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So, Are You Socially Acceptable? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
The number of social opportunities continues to increase exponentially. Where do I want to be “seen”? Where do I want to hangout for the evening? Which social engagement will increase my presence and create the greatest opportunity for me? I wonder what color of slippers will be okay when I join that new social website?

They say that all the new marketing will be socially oriented. For lack of a long discussion, the statement does have some merit. The new focus is obviously towards the social media opportunities. Some say that social media will replace your website and email; going that far, I would have to say, is sensationalizing the process to draw attention. 

Social opportunities are fueled by the same consciousness that drives the Internet, and for that matter, marketing, and that is that the consumer is in control. The number of tools available to allow the consumer to be socially enabled, to control his or her environment, expands every day (i.e. the smart phone, tablets, high-speed access, free Internet access points, and more). We are enabling the consumer in ways that they have never been enabled; as a good marketer, we wait to see what will grow from the consumers’ interactive engagements. Most Internet ideas are cultivated from what the consumer is dictating. Companies notice these consumer processes, and they dress up and wordsmith the process to make it sound cool (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.), so that they can connect with, and sell it back to, the consumer. If a new process gains traction, then through social pressure many people want to learn more and to join.    

Social is like the old joke to check if the pasta is ready, you toss it against the wall and if it sticks you move forward, if does not stick you keep cooking or try something else. There are new social opportunities popping up every day. From a personal and business perspective, I wonder how many social opportunities can a person truly be involved with and still be socially acceptable. 

Concerning the demise of your website and email due to social media, I do not see this happening. First, the more social opportunities that arise the more diluted the solution, and the more diluted the solution, the less consistency in the message and with the engagement. Second, many of the social solutions are a single page interface, which has its value, but for depth of presence, a brand/product website still holds the key information. Concerning email, I have to laugh a bit as social media, like Facebook, will take a post and send out an email blast to your “likes” or “friends” list. The source may have changed, but the process has not. 

Social media has moved internally at various companies, much like Intranets. This means that the social dynamic in an office and around the physical and fictitious water cooler will take on a completely new meaning. While we have rules and policies for office conduct, the pen (keyboard) is mightier than the word and actions. Thus, we may need a completely new set of socially acceptable polices. 

The line between personal and business social opportunities will start to blur, as people move their socially enabled lives into the work place. From a marketing perspective, there is a great take-away from the merger of personal and business social aspects, which is, the more you know about a person, the more opportunities you have to connect with them. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit Luxury Experience Company ( to see how we can make a marketing difference for your company. 

We thank you for your continued support of Luxury Experience, and as always, your comments are welcome, so please send comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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