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Greenwich Concours 2021 – How to Score the Ultimate Barn Find

Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
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After a 2-year absence, the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, sponsored by Hagerty, was back at Roger Sherwood Baldwin Park in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Luxury Experience was on hand for the 2-day automotive festival. In addition to a fabulous collection of automobiles and motorcycles, new for the October festival, were interesting panel discussions throughout the day on Saturday, October 23, 2021. The seminar, "How to Score the Ultimate Barn Find" moderated by John Nikas, with panelists author and television host Tom Cotter "The Barn Finder," Wayne Carini, author, and host of the television show, "Chasing Classic Cars," and Peter Kumar, Founder of Gullwing Motor Cars in New York, left the audience dreaming of finding their own special vehicles.


Barn finds are dreams for motorheads (or gearheads); it is the hope that there might be a great vehicle tucked away somewhere in an old barn, unused, abandoned, and forgotten. It might be in pristine condition, or it might need extensive restoration. The dream and hence the chase, is to seek them out, something that Tom Cotter, Wayne Carini, and Peter Kumar have spent a lifetime searching for, finding, restoring, and then adding them to their collections, or selling them.

Seminar - Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
How to Score the Ultimate Bar Find

Moderator John Nikas is an award-winning automotive writer, and brought his passion, knowledge, and humor to the panel discussion, and kept the discussion lively with each of the panelists.

John Nikas - Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
John Nikas, Moderator

Tom Cotter, well-known for his online show, "The Barn Finder" and author of 17 books, told the audience that he had his first barn find when he was 14 years old and bought a 1944 convertible for $25 at Charlie’s Welding Shop in Rocky Point, Long Island. He explained that he bought the car because the character "Lumpy" on the television show, "Leave It to Beaver," had one, and he wanted to have one because "Lumpy" had one. Besides the intrigue of the chase itself, for Tom Cotter, "it’s not about the sheet metal, it’s about the story behind it."

Tom Cotter - Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
Tom Cotter

For Wayne Carini, author, and host of the long-running (17 seasons) show, "Chasing Classic Cars" seen in 54 countries around the world, he started looking for barn finds at an early age. He explained that his dad restored cars for a living when he was growing up and his dad was the founder of the Model A Restorer’s Club in 1951. On Sundays, his dad would take him and his sister for drives in the country, and it was their job to look behind houses and barns to see if they could find any cars. If they found any, his dad would reward them. Either way, it was a fun way to spend Sunday afternoons, and created a lifetime appreciation of the art of finding and restoring cars. He chased one car from the time he was 16 years old and finally found it at age 52.

Wayne Carini - Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
Wayne Carini

For Peter Kumar, Founder of Gullwing Motor Cars in New York, he fell in love with his dream car, a Mercedes Gullwing when he was young and could not afford one, so he bought a scale model of one. He purchased his first real Gullwing in 1993. His best find was when his friend called him to tell him about a 275 GTB that had been sitting in a barn for about 40 years.

Peter Kumar - Greenwich Concours 2021 - photo by Luxury Experience
Peter Kumar

So, how does one go about making a barn find? Wayne’s advice is to make yourself known, go to car shows, introduce yourself, let people know that you are looking for cars. Tom’s advice is to drive an old car which will attract interest. Tell people that you are looking for old cars and have business cards made to hand out. As you travel, go to diners, go to gas stations, drop in to a barbershop, and ask around, as everyone knows someone who knows someone. Peter’s advice to those seeking a barn find is to "follow your heart."

The art and the fun of the chase of discovering a barn find is that you never know what you might find tucked away somewhere hidden behind an old house, in a garage or barn; it might be in mint condition or a restorer’s dream. The possibilities are endless, you just need to keep looking.

Until next time, keep enjoying the ride!

The dates for the 2022 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance are June 3-5, 2022.

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