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Inspiration, Chateau de Berne, Cotes de Provence, 2020

Inspiration, Chateau de Berne, Cotes de Provence 2020
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It’s summertime, the perfect time to "drink pink" although this luscious Inspiration, Château de Berne, Côtes de Provence, 2020 made in Provence, France and imported by the Provence Rosé Group, would be lovely at any time of the year. Winemaker Alexis Cornu has created a gorgeous rosé with a rich salmon-rose color with an enticing flavor profile that is perfect to enjoy on its own or to pair with food.


Inspiration, Château de Berne, Rosé 2020 Information:

Alexis Cornu
Bottled By:
Product of:
Provence, France
Imported By:
Provence Rose Group
50% Grenache Noir, 30% Cinsault, 20% Syrah
12.5% alcohol by volume

Bottle Information: "Over 3000 hours of sunshine a year go into ensuring the perfect grapes for this splendid Provence rosé. Nestled in the hills of Provence, the vineyards are sheltered by acres of pine forest and lavender fields. The grapes enjoy the cooler Provence nights which slow their ripening and help produce this Provençal classic."

Tasting Notes: Presented in a tall, square bottle with natural cork, Inspiration 2020, from the Château de Berne, Côtes de Provence, is an elegant, sophisticated rosé that is gorgeous to enjoy on warm summer evenings on its own or to accompany food pairings. Summertime calls for lighter alcohol wines, and the Inspiration 2020 has a mere 12.5% alcohol, yet has volumes of layered nuances.

Winemaker Alexis Cornu creates this special rosé by blending 50% Grenache Noir, a red wine grape varietal that lends color to the wine along with spice and berry notes, 30% Cinsault, also a red wine varietal that adds softness and aroma, and 20% Syrah, which gives the wine a balanced acidity. The result is a well-developed rosé with luscious floral, berry, and herbal notes, with nice acidity, with a dry, crisp finish on the palate.

Pairing Suggestions: We were inspired by its rich salmon rose color and its delectable palate profile to create the recipe, Luxury Experience – Rosé Poached Scallops with Beurre Blanc and Salmon Roe. The wine and scallops were an admirable pairing building upon the intrinsic qualities of both, and crowned with salmon roe, it was an elegant, yet easy to make, easy to love recipe. We created the recipe with the idea of serving it as appetizer or first course for 4 guests, however it would also be lovely to serve an individual scallop presented on the beurre blanc sauce and topped with salmon roe as an amuse bouche or to serve as a passed hors d’oeuvres at cocktail parties.

We also paired this luscious rosé with homemade crab and cheese quiches in pâte brisée pastry shells, and served along with a small salad, it made a perfect lighter entrée option. Although we paired the Inspiration rosé with seafood, it would also pair well with poultry dishes or cheeses.

Luxury Experience - Rose Poached Scallops


Luxury Experience – Rosé Poached Scallops with Beurre Blanc and Salmon Roe

Serves 4 as an appetizer

Garnish Ingredients:

Salmon Roe
Fresh Thyme Leaves

Scallop Ingredients:

Sea Scallops, cut into thirds

Method: Cut scallops into thirds. Add rosé to a sauté pan, add scallops, and poach until the scallops are translucent. Drain and reserve poaching liquid, cover scallops until ready to plate.

Beurre Blanc Ingredients:

Pearl Onions, finely minced
Half & Half (or light cream)
Poaching Liquid
Salt and pepper, to taste

Method: Melt butter to a small saucepan, add minced pearl onions and sauté until translucent. Add flour and stir to incorporate, then add Half & Half stirring continuously to blend, then add the poaching liquid, stirring continuously so the sauce will not "break" and is slightly thickened. Taste and add salt and pepper to taste if desired.

Presentation: Carefully spoon beurre blanc sauce on 4 plates. Top with poached scallops and garnish with salmon roe and fresh thyme leaves.

Important Note: Salmon roe (caviar) is very fragile. Do not use a metal spoon as it will ruin the roe. Please use a mother of pearl, bone, or plastic spoon to place the roe on the scallops.

Pro Tip: Use a tweezer to place thyme leaves next to the roe.

Inspiration, Château de Berne, Côtes de Provence, 2020 – let winemaker Alexis Cornu’s inspiration inspire you! Santé and Bon Appetit!

For information on Inspiration, Château de Berne, Côtes de Provence, 2020 and purchasing this outstanding wine, please visit the website: www.provencerose.com

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