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Attiser - Luxury Linens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Sweet Nothings - Attiser Passionate about beautiful linens, I recently "discovered" Attiser, a company that makes gorgeous handcrafted bedding and linens, and was thrilled to make their acquaintance. Founded by Seema A, head designer and creative director in Menlo Park, California, Attiser linens are handcrafted in India and designed to appeal to the senses and draw compliments from guests.  I love how I can change the "personality" of my indoor and outdoor dining spaces by simply dressing the table with linens to match my theme of the moment, and Attiser has a rich diversity of high-quality offerings.


Although the Attiser collection consists of flat sheets, shower curtains, sheer curtains, standard shams, throw pillow covers, quilts and duvets, along with table linens - tablecloths, placemats, and napkins, I collect tablecloths and napkins - antique, vintage, and modern, and fell in love their table products.  


Attiser - Seaside Savvy Quilt
Seaside Savvy Quilt 

The tablecloths come in various designs and colors to enliven different home decors as well as the seasons including: Seaside Savvy (white, aqua teal with seaside beach design), Sweet Nothings (white, pink, and floral design), Amethyst Amore (white, pink, purple, paisley, Bohemian design), Classic Crimson (white, crimson, red, Moroccan), Sage Midori (white, olive green, geometric Gypsy print), Southern Nights (white, blue, green, French Country design), Sapphire Splendor (white, navy design), and Canary Midnight (canary and midnight design).


Attiser - Canary Midnight
Canary Midnight

I especially love their stunning Amethyst Amore Tablecloth that comes in 3 different sizes, Large (104 inches by 70 inches), Medium (84 inches x 70 inches), and Small (54 inches x 54 inches), matching napkins in a generous size (20 inches x 20 inches), and placemats that bring a unified look to my table setting.   

The Amethyst Amore is a pink and purple paisley Bohemian design printed on a white background that brings a touch of the celebratory spring and summer season to any décor. Although the small tablecloth is a square, I loved how this looked as a table topper set over a white round tablecloth while dining al fresco. Set for two for Afternoon Tea with the matching napkins and a bouquet of purple hydrangea in an antique milk glass bowl created a fantasy setting in my garden. Indoors, it brought a sense of gaiety and levity to my breakfast table.   


Attiser - Amethyst Amore - photo by Luxury Experience
Amethyst Amore

A sure sign of luxury is the added touch that makes a product feel special; with Attiser that begins with the packaging. My tablecloth and matching napkins arrived carefully folded inside a plastic envelope tucked inside a pretty, cranberry fabric carry bag with the Attiser logo written in gold on it, along with a scroll telling the story of how they create their product, attesting that they are a sustainable company with handmade products that are soft, green, and empowering women artisans. The bag is perfect to take my tablecloth along on a picnic or store it on a hanger in a closet.  


Attiser - Seaside Savvy

Understanding the painstaking artistry and multi-step process they use to create their products provided me with a greater appreciation of the company and their exquisite collection lines, which I happily share with you.


Discovering the Meaning of Handcrafted Attiser Linens


Their Signature Collection consists of handcrafted bedding and linens "made using the 400 years ancient Indian technique of hand-block printing from The Thar Desert of Rajasthan in India." Their focus is to create pieces that have their own unique characteristics - where "Beauty evolves through imperfections" and their motto is "Kindling passion in color, discovering beauty in imperfections."


Attiser - Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings


Step 1 - The Hand-Carved Wooden Blocks


Handcrafted in India, the Attiser process begins with the carver (charade) creating a pattern using a transfer on a block of wood and then carving the design using hand tools. For each design, an artist may use a total of 3 to 30 individual blocks depending on the complexity of the design and the number of colors used.   

Next, the carved wood blocks receive a mustard oil treatment for several days to prevent warping from the dyes which will be used.  To ensure even saturation of color from the dyes, tiny holes are drilled just before printing, and the holes are filled with cotton.


Step 2 - The Fabric


The cotton fabric must first be prepared before designs can be printed on it. This involves whitening the cloth, then drying it in the sun on bamboo frames. When dry, the fabric is cut to the specific dimensions of the design for a tablecloth, etc. It is now ready to be pinned to padded tables.  


Attiser - Sage Midori
Sage Midori

Now that the fabric is ready, the hand block printing takes place using a variety of dyes and the hand-carved blocks required to create each design. After the printing is complete, it is dried in the sun, possibly put in a dye bath, then washed, and put in the sun again to dry.   

No matter which of the products in the Attiser collection appeals to your sense of decorating, their products will surely please with their beauty and handcrafted uniqueness.


Have a fashionable life and enjoy decorating.


Attiser - Luxury Linens

101 Jefferson Drive, 1st Floor

Menlo Park, California 94025

United States

Telephone:         +1-800-719-6305

Email:                 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




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