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Tuscany Steakhouse Recipes – Tuscany Steakhouse NY, NY, USA

Tuscany Steakhouse - NY, NY, USA
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Chef Eddie - Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience Chef Jamie and Chef Eddie of Tuscany Steakhouse located 117 West 58th Street in Manhattan, provides a delectable "taste" of the restaurant where the focus is American (Traditional) Steakhouse and Italian cuisine with recipes for Sirloin Steak and Linguini Pasta.

Tuscany Steakhouse

Chef Jamie and Chef Eddie are the talent in the kitchen of Tuscany Steakhouse in New York City, and when we dined at the restaurant in late February 2019, the restaurant had just celebrated its one-year anniversary under its culinary belt. Although the restaurant is a relative newcomer on the block, the owner Steve H. and Chef Jamie bring 15 years of steakhouse experience to the table and worked together for several years at top restaurants in New York City including Wolfgang’s Steakhouse before opening Tuscany Steakhouse.

Speaking with Steve, he told us that their focus for the restaurant is a blend of American (Traditional) Steakhouse fare combined with Italian Cuisine that deftly combine USDA Prime meat dry aged in their signature aging box, with enough diversity on the menu that non-meat eaters will also enjoy dining at the upscale restaurant located steps away from Central Park and close to the Theatre District.

Chef Eddie and Owner Steve H - Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Eddie and Owner Steve H.

Over the course of our dinner, we met with Chef Eddie who provided us with instructions on how to prepare and cook the two entrées that we enjoyed at the restaurant, their Sirloin Steak, and their Seafood Pasta.

Watch the video of Chef Eddie giving recipes for New York Sirloin Steak and Seafood Pastahttps://youtu.be/jgCXPyWoNpc.

New York Sirloin Steak - Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
New York Sirloin Steak

Dry-aging and extremely high cooking temperatures are what make the steaks at Tuscany Steakhouse so mouth-watering wonderful. Chef Eddie said that to create their Signature Dish of Dry Aged New York Strip, which they call Sirloin Steak, they dry age slabs of meat for 35 and a half days, then butcher it in house to the cuts that need.

They broil their steaks in a 1,200-degree Fahrenheit oven, use only a touch of kosher salt and a little butter to finish them. While you cannot get the same results at home due to heating limitations of home ovens, you can follow Chef Eddie’s tip of using kosher salt and adding a little butter to your steaks to give them the delicious "Tuscany Steakhouse touch."

Seafood Pasta - Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA - photo by Luxury Experience
Seafood Pasta

To create their Linguini Seafood, they use all fresh seafood in a lightly spicy marinara sauce.For the seafood, they use a delectable medley of fresh cooked Maine lobster,calamari and shrimp, and clams prepared with garlic and olive oil.

For the marinara sauce, they use fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and other herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper, and bring it to a boil to cook it down and thicken it. They cook their linguini al dente, toss it with the sauce, and then top the linguini witha crowning glory of a generous amount of the cooked seafood. Molto bene!

Tuscany Steakhouse is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:45 am until 10:30 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11:45am until 11:30 pm. The restaurant also offers a prix-fixe lunch menu for those on the go.

Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA
Dining Room

The restaurant is located near Central Park and the Theatre District making it perfect for pre or post theatre shows.

For more information on Tuscany Steakhouse or to make reservations please visit their website: www.TuscanySteakhouse.com.

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Tuscany Steakhouse, NY, NY, USA

Tuscany Steakhouse
117 West 58thStreet
New York,New York 10019
United States
Telephone: +1-212-757-8630
Email: info@tuscanysteakhouse.com
Website: www.TuscanySteakhouse.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tuscanysteakhouse/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TuscanySteakhouseNYC/

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