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Vara Garnacha 2018

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
Vara Garnacha 2018 - Vara Winery & Distillery
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VARA Winery & Distillery located in Albuquerque, New Mexico has a diverse and delectable selection of wines imported from Spain that go beyond the standard offerings. We love their Vara Garnacha 2018, a flavorful blend of Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Syrah grapes that is absolutely delicious. Juicy, fruit forward, currant, cocoa notes, and a slightly spicy finish, this is another great wine to experience. Cheers!


VARA Garnacha 2018 Information:

Imported from Spain and bottled by VARA, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Product of:
86.5% Garnacha, 9% Tempranillo, 4.5% Syrah
Grapes harvested from:
Viñedos de Santo Cristo, Campo de Borja, Spain, Creston Ridge Vineyard, Santa Barbara County, USA, Paradise Vineyard, Santa Barbara County, USA
14.2% alcohol by volume
$18/750 ml bottle

Tasting Notes: VARA Garnacha 2018, 14.2% alcohol by volume, is made with 86.5% Garnacha grapes, 9% Tempranillo grapes, and 4.5% Syrah grapes. Garnacha grapes grow well in hot, dry climates like Spain and lend earthy, spicy notes to the wines. Tempranillo grapes are a black grape variety grown in Spain, which gives the wine its rich, aromatic earthy and fruity notes. Syrah (also known as Shiraz) grapes add the rich fruitiness to the wine. Lots of lovely cherry, red currant, cocoa notes on the palate with a slight spicy finish.

Luxury Experience - Cheese Tray - Marabissi Il Panforte Torta Amerene e Peperoncino - photo by Luxury Experience

Pairing Suggestions: Drink on its own or pair with roasts, poultry. or cheeses. We paired the Vara Garnacha 2018 with a cheese tray featuring a selection of dried apricots, dates, dried salami, gorgonzola, and Marabissi Il Panforte Torta Amerene e Peperoncino (Sour Cherries and Chili "Cake") imported by Italian Products & Beyond. The Sour Cherries and Chili Cake is like a fruit and nut pâté, that also has cocoa, almonds, and honey that was a perfect match for the wine.

VARA Garnacha 2018 is also a lovely addition to culinary and cocktail recipes, Cheers!

Luxury Experience Cocktail Recipe

Luxury Experience - The Passionate Grape - photo by Luxury Experience


Luxury Experience – The Passionate Grape

Yield: 1

Glass: Martini Glass


Luxury Experience – The Passionate Grape keeps the alcohol in the grape family by combining Continuum Distilling Grappa made in Connecticut, VARA Garnacha 2018 wine, and kisses the grapes with Goya Passionfruit juice. Dressed smartly with sugared grapes, this may become your favorite new cocktail.

Luxury Experience – The Passionate Grape Ingredients

Goya Passionfruit Juice
Sugared Grapes on a skewer, garnish

Method for the Sugared Grapes: Wash and dry grapes. Set aside. Whip 1-tablespoon egg white with 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Skewer grapes, dip in the egg white mixture, then roll in sugar and let dry on a parchment paper. Make ahead and set aside.

Method for the Cocktail: Fill a Martini glass with ice and water and set aside to chill. Empty the glass just before pouring in the cocktail to keep the glass icy cold.

In a mixing glass, add 2 ice cubes, Continuum Distilling Grappa, VARA Garnacha, and the Goya Passionfruit juice. Stir to combine the ingredients and let the ice melt. This cocktail is stirred not shaken in homage to the grapes. Garnish with sugared grapes on a skewer.

VARA Winery & Distillery portfolio of distinguished wines include: Monastrell 2018 USA, Tempranillo 2018 USA, Silverhead Brut Cava, Vara Tempranillo 2018 Espanol, Viura 2018, Vermut Seco, Vermut Dulce, Garnacha Rosado 2018, Garnacha 2018, Silverhead Brut Rosado Cava. Silverhead Brut Reserva Cava, and Vina Cardinal NM.

Information on VARA Winery & Distillery

Xavier Zamparripa and Doug Diefenthaler founded Vara Winery & Distillery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Doug Diefenthaler - Vara Winery & Distillery - Albuquerque, NM
Doug Diefenthaler

"Vara is an international family of Spanish and American wines and spirits celebrating the origin of the American wine experience thanks to the historical connection of Spain and New Mexico. The history of wine in New Mexico is over 390 years old and is as rich and complicated as its colorful landscapes. The flavor of this ancient history plays out in the wines produced here from robust reds to crisp whites. Wine lovers will find Vara wines an enchanting experience.

Xavier Zamparripa - Vara Winery & Distillery - Albuquerque, NM
Xavier Zamparripa

In 1629, 140 years before the first Missions of California were established and planted, a Franciscan friar named García de Zúñiga and a Capuchín monk named Antonio de Arteaga planted the first European wine grapes in what is now the U.S. at a pueblo in the Rio Grande Valley of the Province of New Mexico.

Viticulture took hold in the valley, and by the year 1880 the New Mexico territory was the fifth largest wine producer in America. The cuttings brought to the new world by missionaries from Spain were of a Vitis Vinifera grape variety known as Listán Prieto, or the present-day Mission grape. This variety has been continuously grown and is still harvested in New Mexico today.

We produce wines from Spanish grape varietals grown in Spain and various American vineyards including right here in New Mexico. Under the direction of our winemaking team, Bob and Louisa Lindquist, we acquire fruit from the highest quality growers of Spanish grape varieties in the U.S. The harvested fruit is brought to our New Mexico facility where the wines are made and aged in individual lots until Bob and Louisa assemble the final cuvees.

Vara co-founders Doug Diefenthaler and Xavier Zamarripa regularly travel to Spain and are committed to growing or locating the best fruit for our Spanish wines and cava. We are very fortunate to have agreements for grape production and wine making with the best grape growers and producers in Spain."

For information on Vara Winery & Distillery and purchasing their outstanding wines, please visit their website: www.Varawines.com

VARA Winery & Distillery - Albuquerque, NM

Vara Winery & Distillery
315 Alameda Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
Telephone: +1-505-898-6280
Email: info@Varawines.com
Website: www.VaraWines.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VARAWines/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Varawine/ @varawine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Varawine @varawine

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