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Arts – Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen at The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT, USA

Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen
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Cristina Mittermeir & Paul Nicklen

Award-winning photographers, marine biologists, and conservationists, Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, co-founders of SeaLegacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation, shared their exceptional experiences and stunning videos and photographs exploring the world and the ocean during their lecture at The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. The lecture was in conjunction with their Double Exposure exhibition at the C. Parker Gallery located on Greenwich Avenue, and it was a very memorable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, we attended Cristina Mittermeier’s and Paul Nicklen’s lecture at the newly renovated The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. Esteemed guests at the well-attended lecture included United States Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Connecticut State Senator Ryan Fazio.

Richard Blumenthal, US Senator -  photo by Luxury Experience
US Senator Richard Blumenthal

Although the adage is, "a picture is worth a thousand words," it is often the backstory of photographs that make them even more meaningful. Thus was the case with the visually stunning photographs taken around the world by pre-eminent photographers, marine biologists, and conservationists Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen. As an audience, when we look at photographs, we only know what we see, so it was a rare treat to be able to have Cristina and Paul speak at length about their photographs and video footage, and how they were able to obtain them, during their travels around the world while on assignment for the prestigious National Geographic.

Ryan Fazio, CT Senator -  photo by Luxury Experience
CT Senator Ryan Fazio

After viewing an amazing nature photograph have you ever wondered how the photographer was able to capture that image? Did you ever wonder how long it took or how many shots it took before getting that award-winning photograph? Perseverance and patience are the two traits that a nature photographer must have in abundance. For Paul’s photograph of male narwhales, he described how it took him five years before he was able to photograph them due to weather conditions and other deterrents.

One of the many exceptional photographs that they showed during their presentation, which we saw later that afternoon during our visit to the C. Parker Gallery, was a breathtakingly beautiful photograph taken by Paul Nicklen of a polar bear looking inside an open window entitled Face to Face. Looking at the photograph we could not even image what it would feel like to photograph a polar bear in such close proximity; we can only imagine that our hearts would have been racing with sheer adrenaline.

Face to Face - by Paul Nicklen
Face to Face

For Paul’s Face to Face polar bear photograph, he described staying in a 6-foot by 8-foot cabin and looking for polar bears without success for 30 days, when he suddenly saw a polar bear outside his cabin window. He was able to capture that moment by slowly easing open the window and then shot the photograph while holding his laptop up to shed extra light in the dimly lit cabin as the bear looked in the cabin window. He also explained that once he shot the photograph, he closed the window rather quickly before the bear could venture inside. Such a great backstory behind that memorable photograph.

Propulsion - by Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen

As scuba divers, we especially appreciated and enjoyed Cristina’s and Paul’s underwater video footage and underwater photography and fell in love with their photograph of seals entitled Propulsion, which is a majestical, magic moment with the seals rocketing towards the surface in a water column with light streaming down into the water after having been feeding down deep.

While the photographs and video clips were stunning and evocative, Cristina’s and Paul’s lecture also reminded the audience about the fragility of the oceans and the importance of conservation efforts to maintain them.

Debra C. Argen, Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen, C. Paker Gallery - photo by Luxury Experience
Debra C. Argen, Cristina Mittermeier,
Paul Nicklen, C. Parker Gallery

If you have the chance to attend one of their lectures, it will be time well spent. If you would like to see or purchase Cristina’s and Paul’s impressive photographs and books, their Double Exposure exhibition is at the C. Parker Gallery located at 409 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut until June 26, 2023.

Until next time, keep enjoying and supporting the arts!

Watch the video to learn more about Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen and their impressive work: https://www.cparkergallery.com/paul-nicklen-and-cristina-mittermeier

To learn more about Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen and SeaLegacy please visit the website: www.sealegacy.org or email them at info@sealegacy.org

About SeaLegacy

"SeaLegacy is the global marketing, education, and communication agency for the ocean. At the nexus of climate action and sustainable solutions, we create strategies and content that instill hope and move audiences into action. SeaLegacy is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization and gifts made to SeaLegacy are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. To inquire about supporting SeaLegacy’s mission with a tax-deductible gift, please email info@sealegacy.org."

SeaLegacy social media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sealegacy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sealegacy

C Parker Gallery, Greenwich, CT USA

C. Parker Gallery
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Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
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Cristina Mittermeier’s and Paul Nicklen’s Double Exposure Exhibition at the C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut runs until June 26, 2023.

Hours: The C. Parker Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm, and Sunday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. The Gallery is closed on Monday.

The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT USA

The Bruce Museum
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