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Bulldog Skincare for Men

by Edward F. Nesta
Bulldog Skincare for Men
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Bulldog Skincare for MenA dog is man’s best friend, and with that in mind, meet the award-winning Bulldog Skincare for Men products made in the United Kingdom from all natural ingredients, which may become your new best friend.


No matter what trends fashion may take, your best fashion statement is always your face. While women have long known and appreciated how important it is to take care of their skin, men, let’s face it, how many of us are actively taking care of our skin on a daily basis?

Bulldog Skincare for Men, founded by Simon Duffy in 2005, takes into account that while we men really do want to look good, we also want and need great products that we can rely on, made from natural ingredients, and that are not overly fragrant. By the way, did you ever read the list of ingredients on some skincare products? Definitely scary! Reading the Bulldog Skincare for Men labels I was happy to learn that the product line is free of parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances, and is also cruelty-free. Translated, Bulldog Skincare works, and you may have to hide your products when others see the great results, but make sure they visit the Bulldog Skincare for Men website (www.MeetTheBulldog.com) to acquire their own selection.

Bulldog Skincare for Men Products

As great looking skin begins with a clean canvas, I tried four products targeted to get the most out of your canvas. It all starts with a good cleansing and Bulldog Skincare for Men has two Face Washes depending on your type of skin or the time of year, their Original Face Wash "packed with 8 essential oils and green tea," is perfect for the summer months when my skin retains more moisture and is not as sensitive, and their Sensitive Face Wash specially formulated for sensitive skin, which has 2 essential oils and green tea to gently cleanse your face, which is great for the winter season when my skin is dryer and I need that sensitive formula. I figured since I drink green tea for its health benefits, the same beneficial properties should apply to external use.

As a fan of using aloe vera to protect my skin, I tried the Original Shave Gel made with 8 essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba, and lonjac mannan for a smooth shave. It is a concentrated formula and just a little goes a long way to lathering your face for that perfect shave every time.  

My face washed and shaved, I now needed to moisturize, and I tried the Original Moisturizer made with 8 essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannen, and vitamin E to rehydrate my skin. The final face product I tried was the Original Eye Roll-On made with avocado oil, cucumber oil, and Brazilian ginseng extract to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

Bulldog Skincare for Men
Bulldog Skincare for Men

For the complete body finish, I used the Original Body Lotion made with 8 essential oils, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and avocado oil. This is an excellent year round body lotion that is perfect for those winter months when your skin may be a bit dry from the cold, or those warm months when you want to show off your skin.

After trying the Bulldog Skincare for Men product line I now understand how, "Bulldog is man’s best friend," and the highest compliment was from my wife who loved my smooth soft "Bulldog" face.

Bulldog Skincare for Men
Meet the Bulldog
Bulldog Skincare for Men

Bull Dog Skincare products are sold at select retail stores in the United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Australia, Germany, South Korea, and more, as well as online at: www.MeetTheBulldog.com

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