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Jooki - The Music System for Children PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Jooki - The Music System for Children
Luxury Experience readers know that we are huge music fans; we love listening to our enormous collection of music, writing about music and about music performances, and when it comes to buying gifts, we love to give the gift of music. When we "discovered" Jooki (pronounced "jukey" like jukebox), a music system designed for children to use and operate, we were instantly smitten. Designed in Belgian by three dads in 2014 with toy and technology experience, Jooki is a screen-free WIFI streaming and Bluetooth player for children ages 3 and up. How exciting is that! We cannot wait to see our little nephew Asher's face light up as he discovers music - his way, with his Jooki. 


Jooki - The Music System for Children

With so many toys on the market that are mini-computers that utilize screens, it is interesting to note that the award-winning Jooki was designed to be portable, wireless, and screen-free so that children would not be staring at a screen; there is plenty of time for that later when they grow up. What intrigued us most is that "with Jooki's mobile app parents can easily create playlists filled with their children's favorite songs and audio stories and link them to the tokens." Children operate Jooki by touching a colorful token to the machine and their favorite playlist (or yours) will play. 

While Jooki with NFC-enabled ToyTouch® Technology is adorable with its colorful blue, turquoise, and orange case and bright orange knobs that turn the system on and off, control the volume, and change Spotify playlists, it is also easy, so you do not need to be a super techie to set up this children's toy; something which is very nice indeed and appreciated for anyone who has spent hours trying to put together some children's toys. After three simple steps listed on the inside of the box, your child can be listening to music. Here is what you need to do: Step 1: Plug-in Jooki to activate. 2. Scan the bar code or type in 3. Follow the steps in the app. The next step is watching the magic happen when your child plays his Jooki and hears their favorite songs or audio stories. 

Jooki - The Music System for Children

Jooki comes with two colorful tokens (one turquoise and one orange), that are easily grasped by small hands, and easy to spot if your child accidentally "hides" them. You can also purchase additional tokens and figurines separately. Although the tokens come with pre-loaded songs already linked to start the music flowing, you can use the app to link your own choice of music or audio stories to the tokens. You can also set a control for the volume level, which is a wonderful feature to protect young children's sensitive ears. The system also comes with USB-C charging with built-in battery for 8 hours of playtime. 

Designed for ages 3 and older, Jooki operates when your child places one of the tokens on the machine allowing your child's inquisitiveness and creativity to come through. Children love music, the only question is what type of music your child will like...jazz, classical, rock, blues, country, rap, etc.? The gift of music is something that will last a lifetime and Jooki is a perfect educational toy. 

Until next time, keep enjoying the music and happy holidays! 

For more information on Jooki, please visit the website: Jooki retails for $112.99 (with free shipping).

Jooki - The Music System for Children

Jookli by Muuselabs
Linked In: muuselabs/ 

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