rabat, is a charming fortified city, and we began our exploration by walking up the hill to the Citadel. History abounds inside the late Medieval walls, where until 1637, the population spent their nights inside the walls for protection. Evidence of the Knights of Saint John (1530 – 1798) stirred our imagination as we explored the narrow, winding streets inside the Citadel walls.

Gozo Catherderal, Gozo, MaltaWe began our exploration at the Gozo Cathedral located directly inside the Citadel walls. Climbing the stairs to the Cathedral, we noted the coat of arms on the outside, and upon entering noticed the interesting marble tombstones on the floor, and the impressive frescoes on the ceiling. Pope John Paul II visited the Cathedral in 1990, the first Pope to ever visit Gozo. The Baroque-style Cathedral is built from limestone in the shape of the Latin cross with 8 chapels, and the holy relics chapel features the arm bone of Saint Ursola, the patron saint of Gozo.

We continued at the Gozo Cathedral Museum where one of the many interesting objects on display was a Tomb Seal that was issued by the Health Department of the Knights of John during the plague epidemic to make sure that the graves were not disturbed.

Gozo Cathedral
Cathedral Square
Victoria VCT 104
Gozo, Malta

The Citadel is rich in history and museums. We visited the Natural Museum of Science where we had a geologic view of the Maltese islands through their collections of shells, fossils, fish, birds and stones that included onyx, smoky quartz, jasper agate, amethyst, rose quartz, chalcedony, opal and more.

The Natural Museum of Science is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last entrance is at 4:30 pm. Admission is charged.

Natural Museum of Science
Triq il-Kwartier San Martin
Victoria VCT 104
Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2156-6153

Folklore Museum, Gozo, MaltaWe continued our museum discoveries at the Folklore Museum, which has an interesting collection, which includes many photos, fishing nets and equipment, agricultural items, and clothing, including a mantle of Knight Caspar de Figuera.

Mantel of Knight Caspar de Figuera, Gozo, MaltaThe Folklore Museum is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last entrance is at 4:30 pm. Admission is charged.

Folklore Museum
Bernardo de Opuo Street
Victoria VCT 104
Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2034

We visited the Old Prison, adjacent to the Law Courts, which was used from the mid-16th century until the beginning of the 20th century. For symbolists and history buffs, the Old Prison is a treasure trove housing the largest and more important collection of historic graffiti in the Maltese islands. The graffiti carved on the limestone walls provide insight into the lives of the prisoners who once lived there.

Entering one of the cells we found graffiti in the shape of a Roman cross on the wall near the floor where the occupant of the cell might have kneeled to pray. On other walls, we saw a wide range of symbols including eight-pointed Maltese crosses, the outlines of hands, carvings of ships that provide a historical reference as to when and from where the prisoner came, occult symbols on the floor, lines carved on the walls indicating the number of days, weeks, and months a prisoner had spent in the cell, names, and English writing on the walls that confirmed that the cell occupant stayed at the prison after the 18th century.

Old Prison, Gozo, Malta - ship graffiti Old Prison, Gozo, Malta - hand graffiti Old Prison, Gozo, Malta - Maltese star graffiti
Prison Graffiti 

John Bajada, Gallery/Site Officer explained that before 1800, prisoners were sent to the galleys where they provided free labor. During that time, there was only one person to a cell. One of the offenses punishable with a prison sentence was for stealing medicinal plants from Fungus Rock in Dwerja Bay. So precious were these plants that the Knights of Saint John guarded Fungus Rock around the clock. After 1800 when the Knights of Saint John left Malta, prisoners no longer were sent to the galleys to work, and two prisoners would often share a cell.

The Old Prison is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last entrance is at 4:30 pm. Admission is charged.

Old Prisons
Cathedral Square
Victoria VCT 104
Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2156-5988

Archeology Museum, Gozo, MaltaThe Museum of Archeology, housed in the 17th century Palazzo Bondi offers insight into the history of Gozo from pre-historic to modern times. The museum has many interesting collections housed on two floors, and features relics from Ggantija Temples.

The Museum of Archeology is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last entrance is at 4:30 pm. Admission is charged.

Museum of Archeology
Triq Bieb ľImdina
Victoria VCT 104
Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2155-6144

Mario with Filigree Bracelet - Gozo, MaltaThe Maltese islands are noted for their intricate silver filigree jewelry, handmade lace, and hand-blown glass, and we enjoyed browsing the many silver shops in Victoria in our pursuit for the perfect silver filigree bracelet as a gift for my mother, appropriately named Victoria, also after Queen Victoria.

