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Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa – Sicily

Manila Sciacca, Birgit Engl,and Serena Morbio
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Manila Sciacca, Birgit Engl, and Serena MorbioSicily is an island that is rich with vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees, and is famous for its Sicilian salt. The Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa at the Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Constanza Resort & Spa utilizes the best of Sicily in their treatments: olive oils, Sicilian salts, citrus and volcanic clay.

The gorgeous Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Constanza Resort & Spa  opened in March 2005 in Mazara del Vallo, and their 2,100 sqm Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa is absolutely stunning. We stayed at the hotel in November 2005, and were impressed with the hotel, their restaurant, and the Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa. The Spa done in soothing neutral colors, features glowing candlelight, soft music, herbal teas, natural products, volcanic treatments, saunas, 12 serene treatment rooms and 2 relaxing rooms, as well as a Fitness Center with Techno-Gym equipment, and an indoor pool.

Birgit Engl, the Spa Manager, warmly greeted us to the Spa, and offered us a cup of relaxing tea as we waited for our Spa session to begin. As we sat drinking our tea, we noticed the quote on the wall by Daniela Steiner, “Resources from the heart and soul are important, in order to achieve the ultimate peak of surpassing beauty for yourself and others” which is the Spa’s philosophy.

Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa Special TouchesOur therapists, Serena Morbio and Manila Sciacca, professionally and stylishly attired in long neutral linen tunics and slacks, led us to the couple’s treatment room for the first of our Spa treatments, their Sicilian High Salt Energizer, which is an energizing and slimming treatment. The treatment began with Serena and Manila rubbing Sicilian salt and olive oil into our skin to energize the body as well as smooth our skin.


Edward: After the Sicilian High Salt Energizer, my treatment continued with a refreshing shower to remove the salt and oil, followed by a relaxing period in the treatment room pool. I slowly descended down a few steps into their 1-meter deep pool that has such a high salt concentration that my body easily floated. There was a slow circulation of warm water mixed with oil in the pool, which relaxed my muscles as I floated in the pool. The next 20 minutes seemed like an eternity and I enjoyed every minute, but alas I had to move on to the next phase of the treatment, which was a 5-minute rest on the massage bed, and I believe I actually fell asleep. Serena then woke me for the final phase, a full body massage with a mixture of fresh lemons and Sicilian olive oil. My body never felt better, with each muscle feeling more alive than I could ever remember. Each stage of the treatment built on the previous one, from the oil and salt that cleansed and energized the skin, to the relaxing salt pool where my body floated like a leaf on the water, to the short rest, and finally the full body massage. I left energized and already planning my next trip back to the Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa for another treatment.

Debra: After my Sicilian High Salt Energizer treatment, I took a shower, and was then led to another treatment room for their volcanic clay treatment. Volcanic clay was applied to my face and body, and then I went into their adjoining private dome-shaped steam room, where there was a heated marble lounge covered with a plastic sheet. I reclined on the warm marble lounge for 20 minutes where a salt steam mist was released into the air. I was experiencing the beginning of a cold, and the pampering and salt steam made me feel absolutely heavenly. Another shower to remove the clay, and my skin was already feeling smoother and definitely softer after the salt treatment and deep cleansing volcanic treatment. I continued with Cleopatra’s Bath, a decadent extravagance of a bath with milk, olive oil, essential oils and honey. I soaked in the Jacuzzi and sipped another cup of relaxing tea, savoring every delicious moment of my Spa experience. Afterwards, I joined Edward in the relaxing room, where we reclined on leather lounges while sipping another cup of herbal tea.

Spa Manager Birgit Engl and GM Xaver StockerThe Spa has famous quotes throughout, but the one by Eve Arden was most appropriate, “I think that people that tell me their age are silly. You’re only as old as you feel.” Feeling my hydrated, energized, exfoliated, and pampered skin, I felt like I was now five years old! I also liked their quote by Winston Churchill, “You have to offer your body something good in order to make your soul feel at ease in it.” Not only do Edward and I wholly subscribe to that ideology, it is something that we practice everyday.

With a wide selection of Spa services, we can’t wait to return to Sicily and to the Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa at the Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Constanza Resort & Spa to experience the rest of their treatments.

Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa
Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Constanza Resort & Spa
Via Salemi Km 7,100
91026 Mazara del Vallo, (TP) Sicily, Italy
Telephone: +39 0923 675 000
Toll free: 00 800 426 313 55
Fax: +39 0923 675876
Email: Reservations.mazara@kempinski.com

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