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Liquor Cabinet
Benjamin Prichard’s Single Malt Whiskey    
        Cockspur Fine Rum from Barbados    
        Cockspur 12 Rum from Barbados     
        Benjamin Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey     
        paQui Silvera Tequila     
        Travis Hasse’s Original Cherry Pie Liqueur    
        Travis Hasse’s Original Apple Pie Liqueur    

        Saint Patrick’s Day Cocktail and Culinary
             Menu and Recipes
        Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktail and
             Culinary Menu
        Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum – 
             Extra 12 Year Old and 21 Year Old
        Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year Old            
        Vermont Spirits White Vodka and Gold Vodka  
        Rhum J.M. Vieux 1997 –
              What a difference a vintage makes
CHARBAY Whiskey Release II  
        B&B Liqueur and Benedictine Liqueur   
Sagatiba Cachaςa    
          Café Bohême     
        BarSol Pisco      
Fee Brothers Bitters     
Joe Fee of Fee Brothers – Interview     
1995 Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey      
Delamain Cognac    
        Celtic Crossing Liqueur       
        Bison Vodka – Zubrowka          
Rhum J.M.    
Rhum Clément    
        Swiss Vodka – The Art and Science   
        Martinique Rhum Agricole – The Art and Science  
        La Favorite Rhum Agricole    
        Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum    
        Xellent Swiss Vodka  
        Neisson Rhum Agricole  
        Leblon Cachaca        
        Zen Green Tea Liqueur 
Yamazaki – Single Malt Whisky
        Pallini Peachello and Pallini Raspicello
        Heavy Water Vodka
        Ultimat Vodka
        New York Cocktails
        Pallini Limoncello
        Boru Vodka
        Mount Gay Rum
        Scorpion Mezcal
Blue Ice Vodka
         Seminars, Tasting Rooms, Breakfast Cocktails,
             Pairing Dinner – Tales of the Cocktail 2009
Cocktail Recipes for Pairing Dinner at Bacco,
             New Orleans, USA
        WhiskyLive 2009 – The Celebration Comes to
               New York
        WhiskyFest 2009 New York     
        Polished Palate RumFest 2008 Rum, Ron,
               and Rhum
        New York Minisitry of Rum Festival 2008    
        Tales from Tales of the Cocktail 2008   
Cognac and Armagnac: Understanding the
               Nuances of the Spirits
Rum Judging: A fantastic job, yes,
               but hard work, too
Cocktail Recipes from Tales of the Cocktails 2008 
Spirited Dinner Cocktail Pairing Recipes    
        Delamain Tasting at the Brandy Library      
        Pisco and Cachaça Seminar    
        Tales of the Cocktail Celebrates 5th Anniversary        
        Spirited Women and Sake Seminar     
        Rum Judging – The Ultimate Dream Job     
        Cocktail Challenge – Rhum Clément      
Tales of the Cocktail 2006            
2006 Tales of the Cocktail Panels    
2006 Tales of the Cocktail Classic New Orleans
                Cocktails Seminar
Olfestival – Copenhagen, Denmark    
        RC Bar at The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul
Whisky Live New York 2006
        Polpo Restaurant and Saloon Cocktails
        Heavy Water Vodka at Nest in New York
        New York Hosts Tales of the Cocktail Party
        WhiskyFest 2005
        Whisky Tasting
        Rum Tasting
        Louis XIII and Highland Park    
        Mezcal, Liqueur and Tequila Tasting
        Vodka Tasting