After browsing the streets inside the Citadel walls, we strolled the streets outside through the open markets selling souvenirs as well as fruits and vegetables, and visited the shops selling Maltese wines, and special liqueurs made from Prickly Pears and Pomegranate.

Victoria, Gozo, Malta - Open Market
Victoria Open Market 

Itzi of Blue Water Dive Cove, Gozo, MaltaWe returned to the hotel and met with Itzi of Blue Waters Dive Cove at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz to organize a day of diving for the following day. Gozo offers visitors a perfect dive location with underwater visibility ranging from 30-40 meters (98-131 feet). Read about our diving experience in the Adventures section.

After exploring the city of Victoria with the hotel’s shuttle in the morning it was now time for Edward to make his debut driving on the left side of the road in our rental car. If you have never driven on the left side with the steering wheel on the right side of the car, and shifting with your left hand, instead of your right, suffice it to say that it is a bit tricky, but like the racecar driver that he was, Edward F. Nesta with Watchtower from Knights of Saint John, Gozo, MaltaEdward was up to the challenge. I, however, was not too sure if I was ready for my passenger debut. Albeit a bit reluctantly I slid into my seat, securely fastened my seat belt, and as Edward started to pull out of the hotel’s driveway onto the main road, I immediately closed my eyes! Of course, when he asked me to read the directions to go to Dwerja Bay, he caught me white knuckled grasping the car door handle with my eyes firmly shut. After a bit of a "discussion," I did open my eyes, at least for most of the time, and when I stopped having the sensation that I was going to be whacked in the face with the passing branches of the palm trees on the side of the road, I relaxed and began to enjoy the 10-miute ride.

Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta at Azure Window, Gozo, MaltaArriving at Dwerja Bay was truly dramatic with a Knights of Saint John Watchtower built in 1652 perched high on the high, with soaring, rugged cliffs, and a rocky coastline leading to the bay. We stopped to admire the Azure Window, located on the right side if you are facing the bay. Azure Window is a rock formation with a unique archway creating a window with an incredible view of the azure color of the bay.

Aligator Rock, Gozo, MaltaDirectly to the left of Azure Window is Alligator Rock, so named because it resembles the head of an Alligator, and to the far right is Fungus Rock. Although it may not look like much other than a large rock in Dwerja Bay, Fungus Rock played a very important role in the history of Gozo. The site of a parasitic plant that was used for medicinal purposes, the Knights of Saint John guarded the rock and the bay from their watchtower located on the hill. Stealing or attempting to steal this plant resulted in imprisonment. Today, the plant (Cynomorium) is endangered and protected by law, and it is still prohibited to climb Fungus Rock.

Ta Pinu - Way of the Cross, Gozo, MaltaWe continued driving to Gharb to visit Tá Pinu Sanctuary where it is believed that miracles have occurred. Also of importance, is the Way of the Cross, larger than life size statues depicting the stations of the cross that lead from the road up the side of a steep hill, that are clearly visible from the parking lot.


Ta Pino, Gozo, MaltaTá Pinu Sanctuary
Gharb GRB 104
Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2155-6187
Fax:                 +356-2156-2350

As I had noted, Malta is renowned for wine, and every Thursday, Dirk Reinhardt, Food and Beverage Manager at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, holds a Wine Tasting to acquaint guests with Maltese wines. During our stay, he featured a Delicata Wine Tasting where guests had the opportunity to learn more Maltese wines and the tasting included Gran Cavalier Chardonnay 2005, Gran Cavalier Merlot 2005, and Grand Vin De Hauteville Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage 2003.

L'Ortolan Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz - Filo Wraped Rack of LambWe continued our wine experience by having a glass of wine on the terrace, followed by a gourmet dinner at L’Ortolan, which features international cuisine and Mediterranean flavors. A few of the tempting selections that we had included Mediterranean Prawns tossed with Citrus Salad laced with Honey and Lavender Cream, Smoked Cheese and Shallot Spring Rolls accompanied with Salad Leaves and Sorbet de Cassis, and Rack of Lamb Wrapped in Flaky Filo Pastry Flavored with Indian Spices and accompanied with Lemon Rice laced with Curry Masala.

