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James Waller: Drinkology beer: a book about the brew PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Drinkology Berr - by James Waller Author James Waller's latest book in his Drinkology series, Drinkology beer: a book about the brew is a perfect read, especially if one is sitting comfortably and preferably with a beer in hand to enjoy while gaining knowledge and laughing while reading his delicious anecdotes.


I met James Waller several years ago when we were both in New Orleans attending Tales of the Cocktail, a five-day libations conference for the trade and consumers. James was promoting his books, "Drinkology: The Art and Science of the Cocktail," and "Drinkology WINE A Guide to the Grape," I was there, well, to attend and enjoy the festivities.  

A generous, kind, funny, and witty spirit, James and I immediately connected, and what I discovered when I later read his books, is that his in-person intellect and humor transfer easily to the printed page. He has a wonderful way of explaining the scientific without being preachy, and includes enough interesting tidbits that allow neophytes or seasoned "imbibers" to walk away armed with delectable details to astound their friends at their next gathering at their favorite watering hole.

His next book in the Drinkology series, Drinkology EATS: A Guide to Bar Food and Cocktail Party Fare co-written with Ramona Ponce, provided readers with the knowledge to host the perfect party. 

Drinkolog Beer: a book about the brew
Drinkology beer: a book about the brew

James Waller's latest book, entitled, Drinkology beer: a book about the brew, takes the reader on an odyssey that begins with the Preface (My Life in Beer) a hilarious look at young James' introduction to the world of beer, to which he writes, "Beer was the first alcoholic beverage I ever drank." Albeit, at a very, stressing the very here, young age. By the time that I had finished reading the Preface, which I read standing up at my kitchen counter laughing outrageously and hoping that no one would interrupt me, I was hooked. Eager to continue my knowledge of beer, which at the time of reading the book, would have fit very neatly in a shot glass, I sat down in a comfortable chair and proceeded with my education. 

Although I have visited breweries throughout the United States and in Europe, attended beer festivals in Denmark and Germany, sipping small samples along the way, and have an impression collection of different style beer glassware to look like a connoisseur, beer is not something that I have an affinity for, nor is it my preferred alcoholic beverage of choice. With that said, with the growing trend of microbreweries popping up everywhere, and the renaissance if you will, of artisan-crafted beers, I thought that it was definitely time to bring my knowledge of beer up to speed. Drinkology beer: a book about the brew definitely helped me achieve that knowledge. 

James Waller, Author
James Waller - Author of the Drinkology series

James' chapter on the history of beer entitled, Basically Beer (Beer History and Beer Making), is a wonderful romp through the ages, deftly and quite humorously describing the process of making the beverage. 

In Part 2, entitled Beer Bestiary (An A-to-Z of Beer Styles with Several Digressions), James provides you with all of the knowledge that you will ever need to learn to distinguish the styles and differences that range from ale to zwickelbier. After several consultations of the chapter, I now can tell the difference between ale, lager, pilsner, and porter. However, as James points out even within the categories there are differences, so I may be carrying around his book with me awhile to refer to on the occasion when I need to be fully knowledgeable to debate the merits of a particular style. 

Part 3, Beer and Culture (And Beer Culture) is an educational chapter that includes beer games - their history and for those interested, how to play them, beer songs because one often likes to sing during or after imbibing, and talks about how beer's status has evolved throughout the years. 

Part 4, Beer Bash (Serving Beer, Making Mixed Drinks with Beer, Cooking with Beer, Home Brewing, and Lots of Other Stuff) will have you either fondly remembering your first keg party, or provide you with the necessary knowledge to tap a keg without losing one's dignity. There are also great beer cocktail recipes and delicious food recipes, including recipes for Cheddar-Cauliflower-Beer Soup, Beer Braised Chicken, and Double Chocolate Stout Chocolate Cake that sounded rather delicious, which is another good reason to purchase the book. 

James Waller's Drinkology beer: a book about the brew is the perfect gift for your favorite beer drinker or  as a reference guide to use in your own quest for knowledge. 

Drinkology beer: a book about the brew is available at Abrams Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 

Drinkology beer: a book about the brew
Published 2011 by Stewart, Tabori and Chang
An imprint of ABRAMS
ISBN 978-1-58479-851-4 

© August 2012. Luxury Experience. All rights reserved. 

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