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Tapera Restaurante, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Tapera Restaurant, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, BrazilTapera Restaurante is a charming restaurant located in the center of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Once a part of the state of Mato Grosso, Mato Gross do Sul became a state in 1979, and the restaurant is one of the oldest in the state. A large tree grows in the center of the inviting outdoor dining space of the restaurant adding charm and character, and firmly establishes itself as a restaurant to stay. Owned by restauranteur and poet Antonio Carlos Silveira Soares the restaurant is a welcome respite in a city of great cuisine.


Tapera Restaurante - Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Tapera Restaurante

For the past 35 years Tapera Restaurante has been welcoming diners with their gracious hospitality where diners can enjoy dining inside the restaurant or dining al fresco. We had an excellent dinner at Tapera Restaurante on March 20, 2019 where we opted to dine outside to people-watch. Sitting at a table covered with a floral print cloth tablecloth, with colorful pots of plants arranged around the space, and the large tree reaching upwards through the terra cotta tile roof, it was the perfect ending for our stay in Bonito where the focus is on eco-tourism and nature.  

Our evening began by sampling the restaurant's delicious cachaça (Brazil's national spirt) infused with guavira (a regional berry-like fruit of Mato Grosso do Sul that blooms only once per year in November), which they serve to welcome diners to the restaurant. With its deep, rich color, the guavira-infused cachaça resembled whiskey, but the taste was a sweet delight on the palate followed by a lingering kick.  

Luxury Experience Team - photo by Luxury Experience
Guavira-infused Cacha

We followed that with Brazil's classic cocktail, the Caipirinha, made with cachaça and sugar muddled with lime, and served on the rocks. Always refreshing, it was a tasty way to relax while we enjoyed reading the menu consisting of regional fish as well as chicken and meat offerings.  

Mato Grosso do Sul is known for its freshwater fish, and we selected two of their exceptional fish preparations of pintado (regional freshwater catfish), Natelha and Á Bonito. The Natelha version was very tasty and consisted of catfish in a rich and flavorful spicy tomato sauce presented steaming in a terra cotta roof tile.  

Natelha - Pintado in spicy tomato sauce - photo by Luxury Experience
Natelha - Pintado in spicy tomato sauce

Á Bonito was pintado cooked with coconut milk and cream cheese, which was also delicious. Paired with accompaniments of cooked white rice and French fries, along with a salad of arugula, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cooked carrots and sliced cooked potatoes, it was hearty and delectable fare that showcased regional ingredients and preparations.  

A Bonite - Pintado in coconut milk and cream cheese- photo by Luxury Experience
Á Bonito - Pintado in coconut milk and cream cheese

For dessert there was a nice selection of fruit-based sweets, typical of the region, including Doce de Carambola (sliced starfruit cooked with sugar), Doce de Jaca (jackfruit cooked with sugar), and Doce de Leite (Sweet milk confection), accompanied by cheese, and we had a small sampling of all of them to leave with sweet memories of our dining experience at Tapera Restaurante.  

Selection of Desserts - photo by Luxury Experience
Dessert Selection

After dinner, we spent time with owner A.C. Silveira Soares to discuss his restaurant and his inspired books of poetry, including Da vida se faz poesia - Egles, umamor para se guarder (A life ofpoetry - Egles, a love to keep (for his wife, Egles, Da vida se faz poesia - 60 anosde Pilad Rebuá (A life of poetry - 60 years of Pilad Rebuá), and Da vida se faz poesia - O catadorde guavira (A life of poetry, the guavira taster).

A. C. Silveira Soares - photo by Luxury Experience
A. C. Silveira Soares

It was the perfect evening of great food, great service, and great conversation in a warm and welcoming ambience.  

Tapera Restaurante is open for lunch from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm, and for dinner from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.  

To learn more about Tapera Restaurante please visit their Facebook page:  

Books of poetry by A.C. Silviera Soares  

Davida se faz poesia - Egles, um amor para se guarder, ISBN 978-85-8176-258-6

Davida se faz poesia - 60 anos de Pilad Rebuá, ISBN 978-85-8176-260-9

Davida se faz poesia - O catador de guavira, ISBN 978-85-8176-236-8.  

Tapera Restaurante - Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Tapera Restaurante
Rua Coronel Pilad Rébua, 1961
Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)
CEP 79290-000
Telephone:         +55 (67) 3255-1757

Read more about our experiences in Brazil inthe Pantanal and Bonito in the Destinations, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Chefs' Recipes, and Adventures sections.  




Watch Andre of Tapera Restaurante discuss the restaurant's guavira-infused cachaça -   

Watch the Pintado dish being served-     


Important Travel Information: 

Agência Ygarapé 

We used Agência Ygarapé for expert and professional tour information and booking our adventures. The agency has been providing high-quality, attentive service for tours, packages, accommodations, and transport services and more for over 20+years, serving Bonito and the Pantanal region. 

Please visit their site for more information (site is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish): 

Agência Ygarapé is open daily from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm (and until 10:00 pm during high season). 

 Agencia Ygarape - Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil 

Agência Ygarapé
RuaCoronel Pilad Rebuá, 1853, Centro
Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)
CEP 79290-000
Telephone:         +55 (67)3255-1733
Cellular:             +55 (67) 99213-7374
Skype:                ygarapetour       
Email:                 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it     
Instagram:         @agenciaygarape 

Visit Brasil 

For more information on Bonito and Pantanal, please visit:,

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