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
Triq ir-Rokon, San Lawrenz
Gozo SLZ 1040
Telephone:      +356-2211-0000
Fax:                 +356-2211-6373

Dive Photo Courtesy of Blue Water Dive Cove, Gozo, MaltaThe following morning we went diving with Blue Waters Dive Cove at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz leaving no stone unturned as we explored Gozo both above and below the sea. Diving below the Azure Window and at the Inland Sea was an incredible experience, which we write about in the Adventures section.

Blue Water Dive Cove, Gozo, Malta
Blue Waters Dive Cove
Kuncizzjoni Street
Qala, Gozo GSM 103
Telephone:      +356-2156-5626
Mobile:           +356-7953-6874, Franco
Mobile:           +356-9922-4114, Antoine

Ggantija Ancient Temples, Gozo, MaltaWe continued our discoveries at Ggantija Temples in Xaghra, which is a definite must if you appreciate history, culture, and archeology. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temples are the oldest freestanding structures in the world dating to prehistoric times, (3600 – 3200 BC), and are older than both Stonehedge and the Egyptian Pyramids. The name comes from the Maltese word for giant, and the two large megaliths are indeed impressive. We walked inside the walls where we stood looking in amazement at the two temples.

Ggantija Temples are open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The last entrance is at 4:30 pm. Admission is charged.

Ggantija Temples
Temples Street
Xaghra, Gozo
Telephone:      +356-2155-3194
Fax:                 +356-2155-0107

Marine Care Centre at Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo, MaltaAfter a day of scuba diving, we needed some extra pampering and had Spa treatments at the Marine Care Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa, which included Dead Sea Salt Brushing and Wrap, and a Water Massage with a Precious Milk Bath, which you may read about in the Spas section.

Marine Care Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa
Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
Triq ir-Rokon, San Lawrenz
SLZ 1040 Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2211-0000
Fax:                 +356-2211-6373

Ayurveda Centre at Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo, MaltaWe also had our first experience with Ayurvedic Spa treatments at the Softouch Ayurveda Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa, the first authentic Ayurvedic centre in the Mediterranean and the largest in Europe. Amidst the beautiful tranquil setting we learned about Ayurveda, a five thousand year old holistic approach of medicine, which originated in the Kerala region of South India. It was both an uplifting and insightful experience, which you may read about in the Spas section.

Softouch Ayurveda Centre at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Spa
Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
Triq ir-Rokon, San Lawrenz
SLZ 1040 Gozo, Malta
Telephone:      +356-2211-5820
Telephone:      +356-2211-0000
Fax:                 +356-2211-6373

Trattoria San Lawrenz, Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta - grouperWe had a delightful dinner at Trattoria San Lawrenz where we sampled Chef Francesco Colore’s fresh Italian cuisine. We began with antipasto, followed by a tempting fresh grouper dish, homemade ravioli, and ended the evening on a sweet note with a white chocolate mousse tarte. Restaurants and Chefs’ Recipes section

It was now time to do a little island hopping, and we took a quick 30-minute ride on the GOZO Channel Line ferry to Malta. One of the main differences that we noticed upon arriving on Malta is that after spending time on the smaller, slower paced, Gozo, was the heavier traffic. For this, I was ever so grateful that Edward had "practiced" driving on the left side on Gozo, where traffic was a minimum, before tackling driving on Malta.

Our first stop on Malta was at the city of Mallieha where we were rewarded with spectacular views of Malta, and a charming church at the top of the steep hill.

Mellieha Coast View, Malta Church in Mellieha, Malta
Mallieha Views and Church

Grand Master's Palace, Valletta, MaltaWe continued to the capital city, Valletta, a charming fortress city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, named after its founder, Grand Master of the Order of Saint John, Jean Parisot de la Vallette. The city was built from 1566-1581, and we appropriately began our discovery at the Grand Master’s Palace by visiting the Palace State Rooms and the Palace Armory. Here we had an interesting look into the Knights of Saint John, "a unique brotherhood of resolute warrior monks who were aristocrats from the noble houses of Europe, who came to Malta in their crusade against the Ottoman Turks."

 Coat of Arms, Palace Armory, Valletta, Gozo Coat of Arms, Palace Armory, Valleta, Malta
Coat of Arms

Among the points of interest in the palace are the trompe ľoeil frescoed ceilings, marble coats of arms on the floor, armor, and tapestries. The Palace Armory, which opened in 1860 as Malta’s first public museum, has an impressive collection of arms.

