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Publisher's Notes
Seasonal Change Means Choices
Seasonal change means choices for everyone's "taste." There are those that speak fondly of a coming season to partake in a favorite pastime, while there are those that loathe seasonal change before it is upon us.  As we in the Northeast part of the USA change over from a long cold snowy winter to the hopes of spring, we can reflect back on seasonal experiences, timely getaways, and some pampering.
Trends in the marketing world for 2015?
What will be the trends in marketing for 2015? I mean trends, not trending, so put your # in your social media pocket. At the core of marketing is to spread your message across channels until it is heard. So, has the Internet changed that concept from spreading your message to pulling in information about your customers and being selective while tailoring your message to their needs? Well, this is a "yes" and a "no."
Your Brand - Live it Like Your Customer
Live it, love it, be it. Are you truly living your brand through the eyes of your customer? Do you experience your brand like your customer? Are you broadcasting your brand or working with your customers' conversations?
A Child's Story - Max and the Challenging Job
What are key components for a children's book: strong characters, a story that teaches, and things that expand the mind. So, how does Max deal with the challenges of his job? How will he determine what to do next to succeed?
Marketing Basic Training for 2014
Breakout the fatigues, get ready for the early morning bugle call as we get back to the basics in 2014 with some key marketing initiatives. Time to review the fundamentals of marketing, time to exercise self-discipline, get ready to deal with the rigors of schedules and the marketing daily grind. If this sounds like an advertisement for marketing combat training, and so it should, as marketing is a battle to gain customer visibility and to connect with them.
"Auld Lang Syne" - Remembering our Marketing Friends While Looking Forward
Well, we are coming to the end of another interesting year in the world of marketing and especially brand marketing. So, what is on the horizon for 2014?  What will turn heads, draw attention, and drive business exposure? And, at this time of the year let us not forget our marketing friends from the past.
Marketing in 2013- Learn from the salmon swimming upstream
What does being in the marketing discipline and a salmon swimming upstream have in common? I give the salmon a lot more chance of successfully making it than most marketeers. What does this mean for today’s marketeer? What are the key components to focus on? Is salmon as good for you as they say it is?
Content Marketing - It is not just "talk," it is a way of life
Content has always been at the core of communicating with customers. It was something that was always managed and "done" from the advent of marketing, but things have changed, and in a major way, from a budget, time, and attention to detail perspective.
Planning your Summer with Luxury Experience
Summer officially begins in the northern hemisphere on June 21 when thoughts turn to outdoor entertaining and vacation plans. With this in mind, Luxury Experience is pleased to present you with wonderful ideas for summer.
Inbound Marketing - What is it, and How to Make it Work.
Inbound Marketing, the art of earning your customer's attention through engaging content, social media, articles, white papers, and other media avenues. Why try to buy attention when you can seed the Internet with interesting, informative, and add-value content across channels, which has the potential to create a positive connection, thus making them more likely to engage your brand.
2012 - A Year of New and Exciting Experiences
Luxury Experience would like to thank you for making 2012 such a memorable and rewarding year, and for letting us “Bring the Experience of Luxury to You.”
Four Steps to Finding Value in the Connected World
Being successful in today's business environment will require a business-to-consumer (B2C) mindset, knowledge of your customer's digital footprint, and the delivery of experiences that are relevant.
So, Are You Socially Acceptable?
The number of social opportunities continues to increase exponentially. Where do I want to be “seen”? Where do I want to hangout for the evening? Which social engagement will increase my presence and create the greatest opportunity for me? I wonder what color of slippers will be okay when I join that new social website?
Do You Remember When?
Do you remember when marketing was about the moment? When it was about the customer? When it was about the experience? Well, I recently attended a rock concert by Stevie Nicks and her intro song was a cover of the 1973 Led Zeppelin song, Rock and Roll, but in the background Stevie had images flashing of the golden age of rock and roll. They were not just images; they were stories within stories of a time when the moment, the audience, and the experience were raw, natural, and inescapable.
Using the Right Tools for Cooking and Business
A mandolin is an ingenious cooking tool used to slice, julienne, and to create waffle cuts, that is, when used properly. When not used properly, a mandolin, like all tools whether used in business or in cooking, can have dangerous results.
What is Your ROI
Recently, I attended the launch of a designer sunglass collection, an invitation only event, which I received by email. There was no expense spared, a trendy, attractive club overlooking the Hudson River in New York rented for the event with invited guests waltzing past the red velvet rope, and three hours of open bar in partnership with a premium spirits brand and free-pouring cocktails all night.
Channel Management is as Easy as using a Remote Control, or Is It?
It is interesting that after so many years of talking about the need to have a balanced marketing approach across channels that there seems to be a widening gap of consistency and presence between channels.
Measuring the Value of Internet Positioning and Search
We all do it. We use computers or handheld devices to do a search and we click away. So, what is the value to a company of the enormous amount of clicking, information gathering, and product familiarization that is happening every second of every day?
Has Email Seen Its Time?
The reports of email's death at the hands of social media are greatly exaggerated, though the flagrant indiscretion of daily and hourly blasts to random addresses has caused many to take the word ‘email' in vain. Valuable, yes; misused, yes; does it have a future, yes; will social media push it aside, no.
Content Goes Beyond Written Words

What you say, how you say it, and where you say it, will go a long way to connecting with prospective customers. The strategy that needs to go into your content is more important today than at any time in the past as more than just a human will be ‘reading' the material.

Believing in Oneself
Although the adage is, "Good things come to those who wait", I believe that it should be, "Good things come to those who persevere." For the last 30 years, my brother-in-law Peter Moskal has played in a City Amateur Golf Tournament, an annual golf event that attracts top golfers from around the region. Peter, an avid golfer, devoted husband, and father of two daughters, has persevered long and hard, and although he has come close to winning the City Am on many occasions, coming in second and third repeatedly, winning has always been just out of his reach.
Brand value is in the eye of the beholder [of the mouse]
Have you stepped back from your brand to understand what value the consumer has placed on it? The value of your brand is now in the hands of the consumer and the click of their mouse. The amount of positive engagement that you provide to your consumer will provide endless avenues of communications [word-of-mouth] that will fuel the "brand" buzz to consumers before they even know your product.
Four Reasons Your Marketing Effort May Be Missing the Boat
Do you ever wonder if all the different tactics that you are engaging to improve your marketing position are working? Are you really walking-the-walk, or just talking a good game? Here are four areas that you can look at to see how you are doing and to gauge if you are executing, or talking.
Going Global - Ready or Not
Does having a website mean you are ready to go global? Are you really positioned to sell your services and products on a global market? Are you ready, or not?
Internet Marketing in 2011 - Something New or More of the Same?
So, what will be the Internet Marketing focus for 2011? Will it be something totally new that will explode on to the scene like Twitter, or will it be more of the same but with a layer of stronger understanding and appreciation?
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