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SWISS International Air Lines - New A330-300 Plane and Redesigned Cabins PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Mr. Harry Hohmeister and SWISS Intl Air Lines Team at Ribbon Cutting at JFK for New A330-300 PlaneSWISS International Air Lines welcomes two new additions to the family - A330-300 plane and redesigned cabins in First, Business, and Economy class, which includes new seats and entertainment systems to complement their professional service.


A new addition is always exciting for a family, but when one addition weights 233,000 KG (512,600 lb) and is ready for action while the other addition is laid back and ready for relaxation, you have your hands full. In the case of SWISS International Air Lines, they brought the two additions together on the inaugural flight for their new Airbus A330-300 and a redesigned cabin and seating for First, Business, and Economy classes to create a truly luxurious experience flying between New York and Zurich.

The experience started for Debra C. Argen and me in the SWISS Lounge on April 20, 2009 with all the pomp and circumstance befitting the proud announcement of the 5 day old Airbus A330-300 plane and the first trip from New York to Zurich for travelers to partake of the redesigned cabin and seats.  

Mr. Harry Holmeister of SWISS Intl Air Lines with a Toast to the New A330-300
Mr. Harry Hohmeister Toasting the New A330-300 Airplane

Mr. Harry Hohmeister, Chief Network and Distribution Officer for SWISS International Air Lines, proudly introduced the new Airbus A330-300 to the SWISS Lounge audience noting that this was only the second flight for the Airbus A330-300 and the first flight from New York. Excitedly he talked about the new cabin arrangements and seats in First, Business, and Economy, the over 300 stations of entertainment with the large flat screens in First and Business Class, and "2009 Best Airline: Europe" award that SWISS International Air Lines received from Skytrax. With the tip of a glass of champagne and a heartfelt toast, the SWISS Lounge burst into a rousing round of applause.

Mr. Harry Hohmeister and Debra C. Argen at the Gate
Mr. Harry Hohmeister and Ms. Debra C. Argen at the Gate

To the surprise of the other travelers who unsuspectingly were about to become part of history on this inaugural flight of the A330-300 from New York, they were able to see the formal ribbon cutting at the gate, partake of some refreshments and learn about their participation in this historic event.

SWISS International Air Lines Team at Ribbon Cutting at JFK NY
Ribbon Cutting with the SWISS International Air Lines Team

So, let me formally introduce you to the newest addition to the SWISS International Air Lines fleet, the Airbus A330-300. Weighing in at between 187,000 and 233,000 KG (411,400 - 516,600 lbs) depending on fuel, passengers, and luggage, with a maximum speed of 900 km/h (559 mph), a range of 8,500 km (5282 miles), and with seating for 236 passengers, this airplane is ready to sweep you away in style.

SWISS A330-300
SWISS A330-300 Airplane

Speaking of seats, the new cabin configuration introduced the new SWISS First: "A Suite Above The Clouds" that can be individually adjusted to meet individual wishes and needs. The SWISS First seat is more than 2 meters long (6 feet 6 inches) and comes equipped with a down-filled duvet, and each seat can be adjusted to an individual's desired firmness via the innovative pneumatic air cushion. The in-flight entertainment system features a 58.4 cm (23 inch) screen to go with the generous work surfaces and storage facilities.

SWISS First - A Suite Above The Clouds

SWISS First - A Suite Above The Clouds
SWISS First - A Suite Above The Clouds

The new SWISS Business: "A Bed Above the Clouds," like SWISS First, reclines to a length of 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches) and includes the innovative pneumatic air cushion feature along with a massage function, and ample sockets and plugs for USB and iPod devices. In addition, it boasts the use of the 16:9 format for the in-flight entertainment screen.  

SWISS Business - A Bed Above The Clouds
SWISS Business - A Bed Above The Clouds

Debra and I personally experienced SWISS Business to its fullest. Our trip to Zurich was an overnight flight so this was the perfect time to test out the "A Bed Above the Clouds" after we had a nice meal and selected the massage function and relaxed to some music from the extensive choices. Sleeping is about relaxing and feeling comfortable and in SWISS Business this is achieved. The bed was very comfortable after I made my personal adjustments for my desired firmness; I curled up with the lined blanket and comfortable pillow and had a very restful sleep until awakened for a light breakfast before landing. The return trip was during the day so we took full advantage of the extensive entertainment system selecting some music to set the mood while we scanned the long list of movies including new features and classics. Very business like, we made our list of movies, selected our dinner from the "SWISS - Taste of Switzerland" menu, set the seat to lounge mode, plugged in our headphones, and caught up on some movies that we had been wanting to see.   

SWISS Business - A Bed Above The Clouds 
SWISS Business - A Bed Above The Clouds
Entertainment System

SWISS has an interesting culinary program called "SWISS - Taste of Switzerland," featuring recipes by the top chefs of Switzerland for First and Business class. During our flight, *Chef Urs Gschwend of Ascona, Switzerland was the featured chef.

Business Class Menu

Seasonal Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
*American Beef Tournedos with Ciabatta Crust and Port and Sherry Jus,
served with Roasted Spring Vegetables and Thyme Gnocchi
Roast Breast of Guinea Fowl in a Jus Lie served with
Creamed Leeks and Mushrooms, Sautéed Broccolini and Potato Cake
Herb Crusted Halibut served with Lobster Sauce,
Savoy Cabbage and Baby Carrots
Vegetable Ravioli and Sautéed Red and
Yellow Tomatoes in a Pomodoro Sauce
Selection of cheeses
Vanilla Mousse with Strawberry
Swiss Chocolates

SWISS International Air Lines is bringing back the thrill of flying with their new airplanes, attention to service, and reconfigured First, Business, and Economy Cabins. So, make sure you keep SWISS International Air Lines on the top of your list for your next trip. 

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