The Palace Armory, Valletta, MaltaGrand Master’s Palace
Merchants Street
Valletta VLT 04
Telephone:      +356-2124-9349

A visit to Valletta would not be complete without stopping at Saint John’s Co-Cathedral built by the Knights between 1573-1578 in the high Baroque style with important works by Caravaggio and houses the tombstones of the Knights of Saint John.

Saint John's Co-Cathederal, Valletta, Malta
Saint John’s Co-Cathedral 

Open Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, last entrance is at 4:00 pm. Saturdays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, last entrance at 12:00 pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays. Admission is charged.

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral
Saint John’s Street
Valletta VLT 10
Telephone:      +356-2122- 0536

We strolled through the narrow, hilly streets, stopping along the way to explore the many shops selling lace and hand-blown glass, to admire the shrines built in niches on the corners, as well as the coats of arms above the doors, and walked along the fortification wall making stops at Saint John’s Bastion, Saint John’s Cavalier, and enjoyed a short rest sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree at Upper Barrakka Gardens.

There is no better way to cool down on a warm summer day than by having a refreshing gelato, which we enjoyed at Caffe Cordina, founded in 1837, located next to the Grand Master’s Palace, that is the oldest confectionary in Malta.

Wines of Malta book, MaltaMalta is renowned for its wine and since we wanted to learn more about Maltese wines, we met the man who literally wrote the book on Maltese wines, Mr. Georges Meekers, whose book is appropriately named Wines of Malta, The Essential Guide. Having drinks at an outside table at Caffe Cordina, we learned about the four Maltese wineries: Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker, Marsovin, Camilleri Wines, and Meridiana Wine Estate. Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker, celebrating its centenary anniversary this year and is the oldest winery still in operation, and Marsovin produce about 95% of the Maltese wine, with the newer and smaller wineries Camilleri and Meridiana producing about 5% of the wines.  

Chardonnay is the most popular grape with the wineries producing Chardonnay styles that range from little to no oak to heavy oak, and medium to full bodied. There are two indigenous Maltese grapes, Girgentina (white) and Ġellewża (red), with Girgentina used both solo as well as in blends, and Ġellewża used mainly for rosés, where they extract its aromatic qualities. When Georges is not busy writing about wine, or teaching Internet wine classes, he can be found working at Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker. (Contact Georges at European Wine Academy, www.WineCampus.org)

Caffe Cordina
244/5 Republic Street
Valletta VLT 04
Telephone:      +356-2123-4385
Fax:                 +356-2123-8661

Summer Dinning Room, Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta, MaltaFor a unique look at a Maltese palace from the 1600s, we visited Casa Rocca Piccola, built around 1580. Originally the home of Don Pietro Lo Rocca, an Admiral of the Order of Saint John, the home was later used by high-ranking Knights of Malta, one of which was the Bishop of Malta. Casa Rocca Piccola was sold to the de Piro family, where it is now the private residence of Nicholas 9th Marquis de Piro and 9th Baron of Budach.

A few of the gorgeous highlights include the Chinese room with an old map of Valletta and a 16th century family tree, and the Grande Sala with the largest 18th century Bohemian chandelier, 16th century wood chest with carved Maltese crosses that is the oldest furniture in Malta, and a portable chapel that resembled an armoire. The chapel features gold chalices,  papal shoes from three popes, and a painting of Monsignor de Piro, who may become the second Maltese saint. The Winter Dining Room features a hand-carved Florentine table and chairs, and the Summer Dining Room is attractively set and includes lace placemats, shining silver and sparkling crystal engraved with the coat of arms.

Casa Rocca Piccola, Oldest Furniture on Malta
16th Century Wood Chest 

Casa Rocca Piccola Palazzo, Valletta, MaltaValletta was heavily bombed during World War II, and the Casa Rocca Piccola has an underground bomb shelter where as many as 150 people lived during the air raids. Although other areas of the city were damaged, remarkably, Casa Rocca Piccola was untouched.

Casa Rocca Piccola is open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Tours take place on the hour. Special after-hours tours and receptions may be arranged by appointment for groups. Admission is charged.

Casa Rocca Piccola
74 Republic Street
Valletta VLT 05
Telephone:      +356-212-21499

After a day exploring Malta it was time to return on the GOZO Channel Line ferry to Gozo. Summertime is feast time with a feast at one of the villages each weekend beginning with horse racing during the day, followed by processions, brass bands, and fireworks at midnight.

