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Tasting and Touring at Woodbury Brewing Company, Woodbury, CT, USA

Woodbury Brewing Company - Woodbury, CT - photo by Luxury Experience
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Woodbury Brewing  Comapny

When Luxury Experience wants to learn about something, we believe in going to the source. We visited Woodbury Brewing Company located in Woodbury, Connecticut to learn more as our craft beer knowledge was limited, and the craft beer movement has been rapidly growing in Connecticut (there are over 100 breweries in the state). Lagers, IPAs, Märzens, Sours, Stouts, Flanders Red, Porters, Belgian Quadrupels, and more, who knew there were so many interesting and tasty brews out there?


Woodbury Brewing Company

We met with Woodbury Brewing Company’s General Manager Josh Metz on Saturday, November 28, 2021, who was our "professor and guide" into the interesting world of craft breweries. Woodbury Brewing Company opened on December 8, 2017 and they produce a wide variety of styles including Ales, Lagers, IPAs, Double IPAs, Porters, Pilsners, Sours, Stouts, Belgian Quadrupels, and Hard Seltzers. One of the reasons that craft breweries have become so popular is that they offer a creative and diverse product line to appeal to different palates and they always have something new brewing to intrigue their clientele.

Josh Metz - Woodbury Brewing Company - Woodbury, CT - photo by Luxury Experience
Josh Metz, GM Woodbury Brewing Company

Speaking with Josh, we learned about Wheat Beer (Witbier), Imperial Stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts, different types of IPAs, top fermentation, bottom fermentation, and so much more. We also learned that the differences vary not only in taste and style but also in alcohol levels.

The craft beer movement is a community, and as such, they work together, and use as many Connecticut products as possible in their production. Even the graphic designs are local, created by artist Keith Edwards. One of the delicious and different products we sampled was their Champils brewed with grapes from nearby Hawk Ridge Winery (6.0% ABV). Crisp, white wine grapes provided the juice for this tasty product.

Woodbury Brewing Company - Woodbury, CT - photo by Luxury Experience

We also sampled their Red 5 Sour, a Flanders Red with Cherries (6.6% ABV), which sat in their "funk tank" with cherries, that had an almost wine-like quality. They have several different IPAs, and learned the differences between a New England IPA, which is hazy and juice, a West Coast IPA, which is more bitter and clear, and a Norwegian VOSS Galaxy IPA made with Weiss yeast, and Norwegian formation at high temperature for a short time. It was interesting to pair their Collusion IPA (7.2% ABV) their East Coast style IPA with their Simplicity IPA (7.4% ABV) a West Coast style IPA.

After tasting products on-site, we brought some of their very products home to further our knowledge. We know, tough job, however research is important in the education process! One of their tasty products we sampled at home was their Drunk As A Monk, a Barrel Aged Belgian Quadrupel, a high-octane brew that was barrel aged for 8 months in nearby Litchfield Distillery Bourbon barrels. Josh described it as, "like eating banana bread with bourbon." It was absolutely decadent, rich in flavor with malt and cocoa notes, and was exceptionally smooth. Sold in 16-ounce cans with 12% ABV, it has the same level of ABV as many white wines. As bars usually serve 5-ounce glasses of wine, a 16-ounce can of Drunk As A Monk is the equivalent of drinking 3+ glasses of wine, so this little beauty is best for sharing or nurturing slowly.


We also brought home their Painted Black Porter, 6.8% ABV, which was aged in port barrels from Litchfield Distillery. As our tastes tend to run to darker brews, this was heaven in a snifter glass with its deep dark chocolate color, coffee, dark chocolate, slight sweetness, and cocoa notes.

Woodbury Brewing Company products can be purchased onsite, online, as well as at 40 different liquor stores in Connecticut. Seeing, or in this case, tasting, is believing, so a visit to Woodbury Brewing Company is highly recommended. Cheers, its cocktail time!

Josh Metz, Debra C. Argen - Woodbury Brewing Company - Woodbury, CT - photo by Luxury Experience
Josh Metz, GM Woodbury Brewing Company and Debra C. Argen

Luxury Experience’s visit to Woodbury Brewing Company with Josh Metzhttps://youtu.be/mLJpfoydLGk

Woodbury Brewing Company Taproom & Beer Garden Hours: Monday through Thursday from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm, Friday from 4:00 pm until 9:30 pm, Saturday from 12:00 pm until 9:30 pm, and Sunday from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

For information on Woodbury Brewing Company, visiting, or product information, please visit the website: www.woodburybrewing.com

Woodbury Brewing Company - Woodbury, CT

Woodbury Brewing Company
738 Main Street South
Woodbury, Connecticut 06798
United States
Telephone: +1 203-405-3811
Website: www.WoodburyBrewing.com
Instagram: @woodburybrewingcompany
Twitter: @woodburybrewco

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