Xwekija, Malta Festival
Horse Racing

Gabriella Muscat and Probe-Birk at Xwekija, Gozo, Malta Festival On the way back from our trip to Malta, we passed the village of Xewkija where we saw sulkies racing in the street. Naturally, we stopped to watch the races, and spoke with 13-year Gabriella Muscat, whose 12-year old horse Probe-Birk, had won one of the earlier races. Horse owners come from all over Gozo and even as far away as Malta to compete in the feast races. Watching the crowd cheering their favorite horses was an exciting way to experience the feast atmosphere.

We spent our last evening having a pre-dinner swim in the inviting outdoor swimming at the hotel, followed by a barbecue dinner at L’Ortolan. We returned to our room and watched the spectacular fireworks display from our balcony to celebrate a wedding at the hotel, which was indeed a most memorable way to way to end our stay on Gozo.

In the morning, our driver drove us to the GOZO Channel Line ferry to Malta, and then to the airport, where we boarded our plane with luggage filled with lasting memories of the friendliness of the people, the beauty, culture, history, and gastronomy, and of course, the requisite bottles of wine, olive oil, lace and silver!

Lace and Glass of Malta
Lace and Glass of Malta

Important information for Gozo:

The currency of Malta is the Maltese Lira (MLT). As of June 2007, the exchange rate was 3 US Dollars to 1 Maltese Lira, and 2.3 Euro (EUR) to 1 Maltese Lira.  Maltese Liri are divided into 100 cents. In January 2008, Malta will convert to the Euro.

The electric current in Malta is 220 volts, and uses a British a 3-pin rectangular pin plug. Malta’s time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +1 hour, and during Daylight Savings Time is GMT + 2 hours.

The official languages of the Republic of Malta are English and Maltese, which has an Arabic origin that is written in Roman script. To help you learn a bit of Maltese, I have included some basic vocabulary.





Good morning


Good evening



Sahha (sah’ ha)

How are you?

Kif inti

Fine thank you, and you?

Tajjeb, Grazzie u int?


Jekk joghgbok (yekk yo dz’bok)

Thank you

Grazzi (grats’ tsi)


Iva (i’va)


Le (le)


Forsi (for’ si)

My name is …

Jiena jisimni …

What is your name?



Feyn (feyn)


Meta (me’ ta)

How much is this?

Kenn tqum din


Miftuh (miftuh’)


Maghlug (ma lug’)

On time

Fil hin (filhin’)


Xellug (shelluk’)


Lemin (lemin’)




Il boghod




Hdejn (hdeyn)



Sahha (sah’ ha)



Ajjut!ghajnuna! (ay’ yut a: ynu’ na)


Sptar (sptar)


Urgenti (urdzen’ ti)


Marid (marit’)


Tabid (tapip’)


Dentista (dentis’ ta)


Dijabetiku (diyabe’ tiku)


Ugigh ta ras (udzi:h ta ras)

Heart problems

Qalb (qalp)


Nawsja (naws’ ya)



Xorb (shorp)



Kafe’ (kafe’)


Te (te)


Halib (halip’)


Zokkor (tsok’ kor)


Sugu (su’ gu)


Silg (silch)


Birra (bir’ ra)


Ilma (il’ ma)

Mineral Water

Ilma minerali (il’ ma minera’ li)


Inbid (inbit’)

Wine List

Lista tal-inbid (lis’ta talimbit’)





Ikel (I’kel)



Hobz (hops)


Butir (butir’)


Canga (chan’ ga)


Fellus (fellus’)


Haruf (haruf’)


Laham (la’ ham)


Majjal (mayyal’)


Merluzz (merlutsts’)


Granc (granch)


Huta (hu’ ta)


Awwista (awwis’ ta)


Masklu (mask’ lu)


Salamum (salamun’)


Moxt (mosht)


Gamblu (gamb’ lu)


Insalata (insala’ ta)


Haxxix (hashish’)


Vegetarjan (vedzetaryan’)


Dizerta (dizer’ ta)


Kejk (keyk) or Torta (tor’ ta)


Biskott (biskott’)

Ice cream

Gelat (dzelat’)


Torta (tor’ ta)


Pudina (pudi’ na)

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For information on the Maltese Islands, please visit: Malta Tourist Authority at www.VisitMalta.com and Heritage Malta at www.HeritageMalta.org.

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